Friday, October 9, 2009

October Rant

Aaaaawww,,,, Man.... This blabbermouth is going to ruin everything....

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October Rant
Roger Mason October 2, 2009

"The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable" ... H.L.Mencken

The big worry now is the coming war with Iran. For a long time we've been warning you we are going to attack Iran to make Israel happy. Yes, let's come out and say it, the coming war with Iran is only due to Israel and nothing else. This is going to be the biggest mistake we have ever made. Iraq is currently the biggest mistake we have ever made, and most of the world hates us for it. Saudi Arabia has already given Israeli fighter jets a landing base for their coming attack. You heard the endless lies about Iran's "secret nuclear weapons" facility. There was no secret facility, nor was it for weapons. Iran has openly had a 5% concentration energy facility that the international inspectors have visited for years. You cannot make anything but energy with 5% refinement. Iran signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty years ago, and has regular inspections. Israel never signed the treaty, and has never once allowed an inspection. Israel has an entire arsenal of nuclear weapons. America is a police state, not Iran. We have FOUR times the number of people in prison per capita than they do. They have ONE FOURTH the prison population we do based on population. It's a bastion of freedom compared to America. We have more people locked up than any other country on earth and far ahead of Russia, Cuba and China (North Korea won't release prison statistics but they aren't as bad as the U.S.)
Don't kid yourself. Why are we attacking Pakistan? Why are we attacking Afghanistan? Why are we threatening Syria? Why do we have one soldier on foreign soil?
General Stanley McChrystal is the commander of western forces in Afghanistan. He just asked for 500,000 (one half million) troops to be sent to Afghanistan. You read that correctly- a half million troops to be sent there. We should not have one soldier in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan or anywhere else. That's right, we should not have one American solider not on U.S. soil. Every one of our troops should come home. Why do we have ANY troops overseas anywhere? Japan is going to throw out every
U.S. soldier, as they are sick of them after more than 60 years. It took them six decades to wise up. The new Hotoyama regime hates the U.S. with good reason. We have saddled them with our debt for decades. They are the second largest economy in the world with a mere 100 million people. They are finished with us.

Almost 100 banks have gone under just this year in nine months. Soon thousands of banks will go under. This is going to be much, much, much worse than the Great Depression of 1929. Keep your money out of banks. Just a small checking account and no unsafe deposit boxes. You should have a little Monopoly Money at home, but it is best to buy "junk silver" (real silver coins with no collector value) instead of holding useless green paper. For almost forty years now the U.S. dollar has been backed by nothing but hot air. Soon people will welcome old "junk" U.S. coins as common currency.

Look at the above chart (courtesy of Haver Analytics.) Americans are 1) not spending, and 2) have no money. This chart goes back 29 years. Here's pictorial proof we are around the corner from the Much Greater Depression. Two in ten American workers are out of a job, and soon it will be 3 out of 10. There are six people trying to get every available job. That means five of them are never going to get a job. It's only going to get worse. Unemployment is now at 20% going to 30%.

Gerald Celente really has a fine website and writes very good articles. He keeps warning that the current demonstrations will soon turn violent. He's right. It will start with the "Inner city" residents when they don't get the welfare checks and food stamps, and can't pay their utility bills. The protests and demonstrations will become increasingly violent. This is why the FEMA prison camps were built. And they will be filled to capacity. Housing peaked in 2005 and the U.S. median home sold for 490 ounces of gold. Today the median home sells for a mere 160 ounces of gold. This is the same as in 1988. You are going to see this fall further until the U.S. median home sells for 24 ounces of gold. That means $120,000 median price and $5,000 gold. The same is true for silver and you will be able to buy the median U.S. home for a mere 600 ounces of silver within 5 years and probably less.

We sent out an Emergency Rant for the first time calling for a correction in the price of silver (and gold). Your poor old author really stuck his neck out on that one! The above chart applies equally to silver. The big commercial banks, specifically J.P. Morgan, have been manipulating the price of silver (and gold) for years. How do they do this? With huge short positions in COMEX futures. The commercials now have HUGE short positions of 90,000 silver contracts (and 368,000 gold contracts).
The silver price has already fallen almost $2.00 from the high after the Emergency Rant was sent out. It should fall about another "$2.00 down to about $14.00. The silver (and gold) stocks are in the pits. The HUI is below 400 after rising to 450. Buy all the silver and silver stocks you can this week. The silver stocks are the best buy on the planet. The sheeple just have no interest in silver (or gold) mines. Only about 1% of Americans even own silver (or gold) bullion, and most of them very small amounts. The commercials are finished. Their game is over. The manipulation will end here with this correction. Now silver (and gold) will take off to their real free market prices. This is your last chance for cheap silver and silver stocks.

This simple cartoon really says it all. CNBC, CNN, Fox and the rest of the media are telling you "everything is fine" and the stock market is strong, the dollar is strong, the economy is good, and there is nothing to worry about. Look at this cartoon It is completely and totally hopeless. The residential real estate crash has another two years to go. The commercial real estate crash is now falling faster than the residential. Notice all the empty strip malls, the stores for rent, the closed businesses, the creeping death of the big malls? It's all just going to get worse.
Silver is a tiny, tiny market. Almost no one owns any silver. Buy all you can. Lean towards bullion. This is your last chance for cheap silver and silver stocks. The silver stocks are the best bargain in the world. The HUI is under 400 today. ECU (ECU), Endeavor (EXK), Impact (IPT), Great Panther (GPR), U.S. Silver (USA) and First Majestic (FR) are the six we like best. There are only about 50 real silver mines in the whole world, and about 40 of them you don't want to invest in for various reasons.
Silver is going to $200 an ounce, and then well beyond that. Silver is four times better than gold. Silver is the best investment on this earth. Buy all you can! This is your last chance. We are out of silver. We cannot do without silver. Silver is both money and an indispensable, irreplaceable industrial commodity.

Here is a fascinating chart (courtesy of Stock Charts.) Please take a minute to look at it. This is not the usual gold price chart; it is the gold price in REAL DOLLAR terms, the U.S. Dollar Index. Gold and silver have no made new highs at all in any way. In REAL DOLLAR terms we see the dollar is falling, and gold is going up. We are not going to have a break out until we have a correction. Then, and only then, will silver and gold take off to new highs. Gold will go to at least $5,000 and silver will go to $200 and keep going. You'll eventually see $300 silver as the historical, traditional gold to silver ratio returns to about 16:1. Currently it is about 60:1. This is why silver is about four times better than gold. Do not buy gold or gold stocks; buy silver and silver stocks. The only use for gold is to legally take it out of the country (20 pounds of Krugerrands is about a quarter million dollars.) Customs says gold is NOT money, and you do not have to declare it upon leaving the country. Customs has refused to sign our Financial Export Certificates saying it wasn't necessary as gold is not a "monetary instrument". Is that funny? Green Monopoly Money is a felony to take out of the country without an export form, but you can take a truckload of gold with you. You do not have to report your overseas gold holdings either as they are not bank accounts. Isn't that funny, too?
The Much Greater Depression, hyperinflation, stock market crash, 30% unemployment, housing and commercial real estate crash, various wars, flu vaccine scam, are all coming your way. Be prepared! Trust, faith, strength, and courage will get you though.

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