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CAFR accounts to see what they Dont Tell you

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Subject: Article 22 pages: The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report ,

 How They Hide the Money

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[Ed Note: Briefly overview the CAFR was formed after all the cities
counties states and federal government became corporations and dissolved
their previous “constitutional� base. 1933.

From FDR time forward the Citizens became indentured servants and
through debt were debt slaves not for seven years with 7 acres and mule
tax free, but lifetime pledged corporate assets to the pledge against the
national debt. For a corporation to declare brand ownership it
CAPITALIZES it rather than Upper Lower Case. From then on our names John
Doe became JOHN DOE on Birth Certificates and licenses and all federal
state records. We have the same “rights� under the “constitution�
as a washer KENMORE on the floor of SEARS, none. That is all public
consumption PsyOp.

The various CAFRs thus formed are reputed to have ownership control of
a majority stock of the entire NYC stock exchange. A simple short sale
and dumping of stock will bankrupt any size corporation faster than a
hijacker with a box cutter on 911.  That is followed by usually a
criminal conviction for the principles who had the hubris to challenge
the system. “They are not big enough to box with God�.

The collective CAFR organization have enough money to pay for all the
services of the federal and state governments entirely with no collection
taxes at all. Taxes go to a private corporation the usual is IRS there
are others located in Puerto Rico a International organization to return
the money to the true owners the Central Committee. They in turn fund the
IMF/WORLD BANK with fiat money from the Federal Reserve.

When selected private individuals are selected to receive benefits,
they are the recipient of “investments� by the CAFRs which have no
oversight except the Central Committee. Covert subsidies to judges,
public officials, election campaigns and those participating in
demographic management will be subsidized handsomely as long as they play
the game.

A separate category is thefalse flag “Raison d’
patterns that
have the largest support to justify military invasion of countries to
"rescue" them from the violent abusive powers
they are funded to become. Some of the members of this group are
supporters of WWAM, World Wide Attack Matrix of 80 countries from PNAC
George W. Bush / Dick Cheney Feb 2001
'plato y
[quote Pablo Escobar]
e.g. 'my silver or my lead'  for   Foreign Aide or Shock and Awe.
Also including not limited to for example:


·        Adolf Hitler

·        Lenin

·        Stalin

·        Ho Chi Minh [CIA agent 19]

·        Osama bin Laden [largest funded CIA agent in

·        ISIS

·        Various big/small false flag operations for
passing military or strong right wing legislation or both. They have been
on increase in 2001 following the election to Executive offices members
of the Project for New American Century, who are now running for office

States that refuse to join the international Central Bank cartels of
fiat money and print debt free gold backed money are considered
“rogue� states and are attacked usually for non-compliance to nuclear
proliferation. As soon as compliant, they are given CC agents for the
leadership role and funded with economic and military support

In brief, the CAFR is a cash cow for any group of individuals that can
and will support the general agenda of the CC and have their private
fortunes enriched privately and secretly by the CAFR.

During this time the medical institution and facilities have been
given electronic records logged in real time to NSA and then 600
federal/state/corporate offices to create real time confidential
informant status [CI] from cradle to grave of everyone permanently.
Subsequently toxic food GMO, free promotions of toxic vaccination, “End
of Life� Affidavits promotions, ‘clinical trials’ , and the central
$ 3 billion dollar cash cow for the system and resulting in trillions of
unfunded entitlements the lacing of tobacco with radioactive isotope
Polonium 210 detonation trigger for nuclear devices, known in general
parlance as “enriched uranium�, together with Zyklon B cyanide, and
systematic premeditated murder of unborn children by the millions, all of
which including not limited to above is variations of
MEDICIDE, e.g. demographic management the
central core agenda of CC since 1952. 

Arden Gifford, MD]



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