Thursday, December 15, 2016

White House Triggers Stock Market Collapse

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White House Triggers Stock Market Collapse (See Footage)
Dear Reader,
Our elected officials just triggered an unstoppable economic crisis ...
“A 50% stock market wipeout, a 40% real estate collapse, and a 300% rise in unemployment will strike ... very soon.”
That’s not my prediction ... that’s the prediction of famed economist James Dale Davidson.
James is the lone economist who predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, the stock market crash of 2000 and 2008, as well as the real estate bubble that hit in 2006.
Because of his accurate predictions, James has been invited to shake the hands and counsel the likes of former presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, and he’s been a confidante to some of the most influential people in the world, people like the Rockefellers, the Clintons, Boris Yeltsin and President-elect Donald Trump, to name a few.
Now, I confess ...
I dismissed James’ claims at first.
But then he personally showed me the evidence ...
  • 7 indisputable charts (the 5th one hits Baby Boomers hard)
  • The hidden story behind a $5 bill ... and why it has been shackled
  • A prophetic warning woven into a forgotten manuscript from our Founding Fathers — they warned an economic “curse” would unfold if our elected official committed this one crime (and unfortunately, this one crime was just executed).
After seeing the proof for myself, I couldn’t deny the inevitable.
So I asked James’ if he could share his research with our readers.
He was hesitant at first.
As you will see, James isn’t great on camera. He can be a bit rough and even crude.
But I reassured James that Americans are tired of the well-polished clowns that show up on CNBC, CNN and Bloomberg. I told him that we need to hear the truth from a real economist, an authentic person who deeply cares for his country.
Thankfully, James agreed to do the video, as long as we provided the information for free, and if he could show viewers the simple steps he and his family are taking to survive the looming collapse.
We agreed to show the video for free — for the first week.
So, we put all of his research together in a controversial video presentation that we released a few days ago.
If you have any money in stocks, own a home, or have a savings account, it’s critical you watch it now while it is still free.
JL Yastine
Editorial Director, The Sovereign Society
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