Saturday, August 23, 2008

LaRouche Warns: "We Are Closer to World War III than to November Elections"

LaRouche Warns: "We Are Closer to World War III than to November Elections"
21 Aug 2008

August 21, 2008 (LPAC)--Lyndon LaRouche today warned, in no uncertain terms, that the world is closer to World War III than it is to the November Presidential elections in the United States. "November is a far distance away,'' LaRouche noted.

He elaborated: "The world situation, and recent events, show that we are at the point of breakdown of the world system, and the threat of a thermonuclear World War III is immediate. The provocations against Russia, via George Soros and British intelligence's Saakashvili government in Georgia, is but one leading edge. Despite the focus of attention on the Caucasus in the past week,'' LaRouche continued, "the Iranian issue is very much on the table. Do not put it past Vice President Dick Cheney and his British controllers to orchestrate a major provocation, while the Democrats are gathered in Denver next week. "This is an all-purpose go situation,'' LaRouche warned.

"This is the British empire against the United States, and one of the most dangerous features of the present crisis is that the United States--the Bush Administration--is acting like damned fools.''

LaRouche repeated his recent warnings that the situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan is totally out of control. "I hold President Bush and the White House responsible for this mess. They could have, and should have intervened to keep President Musharraf in power. Instead, they played into a filthy Saudi and British game. Now, just days after President Musharraf's resignation, the Pakistan government is coming apart, and things are going to hell. I say to George Bush: 'You can't do anything right. In your entire, nearly eight years in office, you have not gotten one thing right. Are you the reincarnation of My Pet Goat?' ''

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