Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gold and Silver Price Suppression: A Dangerous Game

Gold and
Silver Price Suppression:
A Dangerous Game

by Guy

You've heard
stories of large banks manipulating gold and silver prices down.  Well, to
a large extent they're true.  Many fraudulent schemes have recently been
exposed and admitted while regulators jawbone about reforms.  The worst
manipulation -- orchestrated by the U.S. government -- is still ongoing.
However, it can’t continue.

Gold and silver prices are forced
artificially low to create the illusion that metals have little value… and the
volatility scares off new buyers. The U.S. government and its allies on Wall
Street play this dangerous game to engineer artificial confidence in the

In past years, governments and central banks depressed
gold and silver prices by sending massive amounts of physical metal to
market.  This current scheme also floods the market with gold and silver,
but most of it does not exist.  It's just
a gold and silver mirage based on paper contracts.  Bullion banks are
government's complicit brokers, selling their mix of real physical and pretend
paper through contracted futures, options, and exchange traded funds (ETFs).
Banks still put a few bars of real gold and silver in the showroom window, but
cram the warehouse with paper promises stacked to the rafters, which banks know
they can never deliver.

The leverage in precious metals is even more
extreme than our fractional reserve banking system. Testimony in federal
hearings in 2010 confirmed only one ounce of real gold exists for every two
hundred ounces of paper offered for sale. The silver market operates in the same

If you sold imaginary metal, you would be prosecuted.  The
government exempts itself and its banker friends [Rothschild Moneychangers] from
our laws.

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