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Top Scientist Who Exposed GMO Now Silenced by Biotech

Along with many other censored researchers
Top Scientist Who Exposed GMO Now Silenced by Biotech
“If I had the choice, I certainly wouldn’t eat it,” said scientist Arpad Pustazai in an interview conducted after his study of GMOs.
Have you heard his name before? Likely not, since biotech made an example of him in 1998, launching an attack against any scientist that exposed just how toxic GM crops truly are. What did Pustazai find when he conducted trials on animals given genetically modified food? Read on to find out what Monsanto has suppressed for decades.
Dr. Pustazai’s comments about GMOs were aired on British television in the summer of 1998, and they were a viral flame that biotech decided to hose down as fast as they could. Dr. Pustazai has credentials as a world-renowned expert on food safety. He worked at one of the UK’s leading food safety research labs, the Rowett institute. The scientist has more than 300 articles to his credit, as well as three books. Nonetheless, just a few days after his public statement, he was suspended and gagged by the research institute where he worked.
Dr. Pustazai’s curriculum vitae is what afforded him a $3 million grant by the UK government to study GMOs. Dr. Pustazai was possibly the first, if not a primary scientist to point out that GM food was not at all substantially equivalent to non-GM foods.
He also pointed out that the testing procedures employed by the UK, and incidentally, this is true for the US as well, were inadequate to determine toxicity due to the short durations used. He said that this only ‘superficially’’ tested foods, and only longer-term studies would reveal their true detriment to human and animal health. The biotech industry set out to make Dr. Pustazai look like a senile idiot, but what he found in his own longer-term studies was extremely telling. Later, 24 additional scientists in countries around the world confirmed Pustazai’s findings to be true.
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When the doctor fed rats GM potatoes, within just 10 days, the animals developed potentially pre-cancerous cell growth, smaller brains, livers, and testicles, partially atrophied livers, and damaged immune systems. What’s more, the cause was most certainly side effects from the process of genetic engineering itself. In other words, the GM foods sold in grocery stores, which are created from the very same process, likely have similar effects on humans, according to Pustazai’s research.
How many more Dr. Pustazai’s are out there, do you think? Scientists that have been shamed, fired, discredited, or possibly worse, so that the biotech industry can continue selling the world poison? One example that comes straight to mind is Tyrone Hayes, a scientist who was discredited, gagged, and more by biotech giant Syngenta all because this biologist from UC Berkeley told the truth about the company’s herbicide Atrazine and its cancer-causing nature.
You can’t keep the truth a secret forever, though – even if you are a multi-billion dollar industry which uses illegal and immoral tactics. You can read Pustazai’s study in full, here.
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Bryce Williams is a Product of the Contrived Race War

The awful truth about today's shooting
Bryce Williams is a Product of the Contrived Race War
Image Credits: WND.
The awful truth about the tragic shooting today of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward is that they are both victims of the contrived race war that has gripped America.
In a fax sent to ABC News, the gunman states that the shooting was a revenge attack for the Charleston massacre, his contribution to the “race war”.
On his own Twitter account he also said he targeted Parker because of her “racist comments” towards him.
And yet what did Deray McKeeson, the de facto leader of ‘Black Lives Matter’ tweet before the identify of the shooter was even known? Before the bodies were even cold?
He blamed the shooting on white people. In the very minutes after news of this horrific incident broke, the figurehead of Black Lives Matter was exploiting the tragedy for political points scoring.
Then he had the nerve to retweet other people who decried those using it for political points scoring.
Same with Hillary Clinton and an army of other leftists. Before the gunman had even been caught, Clinton was using the tragedy to go after the Second Amendment.
This contrived race war – which has been legitimized by the Obama administration – is emboldening extremists on both sides of the equation.
The leftist media blamed all white people in the aftermath of Charleston.
So am I going to blame all African-Americans for what Bryce Williams did? No.
But when you create an environment, as the leftist media has done, when violence targeting innocent people is a justified response to claims of institutionalized racism – this is what happens.
We saw it with Ismaaiyl Brinsley – the guy who shot two NYPD cops in the head as part of a Black Lives Matter revenge attack.
And now the next Dylann Roof will see Bryce Williams’ violent rampage as a legitimate excuse for his form of revenge. The cycle never ends.
When are we going to stop allowing this race war narrative to divide us and tear at the fabric of our society?
When is the Black Lives Matter movement going to acknowledge black on black violence as part of the problem, just as several African-American voices have done in recent days?
When are we going to focus on how we can fix police brutality by having a rational national conversation about it that isn’t poisoned by race baiting.
Until that day comes, we’re going to see many more Dylann Roofs and Bryce Williams’ – and the victims won’t be black supremacists or white supremacists.
The victims will be innocent people. The victims will be churchgoers in Charleston. The victims will be and Adam Ward and Alison Parker.

The Truth About ‘Black Lives Matter’

Radical origins of controversial movement revealed
The Truth About 'Black Lives Matter'
Paul Joseph Watson appears on ‘Louder With Crowder’ to break down the origins of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, how its inspiration is a convicted cop killer who is on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist list, and what its true agenda really is.
A new poll also suggests that the majority of African-Americans don’t identify with the Black Lives Matter movement.
So who is really pushing it and for what purpose?

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

Obama and Democrats Ignored American People Last Year When They Said Worry #1 was the Economy

Obama said race and climate were the real issues
Obama and Democrats Ignored American People Last Year When They Said Worry #1 was the Economy
A Gallup poll conducted in March of 2014 showed Americans were not worried about issues presented by Obama and the Democrats.
Climate change came in second to last as a national problem, according to the survey. Race relations landed at the dead bottom of the list. Immigration was near the bottom as well, followed by environmental concerns.
Not surprisingly, most Americans said they were primarily worried about a dismal economy which, according to the establishment media, was on the rebound.
Nearly 60 percent of Americans rated the economy as the problem they are most concerned about.
58% said they worried a “great deal” about out of control federal spending and the budget deficit which, according to Obama and the Democrats in 2013, was a phantom issue cooked up by a crazed tea party faction in Congress to derail government healthcare.
Nearly as many people said they were worried about the state of healthcare, according to the poll.
If Obamacare was the cure for the nation’s broken healthcare system, as Obama and the Democrats insist, this would not rate as a serious problem.
Obviously, millions of Americans understand Obamacare is not a solution but in fact exacerbates the problem.
Americans also indicated they were concerned about a gargantuan government and the authoritarian power it increasingly wields.
Social Security, hunger, homelessness, crime and violence overshadowed immigration, the drug war, climate change and race relations in the poll.
Despite the poll results, the corporate media, led by MSNBC or CNN, continued to blather on about race and climate change.
This was done not because these government propaganda organs are clueless, but rather as a diversionary tactic to steer Americans away from the real problems they face.
Now faced with the reality despite trillions spent in a doomed effort to stimulate the economy with an influx of trillions in inflated funny money, the government may cook up a new distraction, for instance a war against Russia or China.

Republican Debate: Bad Lip Reading Remix

Contenders' messages masterfully overdubbed with nonsensical gibberish
Republican Debate: Bad Lip Reading Remix
The popular Youtube channel Bad Lip Reading has produced a hilarious remix of the first 2015 Republican presidential debate.

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