Friday, June 2, 2017

Thick Black Smoke Towering Over VATICAN

Thick Black Smoke Towering Over VATICAN

Thick black smoke towering over VATICAN Share 1.9K Thick black smoke was spotted towering over the Vatican after reports that a huge fire had broken out in a junkyard full of cars. Social media was abuzz with photos and video that people had shared showing the black billowing smoke over the Vatican this afternoon. A local channel had first reported the fire which began in the car depot in Via Mattia Battistini in Rome. It was said that in total 50 vehicles had been involved in the fire and a series of explosions had been heard ringing out. Flames And Thick Smoke Rising Over West Of Rome Huge flames along with the thick black smoke were said to have been seen rising over the whole of the western region of Rome. Fire and police services were immediately on the scene, and people living close-by were told to close their windows and doors. Reports had said that traffic in the region had gone haywire due to the thick black smoke and one eyewitness who lived close to the car depot had been Tweeting photographs of the scene. They said that at first, they had thought that the smoke had been coming from a neighborhood behind the Vatican. Witnesses Report Hearing Loud Boom Sound Mountain Butorac went on to say that could see the start of smoke from his rooftop and then just a few moments later he heard a loud boom sound and then there was a lot more smoke pouring into the sky. He went on to say that he then heard sirens and the smoke began to drift very high over his apartment. It was said that he had first seen smoke rising just shortly after 5 pm local time and he went on to say that emergency services had been at the scene. Smoke Settled Over Piazza del Popolo Mr. Butorac also said that he could see the thick smoke settling over the Piazza del Popolo and he said that he thought that it was from the same fire. He went on to say that he could smell the smoke and that the smoke was strong on Borgo Pio. Local reports started coming in that the fire is in fact in the Primavalle district of Rome, it was said to be in the Battistini-Cornelia region. The flames were said to have shrouded a building. There was a report on Corriere TV, and it said that thick black smoke had been sweeping over the entire region and was making its way to the Pineto Park region. The incident came just after the Vatican had criticized the US for climate change issues. Under the insistence of Pope Francis, the Vatican has backed the Paris climate change deal and would see an exit from the US as being a slap in the face and disaster for everyone, according to a senior official. During the meeting, the Pope had given President Donald Trump a copy of his 2015 encyclical letter that he had signed, asked for protection of the environment from the effects of the climate change that has been backed by scientific evidence that the changes have been caused by humans. #BREAKING Reports of hearing a loud explosion before thick smoke rises above #Vatican City in #Italy.. — Raveen Aujmaya (@raveenaujmaya) June 1, 2017 READ MORE:

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