Friday, March 24, 2017

Can Oil Fall to $5 a Barrel?

Fellow Investor ...
JR Crooks
Most mainstream media outlets are making a big deal about the decline we've witnessed in the energy markets. And some Wall Street experts are now issuing "extreme" predictions that oil could drop all the way down to $20 a barrel from here.
Well, let me tell you, they're missing the real story!
In this special investor alert, I'll show you why the whole conversation about oil's short-term price moves is now completely irrelevant ... why fossil fuels will ultimately become proverbial dinosaurs ... and how a massive upheaval in the energy sector is already starting to change everything from the way we drive to the way we build our houses to the way we run our military.
Contrary to what you might think, this has nothing to do with wind, fracking, solar, or anything else on people's radar screens right now.
But make no mistake, I have rock-solid proof that this is going to happen and that it will turn the already-beaten-down energy sector on its head.
Just click here to learn what's about to happen and where it's going to come from.
Obviously, there are huge implications for your investment portfolio, too!
Getting positioned on the right side of this global shift has the potential to make you an absolute fortune ... in far less time than you might imagine.
And now, I've identified one single company that is ready to reap up to $256.5 BILLION A YEAR as this story plays out.
Just think: Oil has already lost half its value just since June of 2014 ... a steep drop most people could barely imagine ... and the kind of move that has created overnight fortunes for the select few who saw it coming.
So is it really that hard to believe we will see another part of the market double or triple in the next year?
Even if I'm half right, you'll have the potential to make double or triple the value of every $1 you invest.
It all starts by learning what I see coming and which company stands to gain the most from it.
Do right,
JR Crooks
Natural Resource Analyst
Uncommon Wisdom Daily
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