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Saturday, March 23, 2013
I call upon the scientific community in our country, those who gave us nuclear weapons, to turn their great talents
now to the cause of mankind and world peace, to give us the means of rendering these nuclear weapons
impotent and obsolete. Tonight... I’m taking an important first step. I am directing a comprehensive and intensive
effort to define a long-term research and development program to begin to achieve our ultimate goal of
eliminating the threat posed by strategic nuclear missiles. This could pave the way for arms control measures
to eliminate the weapons themselves. We seek neither military superiority nor political advantage. Our only
purpose – one all people share – is to search for ways to reduce the danger of nuclear war. My fellow Americans,
tonight we’re launching an effort which holds the promise of changing the course of human history.
– Ronald Reagan, March 23, 1983

President Ronald Reagan’s March 23, 1983,
national television address shook the world. At
the height of the Cold War, the President of the
United States backed Lyndon LaRouche’s designs for a
joint science-driver program between the United States
and the Soviet Union, intended to forever remove the
specter of thermonuclear war. Mutually assured destruction
would have been overturned, replaced with an
international framework of mutually assured survival,
centered around revolutionary scientific and technological
progress. The development of laser and beam technologies,
based upon what Dr. Edward Teller and others
called “new physical principles,” would eliminate the
threat of thermonuclear strikes, and, under LaRouche’s
design, become the basis for a new industrial revolution
and a period of global economic development which
would finally lift populations of the world out of the continuing
legacy of a global oligarchical system.
The SDI gained the support of political, scientific, and military
officials at the highest levels in the United States, the
Soviet Union, Germany, France, Argentina, and other nations.
Dr. Teller backed the program, as in his October 27,
1982, National Press Club address, where he spoke of the
SDI as the “the pursuit of the common aims of mankind.”
As has been confirmed in recently declassified documents,
Reagan was, personally,
fully committed to working
honestly with the Soviet Union if they accepted the
offer. In August of that year, the SDI was the subject of a
major international scientific conference in Erice, Italy, The
Technical Basis for Peace, drawing top-level international
scientific participation from the United States, the Soviet
Union, and other nations. By 1985, LaRouche had presented
the prospect for the integration of the SDI with a 40-
year Mars colonization program, culminating in his 1988
national television broadcast, The Woman On Mars.
Against this building global momentum, the sabotage
of the SDI by British-allied interests in the
United States and Russia sent the world, instead, into
a decades-long process of attritional collapse.
Mr. LaRouche had famously forecast in 1985, that if
the SDI was not implemented, the Soviet Union would
collapse within about five years. When the fall of the
Soviet Union started, Helga Zepp-LaRouche warned:
If one would make the mistake of imposing on the
bankrupt Communist system, the equally bankrupt
free-market system, then one could postpone the
collapse by means of primitive accumulation for a couple of years, but eventually it would come to a collapse which would be much worse than even the disintegration of the Communist system.
Today, thirty years after Reagan offered the SDI to future history, the realization of these forecasts demands the immediate revival and expansion of the principle of the SDI, now more than ever.
The failure to heed the public warnings of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche has lawfully brought about the past decades of economic, political, and cultural degeneration. The international financial system entered a terminal collapse in 2007, and the ensuing bailout scheme has proven itself to be a dangerous failure, as LaRouche warned. New crises continue to emerge, exposing the bankruptcy of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system: the most recent scandals at Deutsche Bank, Monti dei Paschi Bank, and Barclays Bank; the LIBOR rate-rigging; the sovereign debt crises across Europe; and other surprises yet to emerge. Recognition of the hopeless nature of austerity and bailout policies grows by the day, and the reality of hyperinflation is fueling a building demand for a fundamental restructuring of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system centered on reviving Glass-Steagall.
In response, Barack Obama has fully backed the British imperial policy typified by the role of Tony Blair. The unconstitutional war in Libya continued a military drive that currently threatens the sovereign nations of Syria and Iran, and is part of a broader strategic targeting of Russia and China. The advanced placement of the
U.S. / NATO anti-ballistic missile systems approaching Russia’s borders in Eastern Europe, and the so-called “Pacific pivot” approaching China’s borders in the East, has forced both Russia and China to publicly announce and initiate strategic responses to counter a growing threat.
Within this interconnected process of economic crisis and expanding warfare, civilization is again threatened. Even a relatively small trigger could cascade into thermonuclear extinction. The need for a revival, and expansion, of the fundamental principle of the SDI is now clearer than ever.
The Schiller Institute has initiated a series of major international conferences focused on the fact that the depths of the current crisis can only be addressed by a completely new paradigm. On November 24–25th, 2012, in Frankfurt, Germany, and on January 26th, 2013, in New York City, political, scientific, and cultural leaders from around the world came together to elaborate the fundamental changes required to save civilization at this moment. The proceedings are available at:
On March 23rd, in the Washington, D.C. area, the intervention continues, focusing on the need to rebuild and expand the principle of the SDI. This echoes the 2011 proposal of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, for joint U.S.-Russian cooperation on both missile defense systems, as well as defending the entire planet from threats coming from our Solar System,
calling his proposal the Strategic Defense of Earth. The protection of Earth from the more immediate threats of asteroid impacts, and the even greater challenge posed by comets, must be the basis of a new strategic framework of international cooperation in the scientific revolutions required to tackle this challenge. To defend Earth, Mars becomes the key outpost in the Solar System for the protection and advancement of mankind.
The February 15th, 2013 extremely close flyby of asteroid 2012 DA14 between the Earth and our geosynchronous satellites is a warning to the inhabitants of this planet: get out there, expand, progress, and do it now!
Mankind, living together on one small planet, is inherently united in a common mission. The survival of civilization depends upon reaching into the inner
solar system, managing it as our untended garden. The cultural and scientific progress of all nations is the only way to ensure the defense of all mankind, present and future, and every generation has the undeniable right to participate in that process, creating conditions for the next generation to follow. Uniting nations in addressing “the common aims of mankind” can set mankind on its proper path.
The decision for which direction to take is being made right now!
Washington, D.C. Area • March 23, 2013
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