Sunday, October 19, 2008

Financial crisis: Global banking reshaped

Financial crisis:
Global banking reshaped
As uncertainty continues to afflict world markets, offers users a multimedia snapshot of what has become one of the most radical reshapings of the global banking sector. Visit our special section on the financial crisis to get news packages, interactive features and video showing how governments and the private sector are battling to shore up the financial system:

• Government bailouts – interactive graphic of recent state help to banks
• Bank street – multimedia feature following fortunes of world's largest banks
• Economists' Forum - governments have at last thrown the world a lifeline
• Gillian Tett – policymakers save world in the final reel
• John Authers – Short View video on why investors are selling off equities
• IMF in depth – the scramble to avoid collapse
• US banks – in depth on banking turmoil

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