Saturday, October 1, 2016

East Asia Report ... Deutsche Bank Bombs ... Deutsche Bank Bombs II

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East Asia Report ... Deutsche Bank Bombs ... Deutsche Bank Bombs II
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Here’s a summary of stories from this past trading week, with a link to the full articles online.
Martin’s Report From East Asia
Three megatrends are brewing in the Far East that pose a threat to your investments. And Martin Weiss, Ph.D., has traveled to the mysterious Orient to get the lowdown for you.
Cybersecurity ‘Cold War’ Heats Up
Someone is trying to take down the Internet. They are systematically targeting the core systems that keep everything running. Jon Markman gives you the scoop on the secret war being waged in cyberspace.
Monday’s Debate and More…
Proven macroeconomic cycles are converging to create a global economic crisis far worse than the Great Depression. Are you prepared? To be sure, read Larry Edelson’s analysis.
The Evolving Threat of Knives to Your Personal Safety
Knife attacks are violent and unpredictable. Security expert Jeff Cantor shares some tips to up your odds of surviving an encounter with someone wielding a deadly blade.
What’s Eating Restaurant Stocks – and What Does That Mean to Your Wealth?
Restaurant ads look so delicious on TV. You can almost smell the sizzling steaks, the spicy chicken wings and the aromas from exotic appetizers. So why are some of your favorite eateries starving for profits? Mike Larson reviews the situation…
The single-biggest threat for restaurant stocks is a potential U.S. recession.
The Week’s Hot News
Money and Markets columnist Mike Larson, Boris Schlossberg, and Mike Burnick take a look at key financial and political events around the globe after the market close. Here are the week’s highlights:
Deutsche Bank Bombs, Drags Markets Down
Worried Deutsche Bank investors have big troubles since there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop the mega-bank’s meltdown. So why should you care? Mike Larson puts it all in perspective.
Surprising New Law Gives “Cash Rebate” to 119 Million Americans
On December 18, 2015, President Obama quietly signed a bill that gives 119 million eligible Americans the chance to collect on “consumer rebate checks” that could go anywhere from $1,230 to $12,900 for some people. There are no income requirements to collect. Full Details Here…
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Which Candidate Is Winning? How to Tell What Markets Think
Who won the first presidential debate on Monday? To see what financial market players think, there’s an unusual indicator you can follow. Let Mike Larson tell you all about it.
Trump Triumph Could Send Aussie Dollar Down Under
A Trump slump keeps Aussie soaring but a Trump triumph threatens to push the Aussie’s price down under. Currency expert Boris Schlossberg explains how The Donald affects the Australian dollar’s ups and downs.
Emergency Update: Deutsche Bank Plunges as Funds Yank $$
Several hedge funds lost faith in Deutsche Bank and pulled out their money – which sent the bank’s stock into a tailspin. Investors worry that these exiting hedge funds could spark a run on the bank. Read Mike Larson’s take…
The Money and Markets Team
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