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TECH: Boeing Has Perfected A Missile That Wipes Out Electronics

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 And Leaves Everything Else Intact

Jackie,  This article that you sent out has some pretty serious implications.  I've gather up the following links to articles for people that might want to understand more of what an EMP attack would involve and how it would affect the population of the area that was attacked.  I'm thinking in terms of what this weapon would do should it be aimed at some particular city, state, or even country.   What if our own government should decide to use this against us in this country?  I'm thinking in terms of how many weapons are paraded before us to be used against other countries only to end up being used in this country.

I didn't want to copy and paste the articles as that would be a bit lengthy for one email.  The first two that I've listed have particularly good information.  I would encourage all to at least read the first one so that they understand what an EMP attack would accomplish and how they could be prepared should this event ever happen.

EMP: An Event That Could Cripple Our Way of Life

The Electromagnetic Pulse: What You Need to Know

EMP attack: '90% of Americans would be dead'
"Forstchen cited a 2004 study on the impact of such an assault on America.  “Testimony in that study said 90 percent, let me repeat that, 90 percent of all Americans would die within 12-18 months of an EMP attack,” he said."

Congress told: U.S. life 'unsustainable' after EMP

Boeing Has Perfected A Missile That Wipes Out Electronics And Leaves Everything Else Intact

Robert Johnson | Oct. 24, 2012, 7:55 AM | 8,335 | 19


While the U.S. geared up for the second presidential debate last Tuesday, an unoccupied building sat pulsing with computers, electronic surveillance, and security systems in the Utah high desert.

The unoccupied site was awaiting the test of a weapon the Pentagon requested four years ago to the day on 16 October, 2008.  The Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project ( CHAMP), led by Boeing's Phantom works, promised to change the face of contemporary warfare, and its test was a complete success.

CHAMP flew over the Utah Test and Training Range last Tuesday, discharging a burst of High Power Microwaves onto the test site and brought down the compound's entire spectrum of electronic systems without producing any other damage at all. Even the camera recording the test was shut down.

Struggling to contain his enthusiasm Boeing's Keith Coleman says, "We hit every target we wanted to. Today we made science fiction into science fact."


Seattle PI

The test site as it progressed from waiting until camera shut down

Coleman spoke from a Boeing video (below) that shows the results of the test, inside the computer filled building. Flying over the largest testing range in the country, CHAMPS took out seven different targets before self-destructing over empty desert.

While James Dodd, VP of Advanced Boeing Aircraft says he hopes to implement the CHAMP sooner rather than later, it's just one weapon in a growing arsenal meant to take down increasingly sophisticated foreign radar systems.

Passive radar is being heavily marketed abroad as the system to use if a country wants to identify U.S. stealth planes including the forthcoming F-35. The passive system evaluates a wide spectrum of anomalies to track a jet, but a burst from CHAMPS, or the new active electronically scanned array (AESA) will render that threat useless.

Expect CHAMP or AESA or another radar jamming device on any missions involving those terribly expensive F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.

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