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It has been reported by Lord Christopher Monckton that Barack Obama is
going to sign the Copenhagen Treaty in early December 2009, and that this treaty
will lay the foundation for a one‐world government, perhaps even without seeking a
two‐thirds ratification of the treaty by the Senate, or any other type of
Congressional approval! It is also being reported that “The treaty is not just a footin‐
the‐door for one‐world government. It IS communist, one‐world government”.

Kirsten Lombard writes, “And because of the high regard in which our Constitution
holds foreign treaties, this document, if ratified by Congress, would supersede the

Reportedly, “third world countries will sign it because they think they
are going to gain money from so‐doing”. The purpose of this
“Alert” is to present some points that must immediately be taken into consideration.

The First point: The foundation for a one‐world government has already been
laid. Ever since the United States signed into the United Nations organization in
1945, and became committed to adapt itself to the provisions of the United Nations
Charter, our nation has had to undergo transitions and alterations in its operational
practices to accommodate on‐coming one‐world government management. The
U.S.A. has been covered over by the U.N.’s ten international regional government
networks, and its economic and social policies.

These ultimately are intended to abolish our states, and eventually eliminate
elected representation in favor of nonelective global totalitarian management.

The United Nations has already revamped our foundation! Already being built are
international super corridors to operate global transportation from Mexico to Alaska
against citizen approval.

The U.N. has been superseding our laws and traditions from day one, laying aside the
principles, practices, and restrictions set by our Constitutional system as if such never

The Second Point: The General Assembly of the United Nations has for
decades been acting as a world legislative body. A World Court is already handing
down decisions. A complete set of laws for operation of the Court system under
martial law has been drafted. The manual itself is called Courts‐Martial. The U.N.
also lays claim to an army. Ours! By virtue of the General and Complete
Disarmament Program signed as Public Law 87‐297 in 1961, the United Nations
requires all national armed forces all over the world to be under its authority.

This law requires the national armed forces of the United States to be transferred on
a permanent basis to the United Nations, leaving the U.S.A. with no army, no navy,
and no air force of its own in the future. This law is also responsible for the barrage
of attacks against private ownership of guns owned by the American people.

A replacement has been made for our whole Bill of Rights, which is called the Human
Rights Treaties. They are communist treaties. There is no provision in the set to
allow people to own a gun. The U.N. even has a “loyalty Oath” already drafted. Our
police operational ‘Standards and Goals’ were revised in the ‘70’s under the federal
Law Enforcement Assistance Administration to meet goals in conformance to United
Nations’ military management objectives. There is a World Wide Military Command
and Control System already built. We have been revamped so that we are in accord
with military standards on an international regional basis. The PPBS and MBO are
international management systems. The world structural foundation is already laid!

The Third Point: The United States form of government has been severely
changed from a republic into a dictatorship by the merger of the civilian law
enforcement with the military, which is now known as the “Homeland Security”.

During his presidency George W. Bush issued an Executive Order establishing the
Homeland Security Agency. Later, he issued another E.O. moving the powers
bestowed upon the Homeland Security Agency over to the oval office. When
Obama first entered the oval office, the presidency was already re‐structured as a

The suggested situation allowing him to sign the Copenhagen Treaty without
Senate ratification does arise as a possibility since Obama may now hold
strange new powers!

Perhaps this is why he has become the president without having to meet Constitutional
standards. Things really have “changed”! Under the true and rightful Constitutional
government, he could not do so, nor could a treaty supersede our Constitution. Under
the new Homeland Security rules, we may yet be ordered to accept the premise that
treaties do supersede the Constitution! My, my!

The Fourth Point: If only we had been awake before this, and repealed the Act
that originally put us under the United Nations Charter, we would not be forced to
deal with these constant gigantic unlawful situations. It appears that the proper
direction to take, rather than fighting all of the individual arms of the global
monster, would be to direct our state houses to repeal the “United Nations
Participation Act of 1945” as amended on October 19, 1949. This Act became
Public Law 264 ‐ 79th Congress.

It is not too late for the states to stop the sedition of the federal government.

They can even override the veto of their governors. The U.N. is a parallel government
brought alongside to shut down the historical and rightful government of the United States.

Meanwhile, will you be prepared to explain to your offspring why the United States was
allowed to have two governments operating in competition to each other? The U.N.
Charter itself never did qualify to be called a treaty at the time it was accorded that
standing. How will you explain that even valid *treaties do not supersede the Constitution?
Guard against the false doctrine that treaties can supersede our Constitution. This false
premise that John Foster Dulles tried to instill “to pull the wool over the eyes” of the
uninformed people, has to be called for what it is: an outandout fabrication; a falsity;
a deliberate deception!

The Constitution was so wisely and strongly built that the only way we can
lose our freedom and liberty is if we succumb to mal‐administration and false
information, the like of which has been forced upon us.

The Fifth Point: The Constitution and the Bill of Rights belong to the people.
The people themselves have never given their informed consent to abandon or to
supersede these documents! The people ARE the ultimate power!

The very purpose of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was to secure our liberty
and to confirm God’s blessings upon us under a republic! Neither the president, nor
any other public official, past or present, has the consent of the governed, nor the
power to overthrow the Constitution or the natural rights God has bestowed upon us!

What has been done to make these “changes” and alter our form of
government (sinking us deeper into the depths of totalitarian communist
management) has been conducted through illegal, and deceptive maneuvers.
The parallel government that was brought in, in 1945 under the name “United
Nations Participation Act” is illegal, unlawful, and must be recognized for the
nothing that it really is! Proper action undertaken will reinstate our legal and lawful
Constitutional government.

The most simple, advantageous, and proper solution to end this crisis
IS for a great national but peaceful outcry to come directly from the people
themselves, calling for the repeal of the Act in 1945 that put us under the United
Nations and its Charter. This is the only peaceful way to cure the sedition and
restore the republic. It is the safest course for concerned citizens to follow in order
to reverse the damage done by membership in the United Nations or future treaties.
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