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Financial preparedness webcast event announced by Health Ranger, Robert Scott Bell

Financial preparedness webcast event announced by Health Ranger, Robert Scott Bell
Tuesday, March 01, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) NaturalNews editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is collaborating with radio host Robert Scott Bell to host a live webcast event on Sunday, March 20, to bring NaturalNews readers a collection of economic preparedness strategies. "The global economic storm is approaching," explained Adams. "And many people do not know the simple but extremely important strategies for preparing for it and protecting yourself from it. Our webcast event aims to teach people how to financially and economically prepare for the storm that's fast approaching."

The webcast is a 3-hour audio event with a live chat room and downloadable "action notes." Mike Adams and Robert Scott Bell will present a thoroughly researched and well-documented action plan for "economic preparedness" designed to help insulate people from the coming economic storm.

Many people are unaware of some of the simple things they can do right now to protect themselves. For example, nearly all Americans currently hold their checking and savings accounts in U.S. dollars. The thought of holding their savings in non-U.S. currencies has never occurred to most people. During the webcast, Mike Adams will reveal a simple way to hold assets in non-U.S. currencies using an FDIC-insured bank located right in the United States! There's nothing illegal or illicit about it. It's just a perfectly legal banking option that virtually no one knows about.

Beyond that, there is the question of whether banks are a safe place to hold money at all. That, too, will be discussed in detail, along with diversification strategies to help keep you financially safe even if the entire fractional reserve global banking system goes under.

The event is called Be Prepared, Not Scared! - Series 1 - Economic Survival.

For full details on what's covered in the webcast event, visit:

What's ahead in 2011, 2012 and beyond
This "Be Prepared, Not Scared!" event was organized by Adams and Bell based on the widespread recognition that the current economic climate of the world is simply unsustainable. With riots and revolutions taking place throughout the Middle East, and even U.S. workers nearly revolting against the state in places like Madison, Wisconsin, Adams and Bell realized time was growing short for people to prepare for things like:

• Widespread job, salary and entitlement cuts
• A possible collapse (rapid value deflation) of the U.S. dollar
• An increase in financial desperation among the public
• Skyrocketing prices of gold and silver
• The possibility of government price controls on food
• The coming financial collapse of cities, states and nations

Most people are simply not yet prepared to protect themselves from these events which now seem increasingly realistic with each passing day.

"A typical American who follows the advice of President Obama or any mainstream media source will likely find themselves penniless in a dollar collapse scenario," explained Mike Adams. "Most people have bet their lives on the dollar or whatever their local currency happens to be. Very few people have taken the simple but necessary steps to insulate themselves from the financial storm and outbreaks of street violence that will undoubtedly occur in an economic collapse scenario," Adams explained. He points to Egypt, Libya, Iran and China as other examples of the rising storm of public discontent due, in large part, to failed economic policies and the [Rothschild] global debt Ponzi scheme.

But the event is not focused on fear -- it's focused on solutions. That's why it's called "Be Prepared, Not Scared!" It isn't about creating fear in people but rather about creating confidence in the ability to face the unknown future with a sense of security. "This is about looking ahead at what might happen in our world and taking prudent steps right now to be better prepared for economic turmoil," explained Robert Scott Bell.

Learn more on the event announcement page at:

Some of the financial preparedness strategies that will be unveiled during the live event include:

• What's likely to happen in the first 7 days following a global banking collapse.
• The inevitable collapse of Medicare and Social Security.
• What items you can acquire right now that are "more valuable than gold".
• How to survive and even thrive in a barter economy.
• Which skills will keep you employed in a deep economic depression.
• Why government price controls will lead to widespread food shortages.
• Ten things you should stop purchasing right now, and ten other things you should start buying instead.

The live webcast event promises to deliver considerably more information, too, in a practical, action-oriented format that's easy for people to follow.

Preparedness is smart to follow and easy to learn
While neither Adams nor Bell are licensed financial advisors, they are veterans of the preparedness movement ("preppers"), and they both have studied and practiced the principles of intelligent preparedness for more than fifteen years. The event does not offer personal financial or investment advice. Rather, it provides a set of uncensored, well-researched and non-traditional strategies for economic survival when the economic storm strikes.

Strategies of financial preparedness are rarely discussed in the mainstream media or even in regular social circles because nobody wants to admit the current system of runaway global debt is now approaching a catastrophic collapse.

"Many people are talking about the likelihood of a significant economic meltdown. But no one is talking realistically about what that meltdown might entail. I think that is partly because it is too scary to contemplate, partly because no one wants it to happen. I believe we will see an economic reset on a global scale. The current levels of insolvency among Westernized nations are unsustainable. We will see a reset that dissolves the rules currently governing international economics and forces a complete economic and social restructuring on the planet." - Damon Vickers, author, The Day After the Dollar Crashes.

"America is on the brink of financial collapse. Decades of political overpromising and underfunding have created a wave of debt that could swamp our already feeble economy." - Tom Woods, author, Rollback: Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Fiscal Collapse.

Attendance is strictly limited for this upcoming event because it is steamed live, in real time. It all begins Sunday, March 20 at 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific. International listeners are welcome to join, although most of the information and resources delivered in the event will cater to North Americans.

The event includes the ability to listen to the audio archive after the live broadcast so that you can hear it again or play the event for a friend or family member who also needs to learn about economic preparedness.

Learn more at this page:

In the mean time, be safe! Invest widely. And don't put all your eggs in one basket... especially if that basket is the U.S. dollar.--END

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