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Preparing For The Internet Of Everything

Preparing For The Internet Of Everything

March 28, 2014 | Maryann Gearheart
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Forget the dots; connect the clouds to see what Cisco Systems Inc. Plans to do over the next two years.

Backed by a $1 billion commitment, Cisco has announced its intention to offer cloud computing services which, according to Larry Dignan, is actually an "Intercloud," a network of clouds," to enable Cisco to become a "connector of networks and computing power."

But why such a giant leap into the web? Dignan says Cisco claims the proposed "global cloud" is "architected for the Internet of Everything (IOE).

The IOE, as described by Cisco, is an ambitious proposal: "the IOE is a $19 trillion global opportunity over the next decade. New analysis by Cisco reveals that $4.6 trillion of that is available to the public sector organizations through cost savings, increased productivity, new revenues & enhanced citizen experiences."

But where are we now? We are currently in the world of Internet Of Things (IOT). sites the following:

"What is the IOT? It is the network of physical objects accessed through the internet, as defined by technology analysis and visionaries. These objects contain embedded technology to interact with internal states or the external environment. In other words, when objects can sense and communicate, ot changes how and where decisions are made and who makes them."

Cisco Senior Vice President, Rob Sodetbery says Cisco is now transitioning from IOT to IOE in an effort to meet global customers' needs in areas like healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, automobile and the public sector.

It's about "sharing new mega trends impacting their businesses. Cisco calls it the IOE. New types of business applications that are powered by new capabilities of the internet.

"Its all made possible by IOE which is the connection of people, process, data and things."

Why now? Soderbery says, "We're seeing some big technology forces come to bear; mobility, cloud, big data...and now IOT and the way we bring these things onto the network. At Cisco, we're about enabling a platform to allow the IOE. Standing up clouds, bringing mobility to you, connecting the things of the network, enabling big data and analytics."

Joseph Harry explains the importance of IOE as: "the next step in the internet's evolution, where everything from appliances to automobiles will be connected with the capability to share data and communicate over the internet."

IOE appears to be the trend of trends.  This idea is confined by Tim Bajarin after attending this year's Consumer Electronics  Show (CES) and recalling that as he walked the CES show floor (2 million Sq. Ft. of exhibit space), it was hard to find a product that didn't have some form of connectivity.

For example, he said there was an internet-connected crock pot with settings that could be controlled from the other side of the world.

Bajarin summed up the big picture of the CES: "There were connected TVs, refrigerators, appliances, home automation systems, healthcare monitoring devices; you name it, and it was connected in some way or other to the internet or smartphone, tablet or PC."

It’s hard to imagine anything in the future that will not be connected to the Internet in some form or another.


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