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Meet the Famous Musicians Exposing Corruption in the Infowar

Meet the Famous Musicians Exposing Corruption in the Infowar

World renowned artists reveal their views on the state of the world
Meet the Famous Musicians Exposing Corruption in the Infowar
Image Credits: Freebird / Flickr
In today’s modern era of manufactured pop stars, few musicians stand out as genuine.
Despite the industry being flooded with negative messages from label-run artists, many musicians, both new or old, have courageously used their influence to enlighten listeners to the system’s malignant takeover.
Infowars has had the pleasure of interviewing such artists over the years, highlighting their own personal battles in the fight for freedom worldwide.
Is your favorite musician awake? Meet the famous musicians exposing corruption in the infowar.
Ted Nugent
Legendary guitarist and devoted NRA supporter Ted Nugent joined Alex in 2013 to discuss firearm phobe Jim Carrey’s anti-Second Amendment music video, which blasts millions of law-abiding gun owners while also desecrating American hero Charlton Heston’s memory.
Immortal Technique
In one of Infowars most popular interviews ever, famed independent rapper and activist Immortal Technique sat down with Alex in 2013 to cover everything from the history of government to the current state of the world.
Billy Corgan
Smashing Pumpkins’ frontman and frequent Infowars guest Billy Corgan joined Alex in 2012 to discuss the impact social media has on the music business, the role of the musician in society, the ever evolving left-right paradigm, the occupy wall street movement, and the noticeable spiritual awakening that threatens the very core of the globalist agenda.
Professor Griff
Public Enemy member Professor Griff sat down for an explosive interview in 2013 to break down Obama’s lies, why hip hop stars are in the White House and some of the world’s deadliest corporations.
Dave Mustaine
Regular visitor and Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine joined the program in 2012 to touch on a wide range of never before explored issues including his early days in Metallica and Megadeth and his views on the world.
Jonathan Davis
Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis unleashed a fountain of truth in 2014 about the state of our society, the paradigm shift, the Obama dictatorship and the Police state.

Dead French Terrorists Linked to Pentagon Dinner Guest Anwar al-Awlaki

Brothers Kouachi announced connection prior to death following the Charlie Hebdo attack
Dead French Terrorists Linked to Pentagon Dinner Guest Anwar al-Awlaki
Image Credits: Muhammad ud-Deen, Wikimedia Commons
Cherif and Said Kouachi, the two alleged terrorist who attacked the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, were linked to Anwar al-Awlaki, the American imam allegedly killed in a drone strike in Yemen in 2011.
“I was sent, me, Cherif Kouachi, by Al Qaeda of Yemen. I went over there and it was Anwar al-Awlaki who financed me,” Kouachi told BFM-TV by telephone prior to an assault by French police, according to Reuters.
A Yemini intelligence told Reuters Kouachi’s brother Said had also met al-Awlaki in Yemen back in 2011.
In 2012 Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, who handled intelligence pertaining to al-Qaeda cells under the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Able Danger, said Anwar al-Awlaki was an FBI asset prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks.
Documents released by the watchdog group Judicial Watch revealed al-Awlaki’s cooperation with the FBI and he was, as Fox News reported in October, likely a U.S. government asset.
In 2010, reported that al-Awlaki dined at the Pentagon a few months after the 9/11 attacks.
“American-born cleric Awlaki’s role as a key figure in almost every recent terror plot targeting the United States and Canada, coupled with his visit to the Pentagon, only confirms our long stated position that Awlaki is a chief terrorist patsy-handler for the CIA – he is the federal government’s premier false flag agent,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote.
The government claims al-Awlaki preached to three of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, the accused Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hasan and the so-called underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.
According to the government, he was promoted to the rank of “regional commander” within al-Qaeda in 2009. He was added the CIA’s list of targets because he was considered an “imminent threat” in 2010.
His association with the accused French terrorists blamed for the Charlie Hebdo massacre brings into doubt the official narrative now emerging.
Do not expect the corporate media, however, to focus on the suspicious relationships of the Kouachi brothers.
Instead, the media will push the official terror narrative calling for additional measures, including robust support for surveillance and military interventions similar to the one reportedly underway in Syria against ISIS, itself a product of the CIA and the U.S. military.

This Is How The Globalists Want You to Live

Take a look at the poor living conditions they have planned for you
This Is How The Globalists Want You to Live
Image Credits: Ray Devlin / Flickr
A super-tiny house appeared on a busy traffic triangle in Brooklyn, N.Y., showcasing the rise of “coffin” residences as U.N. Agenda 21 takes hold across the world.
The extremely narrow house, smaller than many two bedroom apartments, was quickly built on a cement triangle between three busy streets.
“Perfect if you’d like your living room to be roughly double the width of your front door,” Margaret Eby of Brooklyn Magazine wrote.
And it highlights the trend in sub-500 square foot living brought to you by Agenda 21, which disguises poverty as “frugal living.”
Across America, cities are developing Agenda 21 “coffin apartments” with one room serving as the living room, bedroom, bathroom, built-in storage and kitchen.
“Are Austinites ready to start living in 21st century boarding houses?” Joe Lanane asked in the Austin, Texas, Community Impact Newspaper. “That is how at least one Austin developer describes micro units, small residential spaces that are less than 400 square feet.”
Micro apartments in San Francisco, Calif., are as small as 220 square feet, and to put that size into perspective, the interior of an average school bus is larger at nearly 250 square feet.
You may have also seen small “mixed use” condos being built in your city which feature retail stores on the ground floor with several residential floors above.
This is another design trend promoted by Agenda 21; these buildings are meant to keep people from traveling long distances by placing businesses within walking distance, but the stores on the ground floor typically stay vacant or are filled with businesses which seem out of place with the surrounding neighborhood.
That doesn’t matter to the globalists, however; they just want you more dependent on government-managed public transportation to better control you.
Some of the other features of Agenda 21 include but are not limited to:
  • The development of expensive and inefficient public rail systems in cities in order to increase centralized government control while also reducing the use of private transportation
  • Utilities monitored by “Smart Meters” which can be controlled remotely by public utility companies
  • The purposeful lack of easy freeway access in cities so residents remain close to their neighborhoods
  • The accelerated implementation of toll roads, especially toll roads that discourage driving by increasing prices for traveling alone or for driving in “congested” areas
  • The construction of sub-500 “coffin apartments” and tiny houses such as the aforementioned home in Brooklyn
“The [Agenda 21] plan is to restrict your choices, limit your funds, narrow your freedoms and take away your voice,” former city planner and Agenda 21 expert Rosa Koire said, who is the author of Behind The Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21.

‘Smart’ Pacifier Tracks Tots and Takes Temperature, While Bathing them in Radiation

Is it a good idea to shove radiation-emitting devices in our children's mouths?
'Smart' Pacifier Tracks Tots and Takes Temperature, While Bathing them in Radiation
Image Credits: donnieray, Flickr
Like babies, but hate the hassle of having to track their every move? Even worse is misplacing that pesky pacifier. And why’s it always like pulling teeth taking your kid’s temperature?
For years, parents have frustratingly searched for answers to these questions. Luckily, the wait is over.
Blue Maestro, a British health technology company, has dumbed-down parents covered.
Introducing the Pacif-i, a high-tech pacifier that syncs with your smart phone to make caring where your baby is a thing of the past.
“[S]ay your kid is the type to make a break for it,” poses Yahoo! Tech as an example. “Anytime the Pacif-i moves more than 20 feet from your connected device, an alarm will go off.”
The Pacif-i comes fully loaded with technology that sends your phone updates on your baby’s temperature, along with a built-in GPS locater to ensure satellites orbiting the Earth know exactly where your kid is at all times.
Image via
The portable sucking device also “emits a low-energy Bluetooth signal to your phone every two minutes,” reports Yahoo, meaning it’ll automatically douse your baby in microwave radiation every few seconds.
“Officially,” radiation emitted from wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth devices and cell phones, have been dismissed as having little to no adverse effects on human physiology.
However, a whole slew of studies also conversely show radio wave frequencies, the same ones put out by Bluetooth devices, to have a detrimental effect on humans down to the cellular level, even at low doses.
A 2014 study looking at the effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation on sperm quality found that, even in low amounts, “mobile phone exposure was associated with reduced sperm motility and viability.”
Indeed, the health effects of wireless radiation have been known since cell phones began coming into fashion.
The Sunday Mirror in 2001 published an article entitled “The Child Scrambler: What a Mobile Can Do To a Youngster’s Brain in 2 Min,” which detailed the results of a Spanish study researching mobile phone effects on the minds of children.
“Scientists have discovered that a call lasting just two minutes can alter the natural electrical activity of a child’s brain for up to an hour afterwards,” reported the Mirror.
One government doctor called the study’s results “extremely disturbing.”
“It makes one wonder whether children, whose brains are still developing, should be using mobile phones,” British physicist Dr. Gerald Hyland told The Mirror.
“The results show that children’s brains are affected for long periods even after very short-term use.”
“Their brain wave patterns are abnormal and stay like that for a long period.”
“This could affect their mood and ability to learn in the classroom if they have been using a phone during break time, for instance.”
“We don’t know all the answers yet, but the alteration in brain waves could lead to things like a lack of concentration, memory loss, inability to learn and aggressive behaviour.”
In 2013, researchers with BioInitiative 2012 brought the issue before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), along with a preponderance of evidence, proposing “Changes to the Commission’s Rules Regarding Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields.”
Their petition was accompanied by a detailed chart showing a long list of studies demonstrating the “Reported Biological Effects from Radiofrequency Radiation at Low-Intensity Exposure.”
The following video also illustrates how Bluetooth wi-fi headsets emit dangerous radio frequency levels even when they’re not in use.
While the new temperature monitoring device is being hailed as a technological milestone, it’s likely a good idea to do some homework on the adverse effects associated with wireless radiation before you put that “smart” pacifier in your kid’s mouth.
Watch Alex Jones’ interview with the founder of Environmental Health Trust Dr. Devra Davis about the harmful side effects of cell phone radiation and what needs to change in the way we use them.

The Drawings That Could Get You Killed

The Drawings That Could Get You Killed
“If you offered to let me off this time on condition I am not any longer to speak my mind… I should say to you, ‘Men of Athens, I shall obey the Gods rather than you.’”
Free speech and satire are the bedrock principles upon which a free society is built. Even in the times of kings, the court jesters were often a veiled expression of popular dissent and a check on the royal echo chamber. And although the Magna Carta did not specifically guarantee free speech, it began the modern tradition of civil liberties that paved the way for the Bill of Rights more than 400 years later.
Here in the 21st century this pillar of western society is under intense attack. On one side from the self proclaimed jihadists who are suicidally sworn to protect from any “profane” images of Mohammed and on the other side from the multicultural apologists who would have the world bend to their will in the name of “tolerance.”
In recent history this campaign started with the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy. The Danish Newspaper Jyllands-Posten posted 12 editorial cartoons featuring the image of the Islamic prophet Mohammed. The newspaper Published these images in an attempt to contribute to the debate about criticism of Islam and self-censorship. Muslim groups in Denmark were furious, and violent protests, demonstrations and riots erupted in Muslim countries. Some escalated into savage violence that resulted in more than 200 deaths, attacks on Danish and other European diplomatic missions, Christians, churches, and a major international boycott. Critics of the drawings often described them as racist, Islamaphobist and blasphemous to Muslims. Many boycotted the Danes and called for laws to censor images deemed by them to be insulting.
Numerous violent plots related to the cartoons have been discovered in the years since the publishing. These plans have primarily targeted editor Flemming Rose and the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. Westergaard has been the subject of several violent attacks and is now under 24/7 police protection. In 2010, police foiled a 29-year-old radical’s plan to assassinate Westergaard in his home. The 28 year old Somalian stormed maniacally into his house brandishing an axe screaming, “We will get our revenge!”  In response to the attack Westerfaard said, “It is not right that you are threatened in your own country just for doing your job. That’s an absurdity that I have actually benefited from, because it grants me a certain defiance and stubbornness. I won’t stand for it. And that really reduces the fear a great deal.”
In 2010, three jihadists based out of Norway were arrested for planning a terror attack against the paper and the United States, two Muslim men were convicted of planning an assault against the paper and were sentenced in 2013.
In November of 2004, Theodoor van Gogh, a direct relative of the famous painter who was murdered in cold blood by another indignant Islamist, was attacked and murdered in broad daylight by a Dutch-Moroccan Muslim. Theo, a critically acclaimed writer and filmmaker that had produced a thoughtful short film entitled Submission that criticized the treatment of women in Islam, was shot repeatedly and almost beheaded before finally being stabbed in the chest. A note that detailed the Muslim’s hysterical theological grievances was found pinned to Theo’s body.
The killer, Mohammed Bouyeri, was shot by dutch police during a chase which ended in his apprehension. He was found to have ties with the Dutch Islamist terror network named Hofstad. The murder sparked a violent storm of outrage and grief throughout the Netherlands. Flowers, notes, drawings and other expressions of mourning were left at the scene of the murder. And yet the Dutch Minister of Justice, Christian Donner, called for the strict Dutch blasphemy laws to be enforced harder.
In July  of 2001, the television cartoon South Park aired an episode called Super Best Friends. In it the founders of the world’s great religions including Mohammed team up for super-hero action. Mohammed (seen here) is depicted repeatedly throughout the show. This enraged Muslims worldwide and in response to the ensuing controversy it has been censored and has never aired again. For such a controversial show that is always crossing boundaries and reveling in its irreverent portrayals of popular people this was an unprecedented move and proves that this global stigma is a very powerful force.
In 1997, an Israeli woman named Tatiana Soskin drew a caricature of Mohammed as a pig authoring the Koran and tried to display it in public in the city of Hebron. She was arrested, tried and sentenced to jail. None other that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to the Mayor of Hebron, declaring that Tatiana’s drawing “contradicts the respect and admiration the Jewish religion has for the Islamic religion and its founder.”
In 2002, the French publication Charlie Hebdo ran this panel by cartoonist Cabu. The sign translates as “Election of Miss Sack-of-Potatoes, organized by Mohammed, “who says “I choose the Beauty of Fontenay!” while drinking and smoking.
His words contain a French pun: “Belle-de-Fontenay,” a well-known type of French potato, originally from the Parisian suburb of Fontenay-sous-Bois which later saw unrest from Muslim immigrants during the riots of 2005.
Yesterday the same french satire magazine Charlie Hebdo ( with the irreverently snarky tagline of “irresponsible Journalism” )  posted this cartoon in their twitter feed.
It shows the leader of Isis saying, “..and especially health,” as a good wish for 2015. Within a few hours masked gunmen stormed the building with military precision and executed 12 people including the editor and the cartoonist. While it is still not clear if this is an act by an enraged Muslim faction or a different group taking advantage of the absurd commandments to murder those who depict Muhammad, one thing is clear: Those who would seek to stifle free speech with cold blooded murder, whether for religious or political gain, are the sworn enemies of freedom and greater humankind. It is abhorrent that these acts continue to be perpetrated in the West, and we should punish these crimes with the harshest severity. The clash of cultures has long been harnessed to divide and conquer, but we must not allow the very basic foundations of our freedom to be assaulted in this manner. We must take all measures to ensure that every voice of dissent can be clearly heard or we will hurl humanity back into the dark ages where evil will rule and the slavery of the human race will begin in the mind and conquer the world.

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