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Turning the Lights Back On, on the Internet

Stand up to the progressive left-guided mainstream and social media, by keeping on going to the videos and news sites of your choice

Turning the Lights Back On, on the Internet

One by one, they’re turning the lights off on the Internet.
Not long ago the promised Information Highway for everyone, the World Wide Web is fast transforming over to the Misinformation Highway.
An all-powerful Google is now flat-out dictating which videos you will be able to see.  A pious Facebook the judge and jury of which topics will be permitted to trend
Some saw it coming when Barack Hussein Obama met with the top CEOs of the Tech Industry within months of his 2009 inauguration.  Google went on to digitalize Obama as a forever fixture on the human conscience, helped run run his second presidential campaign and the campaign of his failed protégé in 2016. (See previous columns) With the help of ISIS-among-migrants-denying world leaders like Angela Merkel, Facebook became the immovable centurion at the gate,  suppressing conservative news sites from viewership and readership.
Social media started with putting most conservative news sites on Fake News lists by sending the Harvard Library Fake News list.
Currently it’s sending the Southern Poverty Law Center Hate (SPLC)  List viral.
It’s become all but impossible for news sites to get their message out to the masses, and a struggle for many to even stay online.
They’re not only rewriting history, but taking control of a closed-shop narrative in which ordinary people cannot climb aboard.
The picture they present to all could not possibly be more depressing.
While social media is closing the door on the average, backstabbers and opportunists who are making a financial killing on hating President Donald Trump, are jumping in on from all sides.
The latest drive is to have Twitter, the only method besides rallies, to directly reach out to people cut off his account.  Read here about former CIA operative Valerie Plame’s recent petition.
Social Media is keeping us awake nights:
Will President Donald Trump be assassinated as much of the Entertainment Industry seems to hope?  Will he be found guilty of Russian collusion by the kangaroo court known as Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel?  Will Democrats in their hated exile follow through on impeachment threats?
How will Trump survive the daily onslaught of lies and smears being cooked up against him, including the latest charge that he’s mentally unfit?
Are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton even on their way back?
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Will the sun go down as usual tonight and come back again tomorrow morning?
Social media is the main water carrier for the mainstream media which portrays the president as Home Alone in the White House.  They continue to drive a message that because everybody who is anybody hates Trump,  it’s all over; that Election 2016 never happened, completely ignoring the fact that some 63 million Americans who voted for him, are still out there.
In the spewing of hatred and lies, there’s an upside to this and it’s that lost on social media CEOs is that they are shooting themselves in the foot.
It’s not only conservative news sites that need an audience, social media does too.
It’s finally reaching the point where the lost, the lonely and the desperate for good news of any kind, are finding little if any solace while surfing the Net.
Most people know down at heart that there are two sides to every story and somewhere in between, the irrefutable truth.
Many do not believe that Google and Facebook own a monopoly on truth.

While Google will argue that it is not taking down conservative videos but only “demonetizing them” and FaceBook that they are ridding the Net of “Hate Speech”, something completely unexpected by them is happening:
People will look for, find and still watch the videos of their choice, and the news sites they believe.
The recently Google “demonetized” Diamond & Silk is a prime example.
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Go, Diamond & Silk, your take on life is refreshing, courageous and an inspiration to many.
It’s both worrisome and depressing that social media is turning off Conservative lights when the Internet has become a dark cave without them.
But thankfully truth tellers like Diamond & Silk are already out there lighting candles that show the way.
And thanks to the Almighty,  providence will always be there to illuminate even the darkest of caves.
Stand up to the progressive left-guided mainstream and social media, by keeping on going to the videos and news sites of your choice.

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