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Vaccine Horror Stories They Don’t Want You to Know
Vaccine Horror Stories They Don’t Want You to Know
Vaccines are NOT 100% safe and effective
Vaccine Horror Stories They Don't Want You to Know
Image Credits: Public domain
Despite media talking heads constantly claiming vaccines are 100% “safe and effective,” these videos, and the very package inserts included with the vaccines, reveal that’s not the case at all.
“In our society today, newborns are injected with loads of chemicals nearly as soon as they enter the world,” Elizabeth Renter reported. “In the name of ‘prevention,’ we give them vaccines that we aren’t even sure are safe.”
“As a matter of fact, in many cases, we know them to be unsafe.”
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Is Your Computer Hard Drive Hiding an NSA Spy Program?
Majority of the world's computers now spy for the NSA
Is Your Computer Hard Drive Hiding an NSA Spy Program?
According to Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based security software maker, the NSA has managed to insert spying software on most computer hard drives.
The program is hidden on hard drives manufactured by Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and other top manufacturers, Reuters reports.
Kaspersky did not pinpoint the country responsible for the software, but said it is closely related to Stuxnet, the cyber weapon developed by the Americans and the Israelis, with help from the Germans and the British.
Stuxnet was used to sabotage Iran’s effort to enrich uranium for its nuclear program.
However, in addition to setting back Iran’s nuclear program, the sophisticated malware engineered by the U.S. and Israel at the Dimona complex in the Negev desert was exploited to push for restrictive cybersecurity measures in the United States.
A former NSA employee told the news agency the NSA values the hard drive spy program as much as Stuxnet.
Kaspersky said its research discovered the program on personal computers in 30 countries. Most of the infections were on computers in Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Mali, Syria, Yemen and Algeria.
Although Kaspersky said the targets include government and military institutions, telecommunication companies, banks, energy companies, nuclear researchers, media, and Islamic activists, it is not unreasonable to conclude it is used to spy on American citizens engaged in political activity the establishment considers threatening.
In July of last year journalist Glenn Greenwald revealed the NSA has targeted a number of political activists for surveillance.
“I have long viewed this as one of the most important stories in the Snowden archive because it puts a face on the NSA’s surveillance overreach and illustrates, yet again — that domestic spying abuses usually target minorities, marginalized groups, and dissidents,” Greenwald said.

Government Covered Up Muslim Rape Scandal to Avoid Being Called Racist
White girls trafficked, beaten & sexually abused by Pakistani men
Government Covered Up Muslim Rape Scandal to Avoid Being Called Racist
Over a thousand mostly white young girls in the northern England town of Rotherham were systematically groomed, trafficked, beaten and sexually abused by rape gangs consisting of mainly Pakistani men.
A new report confirms that the local Labour government council and the police covered up this horror because they were afraid of being characterized as racist and politically incorrect.
The victims were treated as liars by the police and their complaints were buried. The majority of the perpetrators were from minority ethnic communities. The majority of the victims were white British children.
This same council then removed children from the custody of loving foster parents because they were members of a rival political party – UKIP – which opposes uncontrolled immigration and has denounced Labour’s cover-up of the Rotherham rape scandal.
But as the Telegraph’s Dan Hodges points out, the abused children of Rotherham were not the victims of political correctness. They were the victims of racism.
The girls were specifically selected by the Pakistani men because they were white. They were seen as “easy meat”. Their so-called “white privilege” didn’t help them at all – in fact it was an integral reason why they were targeted by the criminals and then abandoned by the authorities.
Criminal rape gangs are being protected by the authorities because of their foreign ethnicity. Meanwhile, we have young girls being beaten and raped, then ignored, labeled liars and left defenseless because they were white.
Where was their white privilege? Instead of being an advantage, their skin color was a key factor which led to authorities covering up the scandal.
But isn’t it heartening to see legions of feminists decrying the plight of these victimized young girls? Oh no that’s right, they were busy manufacturing rape scandals that didn’t exist while ignoring one that was actually taking place and being actively covered up by the government.
Apparently, to feminists, a rape scandal is only a rape scandal if its perpetrators have white skin. If the culprits are brown and the victims are white, it doesn’t exist. There’s that much vaunted white privilege once again.
Television discussions and reports about this scandal by the BBC continue to deliberately omit the fact that the perpetrators were mostly Asian men, with Britain’s de facto state broadcaster playing its part in the cover-up.
How did supporters of the Labour Party council in Rotherham that buried this scandal respond to the Casey report? Did they protest outside council offices? Did they demand resignations? No. They demonstrated against UKIP’s Nigel Farage for daring to travel to Rotherham to try to draw attention to the issue. That’s right, in the name of demonstrating against bigotry, they acted like a bigoted fascist mob to prevent Farage from exercising his free speech.
The Rotherham rape scandal destroys the myth of white privilege. The victims were victimized because they were white. The rape gangs got away with it because they weren’t white. Thanks to decades of social engineering, race-baiting and political correctness, this marks the beginning of white people being treated as second class citizens because of the color of their skin – the very definition of racism.
Now we see political correctness for the threat it truly represents. Not just as an irritant or a hazard to free speech, but as a direct peril to the functioning of a just society.
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

Food Victories: How We the People are Taking Back the Food Supply
Major victories achieved worldwide by dedicated activists
Food Victories: How We the People are Taking Back the Food Supply
Image Credits: jeffk, Flickr
Although our food supply is being controlled by a smaller and smaller number of corporations, the spread of knowledge outside of the controlled corporate channels has led to a food revolution.
With more Americans and people globally becoming aware of the dangerous substances hidden inside every meal they eat, food giants are having to submit to the demands of their customers or face the free-market consequences.
McDonald’s Sales Plummeting
Despite their attempts to introduce so-called “healthy” products, multiple scandals surrounding this fast food giant has resulted in a continuing nose dive of sales worldwide.
Even with their CEO recently stepping down and the introduction of a new advertising campaign, McDonalds has been unable to recover.
Chick-Fil-A Announces Chicken Change
Fast food chain Chick-fil-A announced late last year that they would no longer use chickens fed antibiotics following massive pressure from consumers.
“…we are collaborating with national and regional poultry suppliers to build a supply chain based on chickens raised with no antibiotics,” Chick-fil-A stated in a press release. “We are asking suppliers to work with the USDA to verify that antibiotics are never administered from the hatchery to the processing plant.”
Thanks to dedicated food activists, the company will be completely free of such ingredients within 5 years.
Monsanto Stocks Downgraded
Despite their global monopoly and stranglehold over governments, the public backlash against Monsanto has resulted in a continued downgrade of their stock.
“We are downgrading Monsanto from Buy to Neutral, due to the findings from our seventh Annual Seed Dealer Survey, which came back the most negative for the seed industry in the history of the survey,” Chris Shaw of Monness Crespi Hardt wrote last December. “The unprecedented results of this year’s survey has led us to be more cautious on Monsanto’s outlook for the current seed selling season.”
Subway Plans Removal of Shoe Rubber Chemical
Only days after infowarriors and the Food Babe Army came out against Subway for using dangerous chemicals in their bread, the sandwich provider announced the removal of the chemical.
“We are already in the process of removing Azodiacarbonamide as part of our bread improvement efforts despite the fact that it is USDA and FDA approved ingredient,” the company says in a statement, ignoring the fact that the chemical has been banned in countless countries. “The complete conversion to have this product out of the bread will be done soon.”

Best of Brian Williams’ memories
"The food at the last supper was pretty terrible so I ordered pizza"
Best of Brian Williams' memories
Embattled NBC news anchor Brian Williams faced fierce criticism after admitting that his Iraq war story, in which he was allegedly shot at by an RPG while flying in a helicopter in 2003, was a complete and utter fable.
Amid the controversy, Williams was further excoriated when tales he recounted during Hurricane Katrina crumbled under close scrutiny.
Williams’ excuse for fabricating false reports? The “fog of memory” caused him to “misremember” what happened.
Williams has since taken a leave of absence, but between shots taken at him by his pals in the corporate media, the online social media community has also chimed in with some hilarious memes.
Here are a few of the funniest memes in circulation placing Williams in other moments in history he may have “misremembered.”



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