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Bail out is NOT allowable according to Supreme Law

Sent: Sunday, October 05, 2008 12:35 PM
Subject: Bail out is NOT allowable according to Supreme Law

> This Bail Out, is ILLEGAL.
> Date: 10-04-2008,
> Immediate Action is requested...
> Now that we have, "once again", been betrayed again by those who are in
> power; it is time to STOP the continual organized criminal actions of our
> elected and appointed officials.
> This includes local sheriffs, police chiefs, governors, county attorneys,
> judges, city and town hall officials, state and federal representatives
> and senators, "and especially those who voted for this bail out", which
> is NOT according to the constitution that is their ONLY source of legal
> duties. Any (contrary to the Constitution) other bill, law, duty,
> mandate, etc.... is in "Contempt of Constitution" and is NOT a law, or a
> bill, or a duty, mandate etc... for it is nothing but propaganda, illegal
> laws; enforced under color of laws..... Those who order us to obey these
> illegal illusions of law; betray their oaths of office, you, myself, our
> families and all Americans.
> We the people; (All of those who care for freedoms and justice) are tired
> of so called "Changes, promised by politicians"!
> For these changes are illegal! They are not good, but an illusion of
> good, and have lead us to this point in our nation's life, as a corrupted
> New World Order, and the destruction of this once great Republic, under
> God, with liberty and justice for ALL.
> Anyone who enforces these illegal laws, mandates, rules, regulations,
> etc.... are as bad as those who have made them; and must be immediately
> replaced with Constitutional governed people.
> I pray for God almighty to intervene in our behalf and give us the
> strength, and clear minds that will enable us to stop these evil and very
> dangerous secrete societies, and combinations of evil.
> I encourage us all, to arrange immediate meetings with our mayors,
> sheriffs and other county law officials, and law enforcement agencies; to
> see what their intentions are.
> Will they stop Marshal law?
> Or, will they enforce it?
> Will they allow unconstitutional laws to rule over us?
> Will they be apart of those illegal law enforcement actions being in
> violation of our rights, liberties and freedoms; when the marshal law
> soldiers march into our cities?
> Or
> Will they stand bravely in front of those whom they have sworn to protect
> and to serve? Thus working with our committees of public safety, our
> sheriff posses and militias, to protect and to serve the people in the
> county!
> For God does not walk in crooked paths, but it is the work of man, who is
> doing the work of that evil one, Lucifer; that lays siege to our lives,
> our liberties and our freedoms.
> David J. D'Addabbo
> Please read the following information by others, on this important stand
> for justice......
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> Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 13:07:06 -0700 (MST)
> Subject: Re: 700 Billion Dollar theft package passed... time for a recall
> From: "Walter Burien">
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> Mark:
> They had it planed months ago. The "show" was not a decision making
> process, but a step needed to appease the public before they did what they
> were
> planning to do.
> Recall is not the effective tool to delve out consequences, jail time is.
> So far we have all been entertained with the show, as hundreds of billions
> were pocketed. The outcome was already determined and it would not have
> mattered if 100% of the public said no, the syndicate has control and they
> will do as they please.
> Recall is not the answer. What would work is an "emergency" ballot
> initiative on the "national level" that if passed by a two-thirds majority
> of the
> people (paper vote only), clearly stated; "All that voted yes shall be
> arrested and immediately sentenced to three years jail time."
> Additionally,
> any attorney, prosecutor, law enforcement official, or judge that attempts
> delays, or initiates any invalidating effort contrary to the vote and
> will of the people established by consent of this initiative, shall be
> immediately arrested and sentenced to five years imprisonment with no
> eligibility for parole..
> Now that's got a bite to it!
> Even if it does not pass, (but under the current environment it probably
> would) real consequences are shown at play..
> Don't vote them out, or recall them out, for those intentional or
> unintentional criminals ripe with hundred dollar bills stuffed in their
> back,
> front, and side pockets, forfeit their pensions and throw them in jail. I
> bet you any money that this type of ballot vote would have a very big turn
> out and people who have not voted for years wouldn't miss it for
> anything.. Those that can, muster a central command and circulate that
> petition for
> signatures of emergency national ballot and see how quickly the required
> signatures are mustered to effect the ballot for vote.. Now you will see
> the sweat and not the smiles of plunder coming from those criminals
> involved.
> Last note: Just think, after the house is cleaned, those politicians with
> the recent no vote that were in unionism with the public will Rule! Two
> bangs for the buck!
> Walter
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> Hey folks,
> This is just a follow up on the previous message. I want all of our
> present US Senators and Congresspersons recalled and indicted for several
> criminal actions. I hope you support this concept, because it is your
> family's health and money that are continually being stolen as you are
> lied
> to. The average constituent doesn't even vaguely have a clue what has
> been done to them over the last decade.
> Constituents across the country are against this "bailout" (economic
> terrorism) in every district by margins from 30 to 1 against it......all
> the
> way to 200 to 1 against it. Republicans and Democrats are again playing
> the public with good cop / bad cop and fear mongering. Hundreds of major
> economists from Harvard, MIT, etc. across the country have come out
> against it. Still our "representatives" (mostly "criminal" attorneys)
> pretend to
> know better than 80% of their constituents or economic experts.
> In regard to the theft presently going on today in the US Congress,
> realize that the market went up after the original Bill was defeated in
> the
> House. The media perception given to you was that the market rose because
> the US Senate was reviving the Bill. That was a blatant lie; the market
> closed up before it was ever announced. A few media outlets even stated
> the truth and made that point. Our government just used the rest of the
> corporate media to keep the perception of fear mongering so they didn't
> look like the liars they really are.
> A new 700 billion dollar theft package was then tacked on to a Mental
> Health Bill (HR 1424) already approved by the House, and sent to the US
> Senate
> like an after-thought. As such, our Constitution was once again violated.
> Article 1, Section 7 states all "revenue bills" must originate in the
> House. A charge to the deficit is "revenue", not fiscal policy.... check
> the US national balance sheet. Our Congress is playing word games once
> again to break the law they so usually disrespect.
> Because they tacked the actual "revenue" portion of the Bill on after
> House passage.... they once again knowingly violated the Constitution.
> That's
> why it is presently back in the House of Representatives. I took this up
> with the Senatorial offices of both Bond and McCaskill, and that of
> representative Russ Carnahan.
> All offices first lied, then admitted it when questioned as to specifics.
> Are these really the people you want in charge of your family's
> health, retirements, and opportunities for your children?.....
> "representatives" that purposely lie and violate the Constitution to
> mislead the
> public so they can rob you again?
> Understand our Congress didn't violate our Constitutional procedure to
> prevent financial bedlam - they violated it and rushed the Bill through
> so
> that the "claimed" effects of the Bill weren't proved to be false by time.
> The Bill has just passed the House as I type this. The market will go
> up, at least for a while, because they just devalued the dollar further.
> If the Fed Reserve drops the discount rate again, the market will go up
> even more. The bad news is, a can of soup will be $2.50, a loaf of bread
> $3.50, and a co-pay to the doctor will be an extra ten dollars next
> year. Bigger numbers on retirement statements.... less wealth in reality.
> Tired of the lies and deception? Then join me and do something about it.
> You can choose to remain silent and do nothing. That's the public
> attitude that got this country into the mess were in. I implore all of
> you to replace your incumbent US representatives (both Democrats and
> Republicans) this election with third party candidates. I will see about
> legally recalling both US Senators Bond and McCaskill and replacing
> them through a "special election", as neither are up for reelection next
> month. Both were already guilty of fraud and domestic terrorism before
> this
> newest finacial extortion ever even became an issue. Both should be
> removed and jailed, and I will be more than happy to lead the public to
> put
> them there.... exposing and removing all the crooked law enforcement
> officials, prosecutors and judges along the way. Both Senators are free to
> sue
> me civilly if I'm lying, after all they are both very rich lawyers and two
> of te most
> powerful people in world. I'm not making any false statements and they
> both know they won't.
> Please contact me by email, if you are willing to
> participate and help accomplish this recall in any way. Please forward
> this
> email to anyone and everyone you know. If you're scared to... I
> understand. These politicians and people in our government bureaucracy
> are the
> "dangerous" terrorists. I know this too well.
> It is past time to remove these blatant criminals and take back our family
> values, health, economy and Constitutional principals back from these
> criminal attorneys and corporate executives. My parents left me the
> greatest country on earth....... I'm ashamed of the country I'm leaving my
> children. What about you? It's time to grow up and stand
> up........Freedom isn't "free".
> Mark Serati
> ----------------
> Well Public,
> This week will most likely be one that will live in the infamy of American
> stupidity. The Brasscheck videos below are a collection to show you just
> how stupid you are....that is if you believe a word of what our
> racketeering politicians and media are feeding you. It's criminal
> racketeering
> folks, plain and simple. Today the brokerage firms are giving the
> politicians a "reason" to change votes for a "bailout" (slush fund) by
> driving
> down the markets. LET THEM FAIL; and PUT THE EXECs IN JAIL! TAKE THEIR
> If you're looking for some one local to blame, it's all of them. The Fed
> Reserve (Poole), the DOJ (Catherine Hanaway), the politicians (ALL), the
> police (Mokwa, now Pollihan, Lee), all the attorneys and judges, the banks
> execs, etc. You're about to let a large group of individuals steal your
> children's future by doubling the national debt to hide previous fraud and
> create a slush fund for criminals.
> We have a bunch of politicians sitting around a room acting like enemies
> with the common purpose of "AGAIN" robbing the working public. Why not?
> They have bragged and proven the American people are lazy, gullible,
> cowardly idiots. Then our politicians stand in front of TV cameras and
> tell
> you (the American public) how proud and brave you are. We have no
> "journalists" left in this country. We now have corporate "teleprompt"
> readers
> who don't feel obligated to tell the truth. It's insulting. Call our
> politicians and let them know how you really feel..... or don't, and admit
> to
> yourself they were correct "off camera" (that you're a stupid coward). I
> call an office or two every day now.
> Senator Kit Bond ............................ 314-725-4484
> Senator Claire McCaskill................. 314-367-1364
> Congressman Russ Carnahan....... 314-962-1523
> These are the same politicians and media that have told you by silence
> that:
> - the North American Air Defense (NORAD) doesn't automatically show up for
> terrorist attacks
> - Commercial planes can fly through skyscrapers and come out the other
> side... nose undented, and melt in less than two seconds without being
> digitized video.
> - Steel skyscrapers "perfectly" implode on their own.
> - We've killed a million innocent Iraqis and Afghans to "liberate" them
> - The US government doesn't care if multi-million dollar contracts are
> paid and not fulfilled, and billions go missing and stolen........ who
> cares,
> right?
> - The US government is invading your privacy and profiling you to protect
> you
> - Your children are profiled (through "No Child LB") to make them smarter
> - The US government doesn't have to answer questions or subpoenas
> - It's not criminal that elections are frauded, even when the guilty are
> caught
> - It's not the government's job to stop criminal racketeering, it's the
> government's job to participate in fraud, and legally and criminally
> protect
> the criminals (including themselves) from the victims.
> - The billions being spent on domestic security is for your protection
> from terrorists (where?) - not the protection of the elite from you when
> you
> wake up and figure out what they've done for the last seven years.....uh
> huh......
> Another thing they didn't tell you is that the 9-11 Commission Report
> isn't even a legal investigation. That would be the FBI "Penttbom"
> investigation - legally responsible for the forensics and assigning fault.
> It's still classified because our US government planned and executed
> 9-11. Are these the Representatives and Senators you want....thieving,
> blackmailing, murdering pedophiles and closet gays? Then remove and
> prosecute them - before they kill you! And they will, because the
> bio-weapons legislation is already in place to do just that.
> Watch the videos below and understand what they are doing. One example:
> the new Fed slush fund can buy a bad loan for seventy cents on the dollar
> (worth fifty cents) with your tax money, then let another "buddy"
> institution buy it back for twenty cents on the dollar. The banks swap
> assets for
> profit at the taxpayer expense. The scams are limitless with this type of
> "free" market. The Fed and banks are "free" to fraud you, and your free
> to be a target of a government murder attempt if you publicly voice your
> opinion against it. Take that from the voice of experience.
> After the video clips below, don't forget to call Senators Bond and
> McCaskill, and US representative Carnahan and tell them you don't want a
> penny
> for these criminals...... except for the funds to send them all to
> jail....period. Then request all 3 immediately resign for allowing it,
> and in
> return they won't be prosecuted. Demand Pelosi be removed as House
> Speaker. Pelosi just called it a financial phenomenon that happens every
> 100
> years, not the fraud it is. Have Dennis Kucinich as House Speaker; at
> least the public has a chance then.
> 700 billion dollars and no crime? Take your "dunce cap" off. This was
> planned fraud and racketeering from the beginning. Demand the indictment
> of the Bush Administration, all the US Attorneys and Federal Reserve Bank
> officers....NOW!
> See links below........ Check the dates. It's a shame no one in our
> government owns a television.
> Jim Kramer's Meltdown last year about the fraud.....
> The Bailout.......and what they are going to do with the 700 billion
> dollar slush fund.
> Oversight?.... 300 million contract to a 22 year old kid
> Humor from 2007 detailing exactly what they are doing today....
> And for those of you who haven't believed me in regard to the US
> Bioweapons Program testing being used to posion you over the last seven
> years, I
> received this link about three months ago:
> You had better "wake up". National Guard and security forces are right
> now being logistically assigned in case of a public uprising or an attack
> by
> our US Gov't in case of mass dissent if we don't buy into the fraud.
> Mark Serati
> David, J. D'Addabbo,
> Investigator for the people, Christian Patriot Preacher
> Sons & Daughters of Liberty, a Public Safety Committee.
> UCC 1-308, Without Prejudice, All Rights Preserved.

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Unknown said...

We need to focus on "un-electing" those Senators and Representatives who voted "yes" for the Bailout. They were willing to ignore the 90% of us who were against the Bailout, clearly demonstrating that they do NOT represent us. Further, the Bailout is not working--and these corrupt companies are using our tax dollars instead to pay for executive bonuses, junkets, and to buy each other out. It's got to stop--and that mean getting rid of those who voted "yes."

A new group called the Constituent Response Team has been working to do just that. 

CRT has put together a Bailout Vote Map that makes it easy (as a mouse click) to find out how your Senators and Representatives voted. Tell all your family and friends about it, so they can find out how their Representative and Senators voted before they cast their ballot on Tuesday. 

The Constituent Response Team has also just published pre-customized web banners and ads targeted at those who voted "yes" for the Bailout. You can easily paste these ads onto your website or blog (or social networking site) using simple embedding code (provided off course). (Added benefit: no need to worry about postal regulations or newspaper deadlines!) If your Senator or Congress member voted for the Bailout, a customized web-banner probably already exists to assist you in getting the word out to vote against them.

If you are interested in either, check out Constituent Response at . The Bailout Vote Map is on the main page; the "Vote 'no" on incumbents who voted 'yes'" ads are under the Host CRT Ads link.