Thursday, September 18, 2014

EIR launches Daily Alert Service

Friends -- We have launched a Daily Alert Service from EIR. Here is a brief description of the content, and of our intention to intervene into the truly revolutionary transformation of the world taking place through the BRICS accords, the New Silk Road, and related developments, and to stop the threatened war coming from the utterly bankrupt London/New York financial oligarchy. EIR and its founder Lyndon LaRouche have played a significant role over several decades in bringing about this thrust for a new Renaissance, and we intend to bring it to fruition. I strongly encourage you and/or the institutions with which you are associated to subscribe.      Mike Billington, Asia Desk, EIR

  Executive Intelligence Review is launching a new Daily Alert  Service to provide readers with daily critical news updates and analysis, covering the most important global developments in four areas:
     1) the political and economic developments within the United States;
     2) the onrushing collapse of the Western financial system;
     3) the strategic war danger arising from this collapse;
     4) developments in creating a new global economic order, focused on the historic process initiated by the BRICS nations for an alternative global credit system and the campaign for Glass Steagall and a return to National Banking in the US and Europe; and
     5) developments in scientific and large-scale infrastructure developments globally, focused on nuclear and fusion power, space, and the "World Landbridge" projects.
     {EIR} has been publishing a weekly magazine and Weekly Alert Service for 40 years and has established a world-class record for forecasting and analysis.  Our team of intelligence analysts, under the direction of Lyndon LaRouche, maintains a continuous top-down tracking of the most important changes strategically. EIR has bureaus in many of the major capitals of the  world, and maintains ongoing channels of discussion with key policy-makers in those and other countries. We have an unchallenged record of providing advance warning of such dramatic events as the 1987 and 2007 financial crashes; the Anglo-American fabrication of a confrontation with Russia; and the role of British and Saudi intelligence services in steering world terrorism, including Lyndon LaRouche's forecast of a terrorist attack on the U.S. after the inauguration of the Bush/Cheney regime to justify unilateral wars and the over-riding of the U.S. Constitution. At EIR, we make no bones about the fact that we have a worldview and a method for evaluating the ever-changing strategic landscape.
     From the outset of EIR in 1974, we have been producing a daily intelligence digest for our own personnel, while producing a weekly magazine {EIR}.  Now, in response to a growing demand from subscribers and leading political and economic circles around the world, we are making a daily briefing available to our clientele.
     Real intelligence is the ability to know the future, not as to events but as to human actions to ensure the future. It is not an exaggeration to say that EIR is unique and the most essential intelligence product on the planet today. The proponents of austerity and war to preserve the bankrupt western financial system, of course, hate the EIR and LaRouche.  In the famous words of the Franklin Roosevelt, "Wall Street hates me and I relish that."
     You need us to do what we do, to achieve "Peace Through Development" internationally. To continue and expand this process at this moment of existential crisis for civilization, our intelligence services must be made available to rapidly increasing numbers of policy makers, scientists, and, as Friedrich Schiller said, "Patriots of one's nation and citizens of the world."
     The Daily Alert Service, five days per week, will be $5000.00 per year, which will include a subscription to the weekly EIR magazine, for in-depth coverage of present, future and past history.

A sample of our record:
    * Aug. 15, 1971. Nixon's actions that day marked the beginning of the end of the Bretton Woods system, which LaRouche, in contrast to all major economic "authorities" at the time, had forecast--barring dramatic policy changes--in 1959-60.
     * 1977. LaRouche promotes Beam Weapon Defense to replace the Mutual Assured Destruction policy, holding conferences in Europe, Asia, Ibero America and across the US, leading to President Ronald Reagan adopting the concept as the Strategic Defense Initiative in April 1983.
     * 1978. LaRouche associates publish {Dope, Inc.}, a groundbreaking study of the British monarchy's creation and sustenance of the global drug trade--a trade now acknowledged by UN agency officials to be a mainstay of the bankrupt world financial system.
     * 1982. LaRouche launches discussion of the use of the "debt bomb," and writes "Operation Juarez" as the programmatic solution, which lays out the principles to deal with the blowout around the $2 quadrillion derivatives bubble today.
     * 1983. LaRouche, EIR, and LaRouche's science organization the Fusion Energy Foundation co-sponsored a conference in Bangkok, Thailand promoting the Kra Canal, a concept which is back on the table today with support from both China and Japan. This was in the context of LaRouche's outline of "A Fifty-Year Development Policy for the Indian-Pacific Ocean Basin."
     * 1984. Lyndon and Helga LaRouche founded the Schiller Institute, promoting the restoration of Classical culture and Classical education as a necessary means of restoring creative thinking in both the arts and in science, without which a political solution to the world crisis were impossible. The Institute has sponsored hundreds of conferences on economics, science, and culture worldwide over its 30 year life.
     * 1988. LaRouche forecast the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, long before anyone believed it were possible, proposing a vast cooperative project between East and West to rebuild the decayed economies of Poland and other former East Bloc nations
     * 1992. Lyndon and Helga LaRouche responded to the fall of the USSR with a proposal for a "New Silk Road" connecting the Eurasian nations through development, rather than the movement of hostile NATO forces closer to the Russian border, as was carried out by the West.
     * 1996. Helga Zepp-LaRouche leads a Schiller Institute delegation to Beijing to participate in a "International Symposium on Economic Development of the Regions Along the New Euro-Asia Continental Bridge." This was the precursor to the current Chinese policy, revived by President Xi Jinping, for the New Silk Road and the New Maritime Silk Road.
     * 2001. In January, Lyndon LaRouche, upon the inauguration of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, forecast a major domestic terrorist event, which would facilitate both new wars in Southwest Asia and new police-state measures in the US and internationally. Subsequent EIR investigation pinned down the British/Saudi role in 9/11.
     * 2007. Lyndon LaRouche presented a keynote speech in Moscow promoting the building of a tunnel under the Bering Strait, connecting the US and Russia by rail--an idea described by President Putin as a "war avoidance policy."
     * 2008-2014. LaRouche supporters organized the introduction of resolutions demanding the restoration of Glass Steagall by the Congress in 29 states and dozens of city councils and trade union confederations across the U.S., while instrumental in the introduction of Glass-Steagall legislation in both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, legislation which now collectively has about 85 sponsors in the House, and 11 in the Senate
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