Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gold Manipulation Is Out In the Open

Gold Manipulation Is Out In the Open

How Long Can It Continue?
Gold Manipulation Is Out In the Open
Image Credits: Giorgio Monteforti / Flickr
by Washington's Blog | May 27, 2014
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We’ve noted for years – for example here, here and here- that gold prices are manipulation.
We pointed out in January and February that gold manipulation is going mainstream.
At least one giant bank has been fined for manipulating gold prices. And see Caught Red-Handed: This Is What Zoomed In Gold Manipulation Looks Like.
And public television channel 3sat – broadcast throughout Europe, and especially popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – addressed the issue head on:

Jim Rickards was asked how long the gold manipulation could continue now that the cat is out of the bag. He basically answered: until the physical shortage of gold leads to a large buy order not being filled; especially given the demand shock coming from China and India:

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