Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Famous Economist Issues DIRE WARNING On Impending Economic Collapse: The Most Devastating In American History

Famous Economist Issues DIRE WARNING 
On Impending Economic Collapse:
The Most
 Devastating In American History

The Dent Research team has just released a disturbing new video about an event that will be more devastating than anything in history. It is Harry Dent’s most dire warning in three decades.
Recently, supplies of a 200,000-year old commodity went inexplicably into freefall...signaling the demise of the most valuable commodity in the economic universe.
And the consequences will be devastating…completely decimating the US economy, piece by piece. And there's nothing any geologist, scientist, or physicist can do to stop it.
This commodity, a commodity that archaeologists and scientists believe dates back over 200,000 years, is known as "the ultimate resource."
And the shortage of this precious resource has already kick-started a devastating domino effect within the global economy…
An effect so potentially explosive it could trigger the biggest financial crisis since The Great Depression.
One of America’s most popular investments will crash and burn as a result. When it does… when its $25.7 trillion bubble pops…it will erase the retirement dreams of millions of Americans in an instant.
More specifically, the 35 million American adults over 50 who are counting on this investment to fund their retirements… are in for a rude awakening.
But before we panic – there is a solution.
World-renowned economist Harry Dent says it isn’t all doom and gloom - there is a way we can protect ourselves against the coming carnage. There are ways you can hedge against what’s to come…ways to rescue – and grow – the bulk of your wealth.
Ignore the stock market pundits. Harry says the one investment that everyone is telling you to sell right now will actually continue to soar…as he has been forecasting for years. It's the one investment that hasn't gotten pumped up on cheap credit… that thrives when there's chaos… that peaks when the market sinks… and that you should start hoarding right away.
And investors who flock to it now could realize a decade's worth of gains in just years.
He has NEVER been more certain of anything in over 30 years of economic forecasting.
Dent and his research team have recently finished putting together a free online presentation explaining everything you need to know. However, viewership is limited to only those who provide their email address below.
And in doing so, you will be among the 300,000 people receiving Dent’s daily updates through Economy and Markets Daily – with hundreds more joining every day.
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