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New Civil Wars ... Gold Crashes ... Cashless Society?

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Money and Markets
New Civil Wars ... Gold Crashes ... Cashless Society?
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Here’s a summary of stories from this past trading week, with a link to the full articles online.
New Civil Wars in America
Never before have the hard stats shown such extreme polarization in America’s politics and society! Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D., tells you how this great divide could affect the U.S. economy, including stocks, bonds and the dollar.
Smart Cars and the Cyber-Afterlife
Smart cars and a cyber-afterlife are small steps toward creating true artificial intelligence. As usual, tech expert Jon Markman makes it all easy to understand.
Wow, did you see gold?
Gold has crashed. So has silver. So have senior and junior miners. All just as Larry Edelson had forecast. So, what should you do now? Why, listen to Larry’s advice.
Are You Prepared to Survive a Knife Attack?
After all his years as a security expert, Jeff Cantor can definitely attest to the fact that knives can be as lethal as guns. But a few simple tactics can improve your chances of surviving a knife attack.
Mike’s Predictions Pay Off: Here’s What to Do…
Veteran analyst Mike Larson launches a new feature called “Mike’s Moves to Make” – which provides simple, actionable information to help you build your wealth. Why should you listen to Mike? Read here to find out.
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The Week’s Hot News
Money and Markets columnist Larry Edelson, Boris Schlossberg, and Mike Burnick take a look at key financial and political events around the globe after the market close. Here are the week’s highlights:
Rogoff and Cashless Society: Be Careful What You Wish for
If central bankers and governments have their way, large denominations of physical cash will be banned and every transaction will be recorded. Let Larry Edelson give you the scoop.
When it comes to his views on a cashless society, Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff is just plain wrong.
Pound Plunges as Britannia Heads for “Hard Brexit” Shoals
Since Brexit, investors have been lulled into a false sense of security because it’ll be years before they feel the effects of breaking away from the EU. But currency expert Boris Schlossberg sees a bleak post-Brexit Britain.
Germany Warns of Danger of War Between U.S. and Russia
The Russians and the Americans keep butting heads more and more, from Syria to Crimea, from terrorism to hack attacks on U.S. computers, and on and on. A German diplomat believes the countries may be headed for war. And Larry Edelson has some shocking evidence to back him up.
A Glimmer of Hope Amid Earnings Gloom?
Don’t hit the panic button as pundits prattle on about the S&P 500 “earnings slump.” Mike Burnick says: Wait for the facts about company earnings to come out before you make any moves. And here’s why…
The Money and Markets Team
P.S. Did you know that economic tidal waves act just like tsunamis? According to the National Geographic, the enormous energy of a tsunami can lift giant boulders, flip vehicles and demolish houses. But from a financial standpoint, the K Wave will be even worse: Millions could lose their homes. Millions more could see their lifesavings wiped out in an instant. Businesses, large and small, could close their doors. Even the bare necessities of life — food, water, clothing — might become scarce.
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