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Paulson's swindle, and Bush's military plans within US

LaRouche's internationally webcast speech from Wednesday Oct. 1 included two particularly crucial aspects - that without defeating the Paulson swindle the fate of the nation and the world will be severely threatened, and that the Bush Administration plan to prepare troops to suppress the Congress and the population if they oppose the planned banking dictatorship of the Paulson plan must be exposed and stopped, or the nation will break down in a French Revolution-style anarchy. The following two leaflets, taken from the webcast, are being mass distributed in Washington at this moment.
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LaRouche: There Is {No} Excuse To Support the Bailout Bill!

Oct. 3 (LPAC)--Speaking an international webcast on Oct. 1,
American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche delivered an
emphatic message to Washington, the nation, and the world:
``There is {no moral excuse} for supporting the bailout bill!''
``If you go with a bailout, you're going to destroy the
United States in short order, through hyperinflation. The bailout
is intrinsically hyperinflationary! The only reason that anybody,
in their right mind, would even think of supporting this bill, is
because {they're scared}. And we need a Gideon's Army, to pull
through the reform. And, some of you Biblical scholars, you know
what I'm talking about.
``You have to take all the people who are cowards, who will
not step up to the plate, as they say, on this issue, and say,
`Okay: Dear Coward, we're taking over. We're leading.'
``Now, the danger here, of course, is that, you're going to
have a French Revolution problem, as I said, inside the United
States. You now have--and some of these idiots, and even my
friendly friends out there, who say, `Please! Please, be
cautious! Let this bill go through, so they won't shoot us!'
That's what they're saying! They're saying, that behind the Bush
Administration, there are people who would actually use U.S.
troops to shoot down people who want to oppose this bill! That's
there, right now! {That is reality!} And that's what some of
these questions are reflecting.
``There are people in high places, including some very
high-ranking people, in terms of their background, who {agree
totally} with what I say about this stuff! But they won't fight!
Because they say, `We'll be shot! We don't want to go into a
death camp.' Well, if we go into a death camp because we do this,
{the world will never forgive those who do it! And the world will
never forgive those who capitulate to this!}
``Anybody who's smart, is not going to take on the American
people in that fashion. You're not going to shove a dictatorship
down the throat of the American people! They'll kill you....
``The reason you're getting such peculiar behavior in the
House of Representatives, is because the people out there, who
are {behind} the people who voted against this bill--those people
out there are ready to kill! Not because they're killers, but
because they see the destruction of everything that life means to
them, is threatening them! They've seen a lot of it: Step by
step, they've put up with it, they've accepted it, they've
crawled for it! They say, `We have to get along! We have to get
along!' The time has come when they know that {everything} is
being taken away from them, and that was too much!
``You're going to find the {rage} against the White House,
and against the Senate, in particular, is going to escalate in
ways, during the coming days, of this week and next week--in ways
beyond anything most of you believe! I can see it right there:
It's there. It's coming.
``The mood in the American people, having gone through fake
wars--they've had their children sent out into fake wars, like
Iraq--{it was fake war!} There was no need to go there. No need
to get into that war. Then they got into it, and they made a mess
of it, even what they started. No need.
``Look at the suffering of people, who went into service,
come back from that war, not only with death, but injuries--but
they can't get help! They're condemned to horrible conditions!
And in every neighborhood in the United States, there's someone
in that category: It radiates.
``Don't you see, the hatred you're building up against
Washington, in the people of the United States? And {this bill,
is one bill too many!}
``You're headed for something like a French Revolution, and
you're going to bring it on your own heads, if you're dumb enough
{not} to fight this bill, and not to oppose it! There is {no
excuse} for supporting this bill! {None!} There is {no moral
excuse} for supporting this bill.''

For immediate release:

Will the Bush Administration Use the Military To Enforce the

Oct. 3 (LPAC)--During the course of his Oct. 1 international
webcast, American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche warned
that there is a clear indication that ``a desperate Bush
Administration, and what it's tied to internationally, might try
to make a military suppression of resistance to their policy.''
``They might try to use military force, to force through the kind
of legislation, the bailout, which is being attempted now,''
LaRouche said.
There is a ``French Revolutionary'' mood building among the
American people against the destruction of their nation through
Bush Administration policy, and the bailout of Wall Street
speculators in particular, LaRouche said. The people hate this
``And there's an instinct in this administration, to use
military force against the people of the United States to
suppress the opposition to this bill.
``This is reality, right now! Not something `coming down':
That is already the reality.
``If this bill were to be pushed through, with or without
the aid of military force against the American people by American
troops--which are now being stationed for this kind of
operation--the United States will disappear, in very short order.
And civilization would crash, globally.''
Later, LaRouche was even more blunt: ``{If American troops,
ordered by the President, turn on the American people to suppress
the opposition to this bill, the United States will cease to
exist! This is worse than treason!} Any such action, from any
part of government, is worse than treason! And anyone who accepts
such an order, is a traitor to the United States.''
A Sept. 30 report in the U.S. Army publication {Stars &
Stripes} underscored LaRouche's warning. The paper reported that
the 3rd Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team is being
given a dedicated assignment to NorthCom inside the United
States, beginning Oct. 1. The Team will be under the
day-to-day-control of U.S. Army North for 12 months, as an
on-call Federal response force for natural or man-made
emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks.
``They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and
crowd control,'' {Stars & Stripes} reported.
LaRouche had already denounced the creation of NorthCom back
in 2002, declaring that it was a ``preparation to create a
Caesarian military dictatorship'' over North America.

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