Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mosquito Drone with RFID/DNA technology

Surveillance of Entire Population

Mosquito Drone with RFID/DNA technology

[Ed Note: Once again the excellent post of James Phillips has clarified the "Elephant in the Room" in that the "Gun Control" facade is a false flag and the underlying surveillance of the entire population covertly by psychiatric/rehab programs to act as Confidential Informants [CI] and program Office of Information Awareness and NSA Bluffdale is the central issue.

The Executive Orders that were executed quickly last week 23 of them were all about full disclosure of medical/psychiatric/drug records to permanent dossiers in the NSA database, gleaned from "helping" counselors who tracked and documented every word, and were well compensated through medical insurance for their trouble.

Red Listing the networked group on FACEBOOK and social sites fell as consequence.

The "Gun Control" issue WAS NOT EVEN MENTIONED IN THE 23 EXECUTIVE ORDERS. Arden Gifford, MD]

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