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Coming your way from the UN: Obama, King of the World

Here comes One World Government according to plan: All make like world leaders and “Bow to the King”

Coming your way from the UN: Obama, King of the World

“I”, “I”,”I”, “Me”, “Me, “Me””, “Me” Barack Hussein Obama is coming to the United Nations on Tuesday to brag to citizens of the world how they now belong to the globalists and their One World Government utopia.
“In one of his last major appearances on the world stage, President Barack Obama will try to define how his leadership has made the planet safer and more prosperous when he gives his farewell speech to the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday.” (AP, Sept. 17, 2016)
The last farewell of the most destructive to the West U.S. president ever elected will be made at the annual gathering of world leaders.  You know, the same world leaders who gave the sovereignty of their nations away to the UN and EU, the world’s largest two bureaucracies; the same ones holding their populations hostage by overwhelming them with hundreds of thousands of “migrants”  from countries who loathe the West and want its downfall.
Barry Soetoro posing as Barack Obama won’t be wearing the conquering hero’s laurel wreath, but it will be there all the same.
The ‘world leaders’ will give their conquering hero standing ovations, but their populations, who had no say in becoming the inhabitants of One World Government will hope and pray for a miracle to stop it from happening.
Obama long ago claimed global leadership in his now 8-year-long bid to change the world into a borderless, Islamic terrorist-challenged place.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the ex British Prime Minister David Cameron et al were only his minions in turning the Free World upside down.
The AP, meanwhile should be nominated for a Noble Prize for comedy in their description of Obama’s “Farewell” speech:
“Obama’s challenge at the annual gathering of world leaders is to cast the past eight years as ones of overall progress, without glossing over the profound problems that have eluded his diplomacy. His successes in galvanizing action on climate change and encouraging democratic changes in Cuba and Myanmar are tempered by crises across the Middle East and North Korea’s nuclear threat, which has only strengthened.”
..without glossing over the profound problems that have eluded his diplomacy”?
What kind of diplomacy came with his punishing ‘Fundamental Transformation of America?
What kind of diplomacy came to the thousands of coal miners and fishermen he drove out of work this past week?
Obama’s arrogant U.N. ambassador, Samantha Power does a better job than the AP in explaining what Obama is really up to:
“Obama’s U.N. ambassador, Samantha Power, said that when Obama came into office in early 2009, the U.S. was isolated. She said Obama had told fellow leaders he planned a “new era of engagement” that recognized countries must address common threats together.
“I think it’s hard to overstate the transformative effect that this approach has had,” Power said.”
In fact, America wasn’t isolated when Obama was parachuted into power in 2009.  Obama, in fact, isolated the U.S. in an 8-year long world tour, spelling out America’s imagined faults, a never-ending tour that was paid for by U.S. taxpayers.
“After raising money for Democrats on Sunday in New York, Obama planned to open his week of diplomacy by meeting with Iraq’s prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, on Monday. Obama is counting on the Baghdad government to bridge sectarian divides and help fight the Islamic State group.” (AP)
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The latter mission starts with Obama defiantly refusing to call ISIS what it is, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
“On Tuesday, Obama will deliver his U.N. address, attend a lunch with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, meet with CEOs and host a summit on refugees. The U.S. has urged other nations to take in more migrants and help address the unprecedented refugee crisis stemming from Syria’s civil war.” (AP)
If “other nations refuse to take in more migrants and help address the unprecedented refugee crisis stemming from Syria’s civil war,” obedient Obama minions like Merkel, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and others will dump them on refusing nations—by the hundreds of thousands—anyway.
“Obama is scheduled to meet on Tuesday with President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, an African country struggling with a homegrown threat from the IS-linked extremist group Boko Haram. On Wednesday, Obama will participate in a U.S.-Africa forum and meet with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos before returning to Washington.” (AP)
The only failed deterrent on record for dealing with “the IS-linked Boko Haram” from the Obama administration was the absurd 2014 Tweet #Bringbackourgirls” from Mrs. Barack Obama.
Make no mistake about it, Tuesday’s farewell address is not one of Obama’s “last major appearances on the world stage”.
Marxism’s musical chairs are already in place.  Should Hillary Clinton be elected as global elitists plan,  Obama will get his third term through her, running the presidency from Washington, while replacing Tuesday’s laurel wreath for the crown that makes him the undisputed ‘King of the World” at UN New York headquarters.
Here comes One World Government according to plan: All make like world leaders and “Bow to the King”.
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