Wednesday, August 20, 2008

US Plans To Punish Russia - Yeah, Right
US Plans To Punish
Russia - Yeah, Right
By Karl Schwarz

Well, predicting Bush Stupidity is about as difficult as checking to see if the Sun rises each morning. Yep, daytime...the Sun is still up, Bush is still stupid, and still a punk-ass little shit of a president who needs the sh*t kicked out of him. [As Russia is currently doing!]
When I think of Bush, I am often reminded of the legendary one-liner that Winston Churchill slapped Lady Astor with after a Parliament lunch break and before Churchill became Prime Minister:
"Mr. Churchill, you are drunk! Yes, Lady Astor, I am. However, in the morning I shall be sober but you shall still be ugly."
Yeah, GW will still be stupid in the morning...and we can all expect another Bush dirty diaper tomorrow or the next day.
The analogy is also simple - Russian troops and tanks will still be in Georgia today and tomorrow, and the Bear will leave only when it is ready to leave. Bush and Rice can make all of the blustery melodramatic statements they wish but the paw of the Bear is parked squarely on the chest of Georgia until further notice.
The news media has already reported that Bush is talking to the G7 to try to get them together to kick Russia out of the G8.
Fortunately, I believe most of the G7 realize this is another Bush punk temper tantrum and won't go along with it.
As hard as this would be for Bush and his 'type' of supporters to accept, the world needs Russia right now more than it does the United States. Bush I, Bush II and Clinton have done that much damage to the honor and integrity of America. The Bush and Blair show has cost the United States in huge ways that will be impossible to recover from for the next 10 to 20 years. Either McCain or Barky will find so many Bush dirty diapers in the Oval Office, they won't be able to make a dent in them for the next 4 OR 8 years.
Bush is leaning on NATO to 'punish Russia' and he is not getting very far there, either. Most of the NATO nations are worried about Russian oil and gas supplies more than they are in joining with Bush in a tantrum because he didn't get his way in Georgia.
NATO did, in fact, DENY membership to Georgia. Please read that again to be sure you understand it.
The 'territorial dispute' matter was just an excuse. South Ossetia and Abkhazia have not desired to be a part of Georgia since the USSR disbanded in 1991. The real reason is that most NATO members want peace with Russia, and want no more Bush lunacy stirring up problems. To the 'letter of the law' Russia withdrew 80 armored divisions, legions of missile and artillery systems and ended the Cold War. Most of NATO knows that Bush and his lunacy are bungling into what could be a very hot [nuclear] war.
Many NATO members are not happy about this fake 'Bush Missile Shield' that is an offensive weapon system aimed at Russia. Russia has made it clear Poland is now designated as a nuclear weapons target. EU and NATO saw that coming and they are not pleased at this constant, never ending, underhanded provocation of Russia by Junior and his Zionist Buddies.
For the bogus Bush Missile Shield to be able to protect EU from "IRANIAN MISSILES"...right...its proper location would be in Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, etc. Just look at a map.
Most Europeans are not happy about McCain and his '100 years of war' comment, nor are they happy that sock puppet Barky is being run by Russia-hating Zbig. The Russian Bear is now in position to attack and some of the EU nations are already backing up.
News surfaced August 16, 2008 in Armenian television that the Bush Administration is trying to pressure the IOC to not have the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia which used to be part of Abkhazia and is in the general area of Georgia.
US lawmakers want IOC to strip Russia of 2014 Olympics
Imagine my surprise that our gutless Congress started in this late Friday so the media would not pick up on it. It is an old stunt in DC to keep the Sheeple buried in shit and in the dark, like mushrooms.
This is yet another tempter tantrum by the Punk President of the United States because things did not go his way in Georgia. Even Congress is joining in on the stupidity and hollow rhetoric. away-from-sochi-russia
This is a very good map of Georgia clearly showing the locations Sochi, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
I have never done this before...but the exact second this cretin moron diaper-filling drunkard is no longer President of the United States, I - and probably countless other Americans - am going to throw a big party celebrating his departure...which should have him in irons headed to the World Court to face war crimes and genocide charges.
Yeah, GW, pitch a fit, throw a tantrum, have another drink, continue to show the world what a lame-brained ass you are. If you hurry you can make it back to Beijing in time to touch some more US women athletes and for the closing ceremonies to make an ass of yourself twice in one Olympics games. Think of how 'historical' and 'presidential' that would be. They might find a Gold Medal laying around somewhere to give Bush for a 'double show, double ass-busting' performance.
The thought just occurred to me that this cute stunt by Georgia is going to hurt them big-time economically. Little things like tourism, foreign investment, putting in a McDonalds franchise and having to put up with Blackwater USA thugs, little things like that. It will all add up and it will hurt. I bet the people traveling to the 2014 Olympics will not book a room in Georgia, except maybe the US and Israeli Blackwater can protect them.
If you look closely at the map above, beach-front property for oil and gas pipelines is rather limited these days. That other region to the south of Poti is also a breakaway region that adjoins both Armenia and Turkey. Everyone in that area of the world is smelling that strange stench coming out of 'poor little Georgia.'
For those who are not familiar with geography or history, the Khazar Jews originated in the part of the world between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Those are the ones who are not descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel but they are the Zionist Jews who are now the world's biggest problem. That is why true, pious Jews want them OUT of Judaism...they are not descendants of the 12 Tribes.
It is that strange mixture of Kosher and Muslim, with a liberal amount of mercenary spices that has people turning up their nose on this matter.
Stay tuned...there will be war crimes charges brought against Georgia and its accomplices - which include Ukraine, Israel and the USA.
The Russians are wondering if Poodle Rice is 'stupid.' She did seem to have a rather one-track mind all last week: "Russian forces must leave Georgia now." Apparently, her handlers forgot to program her for much more than that.
The Russians might be right. Candi Rice is proof-positive that affirmative action does not always work. Her performances are also testimony to how meaningless a PhD can be. There are two types of PhD degrees: one denotes brilliance and dedication to a discipline...and the other is an acronym that stands for 'Piled higher and Deeper.' Has anyone ever seen a lick of brilliance from her? She is nothing more than a Zionist Neocon lap-dog poodle who has been trained to 'arf', pee and salivate on cue.
There is no reason to worry about the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.
Georgia is going to either clean up its act or Russia will end this dispute long before 2014.
Latest word is Russia signed the cease fire agreement but its troops and armor are still in Georgia. Russia made the clear and unambiguous statement: "We are not withdrawing until certain security measures are in place."
[MM: Learning from the propaganda of the Zionist Bush Regime in Iraq and other areas worldwide, the "certain security measures" will never be "in place"--so expect Russia to be in Georgia for a very, very long time. There's nothing that the U.S. can do except to continue to "talk trash". If push comes to shove, they know that Russia's military superiority would rather easily destroy America (although the mostly dumbed-down, brainwashed, arrogant citizens will never be told). Wow, we're supposed to be a "superpower"...NOT!!! Hey, but don't worry...our great Israeli "friends" will help us fight the Russians!!!]

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meggi said...

well, people who want to make a peace on the world has to get along with justice,to face the truth as it is, not judge by temporary benefits they can get from either country, especially as aggressive country as russia is...i think people forgot about cold war period,russia's invasion of afganistan, czechoslovakia, how they kept many republics within soviet union by force, east europe and many others...some people may think why they should care about the small nation as georgia is , but they forgot that they can be the next and what policy russian imperialists will pursue it can affect the whole world... the truth is that Georgia have never ''invaded'' the territory of ''others'', but georgia has refugees from abkhasia 82% of ethnic georgians and over 55% from so called ''osetia'' would be aprecciated to read the history of the country how it was invaded by russian communists and artificially splitted into so called ''ethnic parts'' in order to better oppresse and enslave the georgia, as they know that this small nation has high national self-selfcnsciousness and would want to claim their independence...anybody who wants to comment on this please imagine yourself, if someone will come on your territory to live and later on demand to take your territory, or claim their recognition on your own territory what you would feel or do, where you would seek the justice,especially when you are the small ,but in the meantime the unique country who survived through centuries from multiple muslim attacks and later by russians, do you think that the nation should be eradicated and swallowed by the strong country? do you think it would bring the peace on the world , if you think it would, than maybe georgians should be considered as the scapegoats for the sake of the peace on the world, but again i strongly believe that Georgia wouldn't be the last one that russia would like to invade and inslave,as this is the essntial aspiration of the strong imperialistic country of russia...God bless all nations who support justice, peace,freedom, territorial integrity , sovereignty,democracy on the world!