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Lawfare: The South China Sea Ruling

Issue 21
August 2016

Lawfare: The South China Sea Ruling

Welcome to the August 2016 issue of The Diplomat. This month, we look at the diplomatic, strategic, and legal fallout from the July 12 ruling on the South China Sea case. We also evaluate South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s approach to relations with North Korea, look at how Asian journalists covered the Panama Papers, and explore the implications of Hun Sen’s embrace of social media. And, of course, we offer a range of reporting, analysis, and opinion from across the region.

Issue 21 | August 2016
Cover Story
After the Ruling: Lawfare in the South China Sea
The historic ruling on the status of features in the South China Sea sets the stage for future diplomatic, political, and military contestations.
Trustpolitik on the Korean Peninsula: Dead or Dormant?
Park Geun-hye’s ambitious approach to North Korea was problematic from the start.
The Asian Panama Papers
Reporters in Asia overcame government restrictions, fear of lawsuits, and self censorship to collaborate on a historic project and revive investigative journalism across the region.
Cambodia’s Facebooker-in-Chief
How Hun Sen and his Cambodian People’s Party came to adopt social media.
Arthur Kroeber
Going beyond the conventional wisdom on China’s economy, Arthur Kroeber looks at the promise and pitfalls of continued growth.
South Korea, THAAD, and the Limits of China’s Influence
The THAAD decision holds a crucial lesson for China as it seeks ways to influence its neighbors.
Political High Season in Hong Kong
Gearing up for next year’s chief executive elections, Hong Kong wonders who will end up in the top spot.
Taiwan: South China Sea Ruling 'Completely Unacceptable'
'Land Kings': China's Frenzied Property Deals
The Hidden Benefits of China's Counterfeiting Habit
Northeast Asia
What Would a Trump Presidency Mean for Japan?
Donald Trump’s strident rhetoric makes allies nervous, particularly in Tokyo.
The Complicated Fate of US Prisoners in North Korea
Pyongyang is severing its last diplomatic link to Washington, leaving the path to bringing U.S. prisoners home more difficult.
The Mysterious Sale of Mongolia's Erdenet Mine
Why Economic Sanctions Have Failed Against North Korea
Japan-China Relations at a Crossroads
South Asia
Hindutva in Modern India
Hindutva antics in India often grab headlines abroad, but the reality is complex and multifaceted. Where will this ideology ultimately lead the country?
Burhan Wani’s Killing Brings Kashmir to a Crossroads
The Battle for the Soul of Bangladesh
The Reality of India-Iran Ties
Will Afghanistan’s Lone Fighter Succeed?
Southeast Asia
Justice Delayed After Vietnamese Fishery Disaster
Despite promises of reparations from the company reponsible, concerns linger that Vietnam’s government isn’t truly invested in repairing the environmental damage.
A New ASEAN-China ‘Deal’ on the South China Sea?
The news that the two sides have reached a new agreement is rather misleading but says a lot about how they intend to take their ties forward.
Indonesia Prepares for Another Round of Executions
What Will Duterte Mean for Philippine Foreign Policy?
Villages of the Damned: Cambodia's Begging 'Curse'
Central Asia
Abandoning the Great Game
The phrase doesn’t depict regional geopolitics very well, so why do we cling to it?
Putin Proposes Another Greater Eurasia Project
To revitalize Eurasia’s worn-down multilaterals, Moscow floats another.
After Istanbul Attacks, Not Much Clarity on Central Asian Involvement
China's Expanding Security Cooperation With Tajikistan
Kyrgyz Supreme Court Punts Askarov Decision
Developing Australia’s Defense Industry
The new government has a minister dedicated entirely to the country’s defense industry development.
Divergent Currents: Addressing Armed Violence in the Caribbean and Pacific
Urbanization and the Greens of Melbourne
Papua New Guinea's PM Defeats Vote of No Confidence
The Bayonet Charge: How the British Army Conquered India
It was not superior technology alone that made the British such formidable fighters during the conquest of India.
A Brief History of the Coup d'État in the Asia-Pacific
Could It Make Sense for India to Opt for a Russian Nuclear Aircraft Carrier?
China's Secret Weapon in the South China Sea: Cyber Attacks
After the Award
The final and binding nature of the international tribunal's award over the South China Sea disputes leaves attempts at bilateralism between Manila and Beijing with poor prospects.
Should Pakistan Put All Its Eggs in the China Basket?
Far From a Slam Dunk: Eyeing the Risks of the TPP for Vietnam
Asia Life
Perfect Balance: A Thai Street Food Primer
As the flavors of its street food attest, Thailand is the culinary crossroads of Southeast Asia.
The Social Media 'War' Over the South China Sea
Major League Baseball: Meet Japan's All-Time "Hit King"

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