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Journalist Who Exposed Elite Pedophile Ring, Found Dead

Journalist Who Exposed Elite Pedophile Ring, Found Dead Reporter who uncovered Jimmy Saville and British pedophilia networks dies By: Jay Greenberg |@NeonNettle on 21st August 2017 @ 12.17pm journalist liz mackean who exposed pedophile ring found dead ©

press Journalist Liz MacKean who exposed pedophile ring, found dead An investigative journalist who uncovered a huge Elite pedophile ring has been found dead. Liz MacKean, 52, was a British reporter who sensationally quit the BBC in 2013 after the broadcaster shut down her investigation into Jimmy Saville's pedophilia network as she began to unearth ties to the Royal Family and high-level politicians. She accused the BBC of attempting to cover-up a scandal that tied powerful Elites to child abuse and murder. The establishment attempting to discredit MacKean by smearing her reputation in a bid to silence her revelations. Since her investigation was shut down, the truth about Jimmy Saville has come to light, and, some, but not all of, her work for Newsnight was finally aired in the BBC's Abused: The Untold Story. According to the BBC, Liz MacKean died of "complications from a stroke", but detectives within Scotland Yard claim her death was shrouded in suspicion. One officer claimed that investigators had been told to "stand down" on the case, saying: "The order came from above that her death was down to a stroke. "We did even get a chance to look into it." Her story about the child abuse committed by Savile made headlines across the world after the BBC was accused of trying to cover-up the story by shelving it. Prior to the smear campaign against her work, she also won the Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding International Investigative Journalism for her work on a series of Newsnight reports in 2010 about toxic dumping in West Africa. In a Panorama special about its handling of the Jimmy Savile scandal in 2012 MacKean explained how former Newsnight editor Peter Rippon was initially excited. But she adds: "It was an abrupt change in tone from one day 'excellent, let's prepare to get this thing on air' to 'hold on'." MacKean says she was left with the clear impression that Mr. Rippon was feeling under pressure "from upstairs". She knew that he report had implicated the upper echelons of the global hierarchy, from European Royal families to bankers, politicians, corporation heads, and even celebrity figures. She wrote to a friend documenting a conversation she had with her boss on November 30 - a month after Savile's death: "PR [Peter Rippon] says if the bosses aren't happy [he] can't go to the wall on this one." She expressed her disappointment at her investigations being shut down in a statement, saying: "I was very unhappy the story didn't run because I felt we'd spoken to people who collectively deserved to be heard and they weren't heard... I felt very much that I'd let them down."

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