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330 Million More

330 Million More
By Jim Kirwan

Have Been Targeted

This image was done for “The State of the Nation 1966”, which was not published, because three quarters of the graphics for the project were destroyed by the government.
This was about censorship and our enslavement to an illegal government by an entire nation that had already been captured. That was 48 years ago: The project was begun in 1964 which makes the awareness of these crimes almost exactly fifty years old.
Most people cannot conceive of what it is like to have lived with this knowledge for just over half a century!

For instance, for over fifty years there has been a direct connection to every sitting official, involved in every level of criminality in each and every division of this place: Every one of them should have and could have been charged with high treason. Yet that has never happened. No one ever went to jail for anything even remotely close to treason. Today “conditions” make changes even less likely than they were when the world could see exactly how criminal the old USA had already become…
Think about this: Every Attorney General, every president, every vice-president, every chief of staff, every congressional office holder, every member of the Supreme Court ­ senators, representatives, governor’s mayors and councilmen, not to mention judges, lawyer’s and cops ­ virtually all of them, who mattered, were knowledgeable to the exact degree to which this nation had already been compromised by the time of JFK’s murder in 1963.
That also meant that every law firm, every professional association, every political association had to know specifically who was dirty and who was not! Hell my old man used to rave about it when I was in Jr. High School and Harry Truman was in Office. That was back in backwater Oklahoma City where everyone in office had been born crooked. I grew up with twisted judges, crooked lawyers, mentally deranged cops, thieves, bootleggers, pimps and whores and everybody knew who was dirty and who was not. BTW that included everybody from federal office holders down to the lowliest creep in city government.
At fourteen I used to hang out in an all night joint on the edge of the Black Belt where every drink was sold in a coffee-mug, all of which was labeled “red coffee” so the contents remained unknown.
Oklahoma was a “DRY state. Every form of alcohol was sold, in certain protected places. Customers ran the entire gambit from judges, lawyers and cops to hookers, cab-drivers, writers, dealers, bootleggers and ordinary misfits like me.
There were no problems, because everybody knew the score and none of it was ever public.
That’s what gave me my start in “politics”; it’s what gave me an appointment four years later to the Air Force Academy, from the Senator that ran Kerr-McGee Oil, along with being the Senate Chairman of the Armed Services Committee ­ Robert S. “Bob” Kerr in 1959.
Here’s his note in 1958 about taking the qualifying exams.
In the end it didn’t matter because I turned down the “appointment” and was sent to Guam to join the other rebels that weren’t bad enough to get discharged, but who needed to be punished without making too much of it.
Part of my real problem with this whole and eternally damned thing is the continued existence of the absolutely criminal-state of Israel.
Since I was old enough to know anything about the life I was living, somewhere between 13 and 14, Israel and its crimes were part of every news cast: And that news was always bad!
The Palestinians were always being murdered, slaughtered, burned alive and tortured and yet no one ever did anything about any of that. “This” is still going on today. And “we” are still backing every WAR-CRIMINAL that Israel puts into office, whether that is here as “president” or in Israel; as if he or she is a GOD with all the rights of something that has the right to rule over the entire universe—and that is still the same filthy lie that it always was!
Yet now, after fifty years of torture, murder and crimes against humanity - everything everywhere is 50,000 times worse because neither the Amerikans nor anyone else has been able to do anything about any of these unending crimes that begin and end with the shittiest little place on earth. That’s the place that still calls itself ISRAEL, when anyone with a brain knows that that they’re living illegally on stolen land - and that “land” is and always was Palestine!
Between the criminality which Israel under Zionist control even then, introduced into the US back in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the Rothschilds banks ­ it’s all been downhill from there.
The “problem” here and in the wider world, is still Israel. And until the people of this place rise up and remove them all from every position of any power ­ throughout this entire nation, neither we nor the world will ever be free… and that’s the one fact that all of us still refuse to face!
I slept for the last eighteen hours while wrestling with this nightmare because of something that triggered most of this, which came out yesterday.
The ever-expanding list of his lies and cover-ups have become legion. “I didn’t set a red line in Syria”…”Bill Ayers was just a guy in my neighborhood”…”If you like your plan you can keep it. Period!”…”Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video”…”Obamacare will reduce your premiums”…”I never said ‘if you like you plan you can keep it’.” And the list of flat out, bald-faced lies goes on and on with seemingly no end in sight.
Now look closely at the above photo released by the Obama White House today, take a good look of the faces of his worshippers that throng him. Here we are in 2014, after suffering through 5+ years of the Obama Imperial Presidency, and still the millions come to worship at his feet, tears streaming from their faces just to touch him.”
The writer was bitching about “5+ years” but in reality I’ve been doing the same thing for over fifty years just working-on and waiting for someone to finally charge just one of our war-criminals with anything, much less that long, long list which begins with mass-murder, torture, and war-crimes and which should end with high treason?
No way; because we have a nation that has still not seen the chain gang’s on which we all continue to serve, regardless of whatever position we think we have attained in “life” inside the United States Incorporated…
Price of Prosperity’, The State of the Nation 1966

But given what the Congress has become, since 1966, it’s understandable that it might be Impossible to go back to the time when there was an actual congress ever again.
Command Headquarters the War on Men’
So where does anyone go from here? We’ve been living an international lie since 1913 ­ both internally and externally. Instead we’ve compounded the original lies with massive criminality across the world for the last fifty years.

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