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REVEALED IN THIS REPORT — The best-kept secret of Wall Street’s richest traders:


Wall Street’s most wildly successful traders agree: “Paying full price for your investments is insane!”
Here’s how you can create valuable investment positions for 20% less … 30% less … 50% less … or even for FREE …
And automatically multiply your profit potential two times … three times … five times over … or even more …
All while slashing your risk to a fraction of what it is now!
Fellow Investor,
The world’s richest investors have a secret they’ve kept all to themselves.
It’s a secret so powerful, I call it the “11th Commandment” for wealth building:
“Thou shalt never pay full price for your investments.”
You see, the world’s wealthiest people have found a way to buy their investment positions for 20% off … 30% off … 50% off … even 100% off.
That’s right … 100% off. As strange as it may sound, America’s wealthiest investors sometimes get their investments for FREE.
It’s pure genius. Getting your investments at huge discounts, or even free, allows you to diversify more broadly. You enjoy greater safety and far greater profit potential.
But the greatest advantage of this strategy is simply this:

You no longer have to BE rich to GET rich.

My name, by the way, is Mike Burnick. I’m a Senior Analyst at Weiss Research. And my mission is to help investors like you build wealth using this little-known “11th Commandment” of investing.
So you can get your investment positions at 20% off … 30% off … 50% off or even FREE.
Here’s a perfect example:
In late June of 2016, the iShares MSCI Europe ETF (EUFN) was on an upswing. In the span of 16 days, it climbed 5%.
If you had invested $10,000, that 5% gain would have netted you a $500 profit.
But if you had used the “11th Commandment” on this trade, you could have paid NOTHING for your position … and then raked in a $6,970 gain in just 16 days.
You would have invested NONE of your own money – ZERO DOLLARS - and made 14 TIMES MORE than investors who paid full price for their positions.

Can you see why some of the world’s wealthiest people use the “11th Commandment?”

Great investors use
to grow richer!

Take Warren Buffett, for example. Most people think Mr. Buffett grew his wealth buying quality stocks at low prices, and then holding them for years. But that’s only partially true.
Buffett ALSO uses the “11th Commandment” to make some of his biggest hauls.
In fact, in one year alone, Buffett collected $7.6 billion thanks to “11th Commandment”.
$7.6 billion in one year!
And Buffett isn’t the only billionaire reeling in the money. Legendary investor Carl Icahn has used the “11th Commandment” on several deals — some worth nearly $250 million.
That’s $250 million of other people’s money used to make his investments.
I could add more names to this list, but I think you get the point. Using other people’s money to invest is a proven way to build wealth.
Better yet … you don’t have to be rich to do it.

It’s quick, easy, and profitable

The “11th Commandment” is actually a unique options strategy.  
Now, I understand if you’re nervous about options. I don’t have to tell you that option buyers can lose money. Heck; ALL investors can and do lose money.
But the thing is, most investors approach options in completely the wrong way; by simply buying calls or puts.
When you buy call options, you’re betting the stock is moving up in a short time frame. And with puts, it’s just the opposite. You’re looking for a quick drop.
Either way, you’re shelling out money up front … sometimes a LOT of money … while hoping for a big payoff — but only IF you get the timing and direction just right.
But with the “11th Commandment” you never just buy options.
The basic strategy is simple: Before you BUY an investment, you SELL one first.
And ironically, you don’t even have to “own” the investment you’re selling!
You see, Wall Street doesn’t operate under the same rules as the rest of us. Normally, you have to buy something before you sell it.
Not on Wall Street! You could literally begin with no stocks in your portfolio … click your mouse a few times … and give yourself a five-figure payday.
Example: You think Acme stock is about to soar. So, you sell 10 put options on the stock for $5,000.
Then, you use that money to buy 10 call options on the same stock. An ‘average’ investor would pay $5,500 for this position. But, since you sold stock first, you pay only $500.
So, in this case, your risk is 90% less — and your profit potential is 11 times more.
It’s almost like creating wealth out of thin air! And once you know how to do this, you can grab these kinds of instant profits pretty much any time you like.
And it works just as well when stocks are going down, too. The only difference? With a bearish trade, you sell calls, then buy puts.
Now, in this business, no one can guarantee profits or guarantee you’ll never suffer losses. But your risk with bullish trades is no greater than owning the underlying stock. In either case, 100% of your money is on the table.
And with options, you cannot lose more than you invest plus the small brokerage fee. So, with bearish trades, there’s actually LESS risk than with shorting the underlying stock.
Most importantly, I use protective stops to limit downside risk. That way, any losses can be offset by winning trades.
And to keep the money coming in, I stick with two, simple principles.
First and foremost …

Principle #1:
Paying less for your investments
multiplies your profit potential.

When you use the “11th Commandment” to pay less for your positions, you can make more money.
Here’s an example with the VanEck Vectors ETF (GDXJ). I’ll compare it with a regular options trade an average investor would make.
In this case, VanEck is set to rise. So, let’s say the average investor shells out $9,900 for 90 calls.
But you sell 90 puts first, getting $9,000 right up front. Now, you use just $900 of your own money to purchase the calls.
You paid 90% less for the position, so your capital risk is 90% less.
Plus, because you paid so little, your profit potential is 1,000% more.

Now, look at what happens: Let’s say VanEck soars, just as expected. The calls are up 118%. And it’s time to close the trade.
The average investor feels like he struck gold. He’s walking away with a $11,700 pre-commission profit.
But your gross profit from selling puts and buying calls is a whopping $20,250.
That’s almost DOUBLE what the average investor made.
Can you see the wealth-building power this strategy can give you?
But in addition to growing wealth, it’s just as important to keep it intact. This leads me to my second principle …

Principle #2:
Paying less for your investments
slashes your risk.

When you pay less for each position, you have less capital at risk. That means you stand to lose less money if a trade goes against you.
Consider the PowerShares DB Agriculture ETF (DBA) trade I recommended on September 30, 2016.
A regular investor would have purchased 400 calls at a cost of $10,400.
But, you would have sold puts first. Then, by using the income received from selling the puts you could have picked up the same number of calls for only $2,800. That’s almost 75% in savings.
However, when I wrote this, this trade wasn’t going as planned. The calls were down 84.62%.
The average investor would have lost nearly 85% of his money; a painful $8,800.
On the other hand, because you used the “11th Commandment”, you would have lost $6,400 less.
Plus, you would have used protective stops to keep your loss even smaller.
And you could have used the money you DIDN’T spend on this trade for other investments. And many of those could have easily offset your small loss on this ETF.
But in addition to safety, you want to make money — and lots of it. This is where “11th Commandment” trades really shine ...

Because you could make more money than other investors even when stocks plunge.

Now, anyone trading options can make money when stocks rise or fall.
But with the “11th commandment,” you stand to make a LOT more than the average investor.
Compare an actual trade I recommended just a few months ago with a regular options move.
In September, VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ) was set to drop. Once again, the average investor sees an opportunity. So, he buys 40 puts at cost of $14,480.
But you sell 40 calls first, reeling in $10,080. Then, you buy 40 puts, too. But you pay only $4,400.
Look at the difference this makes in profits:

Now, the average investor would have nabbed $15,400 in profits. That’s pretty good.
But with this strategy you’ve made a LOT more. Your gross profit from selling puts and buying calls could have been $23,600.
You’re $8,200 ahead of the regular investor — with 536.4% gains instead of 106.4%.
Naturally not all trades worked out as planned, losses can and do happen.  But I’ve also recommended several more trades like this …
Gains Made by “Average” Investor
Gains Made by “11th Commandment” Investor
U.S. Steel (X)
Apache Corporation (APA)
U.S. Steel (X)
Netflix (NFLX)
Newmont Mining (NEM)
If the “average investor” had invested $10,000 in each of these trades, he would now have $82,510 in the bank.
But the “11th Commandment” investor would be sitting on $383,010. That’s almost five times more!
Imagine how this could change your life. You could finally retire. Buy your dream house. Or just relax, knowing you never have to worry about money again.
This is the power of “11th Commandment” investing. Building more wealth faster, while reducing risk.

Now, you can grow richer — faster — too

I make it easy with my Options Power Trader service. You get everything you need to make “11th Commandment” trades. To use other people’s money — so you can diversify with other investments. And to grow richer, FASTER.
And these trades work whether you buy a lot of options, or just a few. So, you don’t need a lot of money to get started.
In fact, some options go for as little as 26 cents each. And we never pay full price. So you could begin trading this way for less, or even for FREE.
Even better, you don’t have to be an expert on options. And you don’t have to be chained to your computer.
All you have to do is:
  1. Read the instructions I send you — by email or text message.
  2. Decide if you want to make the trade.
  3. Follow my simple step-by-step instructions (in most cases, three or four clicks of your mouse is all it takes!).
Of course, I instantly alert you to new trades. I keep you up-to-date on how trades are going. And I always tell you when to close out.
But there’s only one way you can get this information …

We created Options Power Trader
to place the power
of “11TH Commandment” trading
in YOUR hands:

Options Power Trader gives you the advantage of “11th Commandment” trades with my step-by-step guidance.
As soon as you join, you get instant access to SIX valuable membership benefits …
Member benefit #1: My FREE Options Power Trader Quick-Start Guide which shows you how to sell and buy options to make MORE money on trades.
Member benefit #2: The Options Power Trader website where you can review all my past Trade Alert issues and recommendations. You can also watch my online video briefings — anytime you like.
Member benefit #3: The Options Power Trader email hotline for quick answers to any questions you have about the recommendations I’ve made.
And as a member, you get much more:
Member benefit #4: You get instant alerts whenever it’s time to make a move. I give you clear, step-by-step directions on what to buy and sell. This includes the number of contracts to buy and the protective stops you should set. I also outline potential risks and rewards. That way, you can get into any trade with both eyes open.
Member benefit #5: You get regular weekly issues of Options Power Trader. I keep an eye on all positions and update you every week — or more often when needed. You also get my insights on markets and how they could affect your investments — options or otherwise.
Member benefit #6: You’ll meet with me LIVE online for updates and Q&A sessions. I host members-only online events throughout the year. These events are live, so you can ask me anything on markets or the investments I recommend. I also record everything so you can listen again later, at your convenience.
Bottom line … Options Power Trader has you covered for “11th Commandment” trades. Trades that can multiply your money as much as 14 times over regular option plays — possibly more. And a lot more than investing in the underlying stock alone.

Risk-free Introductory Offer:
You SAVE $4,251.

Normally, a one-year membership in Options Power Trader is $2,500.
Frankly, that’s a screaming bargain, given the enormous profit potential that comes from being a member.
But that’s not why we set the enrollment rate at $2,500. The plain truth is; it is critical that we limit the size of our membership rolls. After all, the last thing I want is the risk of ‘moving the market’ on some of our trades.
But my publisher has asked me to provide a special introductory rate SOLELY for new members ...
So, through this letter ONLY … I’m offering a full year of Options Power Trader for just $397. That’s almost 85% off our regular price. You SAVE $2,103!
Why such a great offer?
As I mentioned … this is a special welcome to new Options Power Trader members. Because we want you to have access to a wealth-building opportunity – that up till now as only been used by the very rich. I want you to see how “11th Commandment” trades can help build YOUR portfolio.
Because I believe, once you see the power of this investing secret, you’ll stay.
That’s why I’m suggesting a two-year membership for just $749. This is just over 85% off the regular price. You SAVE $4,251!
Either way … your one-year or two-year membership will cost no more than buying a small cup of coffee a day. Only, the jolt you get from Options Power Trader will be in your bank account!
Or CALL TOLL-FREE 1-800-393-0189
(Overseas: 1-561-627-3300)
And there’s more …

You must be 100% satisfied
with the money you make
or Options Power Trader is FREE

I want you to be excited about the money you can make. Join Options Power Trader today, and I guarantee:
1: Complete Satisfaction: If you’re not pleased with Options Power Trader for any reason — or if you simply change your mind — let us know within 90 days. You will get ALL YOUR MONEY BACK. Quickly and with no questions asked.
2: Easy Trading: I guide you through every step, so you can become completely comfortable making “11th Commandment” trades. But, if you find this isn’t for you, just let us know within 90 days. You will receive a prompt and full refund.
3: Profitable Trades: Within your first year of membership, I guarantee a minimum of 10 profitable “11th Commandment” trades. Trades where you can invest for at least 50% less or even FREE … while increasing your profit potential. If I miss that mark, you get a second year of membership FREE. And if you join me for two years, you will get a third year of FREE membership.

Once you’ve tried Options Power Trader,
you’ll never want to pay retail prices
for your investments — ever again!

Now, for the first time ever, you can harness the power of the “11th Commandment” to …
  • Invest for 50% less (or even for FREE).
  • Automatically slash your risk on each trade by up to 99% …
  • And multiply your profit potential up to 135 times over (or even more)!
As a new, valued member, you’ll get …
  • My Options Power Trader Quick-Start Guide FREE.
  • Exclusive access to the Options Power Trader website and email hotline.
  • Instant alerts on your trades.
  • Weekly issues of Options Power Trader.
Plus, regular LIVE updates and Q&A sessions — with recordings.
You owe it to yourself to give Options Power Trader a try.
After you click, you will have plenty of time to review your membership benefits before making a final decision.
I look forward to helping you build your wealth.

Mike Burnick
Editor, Options Power Trader
P.S. Clicking does not obligate you in any way. You can review your benefits before you decide. Plus, you get my three-point guarantee when you join. So you really have nothing to lose — and lots to gain — by taking a look now.

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