Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ambassador: US warned Georgia about invasion

Ambassador: US warned Georgia about invasion

The Associated Press
Friday, August 22, 2008

MOSCOW: The U.S. ambassador to Russia has told a Russian daily that Washington strongly urged Georgia not to invade its breakaway province of South Ossetia.

John Beyrle also told the Kommersant Friday that Russia "gave a well-grounded response" to a Georgian attack on Russian peacekeepers, but exceeded its authority by invading Georgia proper.

Beyrle was quoted as saying that Russia should respect a cease-fire deal and withdraw its troops from the ex-Soviet neighbor to positions they held before the fighting erupted.

The short but intense war near Russia's southern border has deeply strained relations between Moscow and the West.

The fighting began Aug. 7, when Georgia launched a barrage targeting South Ossetia, but Russian forces quickly drove the Georgians back.

JR: Where is the condemnation of Georgia for ordering the unlawful bombing and invasion of Ossetia, a defenceless and peaceful town, even after the U.S. warned them not to? The unprovoked Georgian troops killed hundreds of unarmed civilians plus many Russian "peacekepers" and almost leveled the town and causing thousands of refugees to flee before Russian troops were able to intervene and push the Georgian troops back. The Russian are only doing what Israel has done for decades in setting up a wider buffer zone against their enemies for the protection of the citizens of Ossetia.

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meggi said...

well, this article lives an impression that georgia is ''invading'' ''neighbor'' territory, couldn't help not to comment on this...there isn,t even the slightest hint about that this territory belongs to Rep of Georgia through centuries and russian ''peacekeepers'' are trying to help osetian ethnic group to establish new country on the georgian territory,therefore depriving georgians from the human rights...russian ''peacekeepers'' are nothing else but agressors against georgians,killing, discriminating them and helping osetians to claim what doesn't belong to them...there was an escalation of the conflict in this zone lately, provoking georgian president to defend civilians, which turned into tragical attack between russian and georgian troops, georgians lived together with many etnic groups peacefully untill that time, when country declared independence, since than ''slow acting bombs''[ this bombs were intentionally put shortly after russian communists annexed the country to keep control over country, there is a proverb describing this policy: split, separate and govern] started to act out , as russians promised to support osetians in claiming georgian territory...there should be no russian ''peacekeepers'' on the whole territory of georgia and hoping that people [even after all] will get along with each other as they did before declaring independence for years...osetians have their own country,but they came down to georgian territory and settled down, grew up as a population as they lived happily without any discrimination there and after all they should have aprecciated it and stayed our friends instead of becoming russia's marionettes,thereby sinking deeply into their sins before peaceful, loving georgian people...hoping that God will take care of this injustice...and once again, Georgia never ever invaded anybody's territory,let them live peacefully on their own territory, they would never think of taking anything from others... country suffered from muslim countries attacks through centuries and lately from russian imperialists... Hoping that God will save and rescue the small Georgian nation from all kind of evil forces, amen