Friday, June 20, 2008

Your Enemy: George Soros

The LaRouche Political Action Committee has now released a 24-page pamphlet, called "Your Enemy, George Soros," which is already being mass circulated throughout the United States and internationally, to the purpose of destroying George Soros within the next six weeks -- well before the Democratic Convention in Denver in late August. Soros has functioned as the hit-man for the British financial oligarcy in taking over the Democratic Party, and is running the scam which is intent on making Barack Obama the Democratic presidential candidate, while attempting to drive Hillary Clinton out of the race, despite her winning the majority of the popular vote in the primaries, and despite the fact that she is the only candidate certain to win in November. The candidate is NOT yet chosen, and will not be until the convention. Destroying the British controller George Soros is the necessary first step in saving the Democratic Party, the country and the world economy.

The chapters in the dossier:
*George Soros: Hit-man for the British Oligarchy, 2
*Does Soros Have a Drug Problem? 6 (on Soros funding for the legalization of drugs)
*George Soros: The Forced-Open Society 9 (on Soros funding for multiple regime change operations)
*The Case of Malaysia 13 (on Soros' destruction of Asian economies in 1997, and Malaysia's fight-back)
*George Soros Buys the Nomination, Obama Borrows It 16 (on Soros buying the Democratic Party leaders)
*Lessons for Denver: FDR’s 1932 Victory Over London’s Wall Street Fascists 18

Link to the 24 page document:

Lyndon LaRouche's introduction:

Your Enemy, George Soros

Back during Presidential campaign year 2004, my associates and I were calling attention to an important book on the subject of "The Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man." That man had a conscience. In the following report, LPAC is featuring a much bigger story, on the subject of George Soros as a political-economic hit-man. The George Soros we present in this report, has no conscience about what he has done, or what he does. This a report written, in large part, by Soros' own mouth.

George Soros is not a top-ranking financier, he is like the mafia thug, without a real conscience, like a thug sent to kill a friend of yours, by only a hit-man for the really big financial interests, hired out to rob your friends, and you, of about everything, including their nation, and your personal freedom.

George Soros does not actually own Senator Barack Obama; some other people do; but, Soros is a key controller, and seemingly the virtual owner of both Democratic Party Chairman Howard "Scream" Dean, that Party, perhaps your political party, and, in fact, your nation, which are both what political-economic hit-man George Soros is aiming to destroy.

-- Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
June 16, 2008

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