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Osama, the untold story


Muhammad Bilal Iftikhar Khan, ThePost-Lahore,Punjab,Pakistan, 06/04/08

Politics is a game of trickery and luck for authority. You cannot judge things on their face value. Friends of today may not be friends indeed and enemies may not be enemies in fact. Thomas Hobbs and other thinkers rightly pointed towards the selfish nature of human beings and their lust for power. History repeats itself as it is the story of unchangeable human nature. Nations and states are made up of a human that is why they behave in similar manner as an individual human behaves. A study of human history exposes the cruel, greedy and deceitful human nature and man’s fight with his fellows to prove he is right and absolute.

A few years ago I read a novel, ‘Wild justice’ written by Wilbur Smith. Its story revolved around a terrorist who left his signature ‘Caliph’ wherever he commits his terror acts. World’s intelligence agencies and intellectuals consider this ‘Caliph’ and his group as Middle Eastern in origin because of his signature but in the end it is revealed that the Mossad and CIA are running this operation and an officer in Mossad is code worded as caliph for the benefit of global capitalism.

While researching on profile and activities of Osama bin Laden for my project in final semester of my masters degree, the ‘caliph’ of Wilber Smith’s ‘Wild justice’ came to my mind due to many resemblances and the story of Osama and American and Western war against terror became easy for me to understand.

Thanks to Osama bin Laden, the world is ripe for neo-liberal forces and threats to neo-liberalism are being neutralised very effectively. Indeed, Osama is a hero but for the coming Western generations. The way he look after their interests no one did throughout in history.

The war on terror became synonymous to ‘Wild justice’ when in 2005 an article from the Turkish government newspaper Zaman revealed to me that the Turkish intelligence captured al Qaeda number fifth in Europe and after interrogating came to conclusion that

“Turkish intelligence specialists agree that there is no such organisation as al Qaeda. Rather, al Qaeda is the name of a secret service operation. The concept ‘fighting terror’ is the background of the ‘low-intensity-warfare’ conducted in the mono-polar world order. The subject of this strategy of tension is named as al Qaeda.”


It was due to courtesy of Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda that when the US and the West got angry with Sudan due to nationalising of its oil assets and giving contracts of its oil wells to China which in the past were in European hands, Osama came forward and along with his alike created conditions ripe for “American and international humanitarian intervention” in strategic “horn of Africa” and after a few years for attacks on Khartoum’s alleged chemical weapon factory in order to force General Omer al Bashier’s government to change its mind.

Similarly when Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan gas pipeline project was conceived Osama bin Laden courteously moved to Afghanistan in order to help out Unocal if ‘barbarian’ Taliban dares to refuse American offers. He very courteously helped the US and the West to eliminate Iranian influence in Afghanistan and courteously helped in Hazara genocide in Bamiyan and Tajik massacre in Mazar-e-Sharif.

Furthermore, Osama helped the Bush regime in its dream of transformation of the US defenses for making it the greatest superpower ever by attacking World Trade Center and Pentagon.

“The process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbour.” (“Rebuilding America’s Defenses [RAD] on site of Project for New American Century [PNAC],)

Agence France-Presse (AFP) – a French news agency surprised the world when it released a news on October 30, 2001, about Osama bin Laden, who went to Dubai for treatment in a American hospital in July 2001 and met CIA operative who went to the US after meeting not to return back.


It is an interesting fact among the public that the Bush regime always abuse and hate Osama bin Laden but in reality cares a lot for him as he is the greatest ‘strategic asset’ of American Neo-cons. That is why US forces very courteously gave time to Osama to escape from Tora Bora and according to coalition forces twice they were stopped by ‘higher authorities’ when they sighted Osama and were going to attack and kill him. (

Similarly, when Damadolla was attacked by the US drone in 2006 and many innocent people were killed, Osama’s heroic deputy Dr Aiman al Zawaheri came forward with statement to justify American claims that he was there but left before the attack.

When Iraq became quagmire for the US and allied forces, al Qaeda jumped in and started a sectarian civil war to take away pressure from the US forces. At present, when American Neo-cons and Arab allies together with Israel are planning a showdown with Iran, al Qaeda and its off-shoots are fully coordinating with them. Whether its terrorist actions in Iranian Balochistan and Siestan or Iranian Kurdistan or Khuzistan by al Qaeda-related militants against Iranian forces or intelligence gathering by them for Americans. According to Seymour Hersh revelations that the American Neo-con regime and their allies are financing and equipping Sunni and al Qaeda-related militants to neutralise the Hezbollah and Syrian regime with understanding with Saudi Arabia who have assured this time it will control the Islamists. (The Redirection, New Yorker, issue of 2007-03-05)

Al Qaeda and its off-shoots are proving to be strategic asset in American hands. It is also interesting to note that the US and Zionist-backed president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmood Abbas who dismissed the Hamas’ government on un-justifiable charges, according to wishes of Zionists and the Bush regime was very courteously backed indirectly by Aiman al Zawaheri, Osama’s chief lieutenant by giving statement in favour of Hamas.

From these few important examples which appeared in media it becomes clear that wherever and whenever the Bush regime comes under criticism, Osama and his deputies come forward to justify US actions.

Now it is the duty of the world not to bank on capitalist media, which presented an evil tool of Neo-con policy for achieving its interests as a Muslim Godfather and grossly equated the Muslims with these blood thirsty fanatics. It is also an urgent need for the Ummah to educate themselves and learn to differentiate between friends and enemies. Muslims will keep on suffering unless they educate themselves and start thinking with their mind and not with their emotions.

History never forgives such people and soon the real identity of this actual life ‘Caliph’ of this real life drama will be revealed.

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