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Fatima Prophecy; Planet X; Swine flu update

May 31 09: Fatima Prophecy; Planet X; Swine flu update

Hi - Michael Knight Here...with the usual "bad news - good news."..briefly. Comes with a bit of sardonic comment but
future essays and personal articles will be posted on my web site. These newsletters are simply to keep you up to date on such things as swine flu, geological events, space weather (in case you're travelling) and things related to preparing for the future - whether it's uncertain or not - because without a plan, we're like dust in the wind.
Expect 60% To Get Swine Flu

What's under-reported about Swine Flu is that you can't get it from eating pork.

That hasn't stopped Egypt from deciding to slaughter all pigs in the country -pigs being farmed mainly by minority "Christian" believers.

Nor has it stopped Egypt from reporting its 78th case of Avian (not Swine..this one is Bird) Flu. Twenty nine of those have died - but the latest victim, a four year oild girl, is said to be in stable condition.

But back to the piggies.

The World Health Organization is mulling over changes to its "Phase 6" categorization of Swine Flu - which, if and when it is declared, will mean we are in pandemic mode. (We're currently in Phase 5, one short of pandemic).

The changes will somehow indicate how severe the pandemic is, so we might see Phase 6 Severity Level One...Two...Three...and so on; or some bright spark might number it in reverse so 10 is mild and one is severe.

Dr Keiji Fukuda, the Assistant Director-General for Health Security and Environment at WHO, says "Globally, we believe that we are at Phase 5 but are getting closer to Phase 6." (Press Conference Transcript).

June 03 09 Figures:: "As of 06:00 GMT, 3 June 2009, 66 countries have officially reported 19,273 cases of influenza A(H1N1) infection, including 117 deaths."

And this just in from New Zealand

The New Zealand Herald reports that "New Zealanders are being told to prepare for an 'almost inevitable' outbreak of swine flu' with as many as 60 per cent of the population getting sick.

"Everyone is being urged to stock up on food and essential medicines to prepare for the disruption of normal life when swine flu hits New Zealand hard.

Dr Julia Peters, clinical director of the Auckland Regional Public Health Service says " because it's more infectious than seasonal influenza it's going to spread, and .... Even if it's relatively mild, people will be too sick to go to work or school."

Dr Peters said that based on modelling by the World Health Organisation, it was predicted that 60 per cent of people would become infected with the new virus, A (H1N1).

Stand by for school closures and understaffed health clinics, banks and supermarkets when people are off sick...and for the government to follow Mexico's example and close schools, restaurants and other facilities, and to prevent public gatherings like weddings, funerals and movie sessions.

Sidebar: Call me a Space Cadet....but doesn't that begin to sound like 'martial law' under another name? What a great reason...publicly acceptable reason...for dusting off the martial law plan.

Who is going to revolt and get any widespread sympathy or support if 'martial law' has been invoked to 'save people's lives?' And why not try it in New Zealand to iron out the glitches before it comes north? Martial Law that is...along with evolved swine flu.

Nah...I must be watching too much science fiction....

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