Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why the Dollar is Toast

Why the Dollar is Toast

The dollar has long been the reserve currency of the world, giving the US tremendous power. But that power was built on the world’s fragile faith in our currency. Stress cracks are beginning to show in the world’s willingness to accept the dollar. In his latest Conspiracy of the Rich Bulletin, Robert discusses Iran’s latest move against the dollar – and what that means for you.

"I know Iran’s President is not the most popular man in the world, or in his country. I know he is scrambling to retain power in Iran. And I know he is switching from the dollar to the euro in order to throw mud in our face. Nonetheless, this change is right in line with what is predicted in Conspiracy of the Rich. The dollar is losing its power as the reserve currency of the world. In other words, the American empire of debt is coming to an end. "

– Excerpt from Robert’s Conspiracy of the Rich Bulletin

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