Saturday, October 24, 2015

Why Are Big Banks and International Governments Stockpiling Gold and Silver

Why Are Big Banks and International Governments Stockpiling Gold and Silver? g20
In April, gold jumped above $1200 on news that Venezuela and Citibank completed a massive $1 billion gold swap. That same month J.P. Morgan was reported to be holding 55 million ounces of Silver (For reference annual global silver production is around 820 million ounces).
But why would a financial insitution invest millions in physical assets when futures or "paper" money is considered their main source of revenue.
The answer is simple, they know the dollar constantly loses value.*
Unfortunately, if you're like most Americans and have an IRA, 401(k) or even a savings account, every dollar you’ve saved is dependent on "paper" money.
But, by using a little known IRS rule, you can protect your IRA or 401(k) using REAL PHYSICAL GOLD & SILVER.
Adding physical gold & silver to your IRA/401(k) offers you a way to:
  • Hedge
    Gold, silver and other precious metals offset the effects of inflation, by potentially growing at a rate faster than the rate of inflation.

  • Protect
    Typically when the stock market suffers large losses, the price of gold and silver experience huge upswings offsetting the losses experienced by those only invested in stocks.
If you're concerned about the future of your retirement savings, and your ability to live the life you want to, now is the time to make sure you and your family are protected from a collapsing dollar.
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