Saturday, October 24, 2015

BOOM: Matt Drudge Drops Bombshell About What Hillary Did Just Before Benghazi Hearings

BOOM: Matt Drudge Drops Bombshell About What Hillary Did Just Before Benghazi Hearings

Matt Drudge, creator of the Drudge Report, had a few choice words to say about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the House Select Committee on Benghazi Thursday and, as one might guess, they were not positive.
Drudge took his concerns to social media where he posted that Clinton looked as though she was on anti-anxiety medication, according to the Washington Examiner.
Drudge said there were several obvious signs that Clinton took something to help her through the hearings.
Hillary health was biggest revelation at hearing. Coughing fit. Slow-speaking, obviously induced by meds. Choose not to believe if you must,” Drudge posted to Twitter.
“Last time she showed up with prism glasses from blod clot, vertigo. Today obvious anti-anxiety meds, hypothyroid issues,” he said.
Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s doctor, has stated previously that Clinton was in excellent physical health even though she was taking medication for her thyroid that thins the blood.
Drudge has also questioned Clinton’s health in the past. Recently, he told Alex Jones that he believed she’s ill and in no condition to run the country. He cited hypothyroidism as one of his concerns and claimed anyone that is hypothyroid does not need to be in the White House.
Hyperthyroidism can cause irritability, sleeping problems and, less commonly, an event known as a “thyroid storm” that can lead to confusion and even death.
Of course, the problem is that we have no way of knowing the actual state of Hillary Clinton’s health. I mean, we could ask her, but…
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Fri Oct 23 2015 16:41:45 ET

The WASHINGTON POST on Friday declared Hillary Clinton does not suffer from hypothyroidism -- even though her own doctor says she does!

Symptoms of low thyroid function include: Fatigue, hoarseness and impaired memory.

Reporter Phillip Bump, consulting with his own doctor, Philip Weintraub, diagnosed Clinton as having 'normal thyroid function' based on her Benghazi performance.

But Hillary's internist revealed in August how the Dem front-runner's medical conditions 'include hypothyroidism.'


Clinton takes a daily dose of dried and crushed pig glands for treatment.

Hillary's health was once again in the spotlight during the final hours of the Benghazi hearing on Thursday. A serious coughing fit raised eyebrows, along with slow body movements and labored breathing.

The canidiate claims she was 'meditating' during breaks.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Hillary's internist did not specify if she suffers from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, a more serious auto-immune disease.

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