Thursday, June 5, 2008

LaRouche Warns of McCain Defeat of Obama

As you know, Hillary has refused thus far to drop out of the race, despite the fraudulent attempt to declare Obama the winner by decree. He is not. The Superdelegates will determine the outcome, since neither candidate won enough pledged votes in the primary elections. These superdelegates can vote any way they please, and can change their vote at any time before the actual vote at the August Convention. With the financial collapse upon us, nothing will be the same in August, nor in November. The massive fraud of the Democratic Party leaders and their money-bags George Soros to steal the election will result in a McCain victory, if it is not stopped.


04 Jun 2008
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

JUNE 4 (LPAC)--I warn that as matters stand right now, the ham-handed actions on Senator Obama's behalf by financier circles aligned with Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean, are handing the general election of the next U.S. President of the Republic to the candidacy of Senator John McCain. I therefore denounce the Democratic National Committee Chairman, and his accomplices such as London stooge George Soros, for conducting a flagrantly fraudulent operation against the vital interests of the United States and civilization generally.

The evidence, thus far, is that an Obama nomination at the August Democratic convention would virtually guarantee a massive victory of Republican candidate John McCain over Dean's choice, Obama. Whereas, trend analysis shows that Senator Hillary Clinton would almost certainly sweep a current election against rival Senator McCain.

Chairman Dean may control those top Democratic circles which Soros' and other money, or fear of bullies could buy. Thugs may muscle or buy weak Democratic delegates and others into shameful capitulation to an Obama nomination, but the majority of the citizens from the lower eighty percentile of income brackets have vital interests which Senator Clinton has addressed, and Senator Obama's campaign has not only failed to address, but which involve vital issues which Obama has either chiefly ignored, or has gone in a directly opposite direction. The best estimate of seasoned experts is that the McCain machine would virtually eat a Presidental candidate Obama alive--a fact which may help to explain the help to Obama's pre-nomination campaign from Republican forces, which will be backing McCain in the November general election.

Dean and company have conducted what must be assessed as a fraud- packed operation against the vital interests of the U.S.A., particularly against the interests of those Americans in the lower 80 percent income-brackets, who have voted, at current account, overwhelmingly for Senator Hillary Clinton, because they view her as the only candidate running who has been addressing the life-and-death issues that concern them the most.

Between now and the time of the Democratic convention in August, the country is going to be hit with crises beyond belief. The entire financial system is coming down, and nothing is being done about it--certainly nothing is coming from the Bush Administration. By November, the crisis will be far worse. This is reality. Voters would have been betrayed, and would react at the polls with massive political punishment of a Democratic Party leadership, a party which will be viewed by citizens in the lower eighty percentile of income-brackets, and many others, too, as a party to be punished at the polls. It is more than merely possible, unless the Dean policies are reversed dramatically and profoundly during the two and a half months preceding the August Convention. Without that change, the Democratic Party, whose Congressional body has done virtually nothing for the nation or its people since the November 2006 elections, could find itself virtually destroyed as a major party through the reactions by an angered citizenry.

At the International Level

As bad as the Obama candidacy looks when viewed from the standpoint of the probable coming November election-results, it looks far, far worse when attention is turned to the already dangerous effects that Obama's candidacy is having on the strategic position of the United States in the world at large.

Think of the effect of the internationally known fact, that London's boy George Soros and his Democracy Alliance of billionaire speculators, are literally attempting to buy up the Democratic Party on behalf of a foreign power. They are attempting to force Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race at precisely the moment of the greatest popular support for her candidacy. This is a London-directed operation against the United States, and no patriotic American who sees this disgusting conduct can can tolerate it.

LPAC is now preparing a dossier on Soros' crooked operations, for immediate release. This will document the operations through MoveOn and other Democracy Alliance conduits, to buy off Democratic delegates, directly against the will of the people. LPAC will call on Senator Obama, as a matter of conscience, to save his sullied personal honor, by denouncing this action by MoveOn, a representative of a foreign agency, that in an action which has thus sullied Senator Obama's personal honor, and that of the party whose officials have gone as far in corruption as they have in this way.

This fraudulent operation by Howard Dean, George Soros, et al. is a copy of the same operation that was attempted against Franklin D. Roosevelt, at the 1932 Democratic Convention in Chicago, on behalf of a foreign power, the United Kingdom. This is the same United Kingdom which is intervening now, to control our political parties, top-down, and is attempting to seize control over the Presidency of the United States.

This is a threat to our nation which every patriot must act to defeat, a threat by a foreign power to take control over the Presidency of the United States. This attempted betrayal of our nation must be struck down now, while we still have a sovereignty to defend.