Thursday, October 18, 2012

Brit provoke Sino-Japanese war

by Mike Billington
The attached article, Will the British, Once Again, Provoke a Sino-Japanese War?, which I wrote for the current issue of EIR, warns that the artificially instigated Sino-Japanese territorial conflict, which would be easily resolved under normal conditions, could be a spark for war - and world war - in the current volatile world strategic crisis. Normal trends and processes do not apply, as the world financial system crumbles and the world lurches toward world war over Obama's Mid East wars and his confrontational military "ring around China."
The first two paragraphs are included below - the full article is attached.
Mike Billington
Will the British, Once Again, Provoke a Sino-Japanese War?
by Mike Billington
Oct. 15—Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the U.S.
Joint Chiefs of Staff, has warned the political leaders of
the Western nations—and especially his Commander in
Chief, Barack Obama—that they are walking into the
“Thucydides Trap,” with regard to China. When Athens
rapidly arose as the center of culture and science in ancient
Greece, Sparta viewed that rise as a threat which
had to be crushed, leading to a long war which destroyed
both city-states. Dempsey, speaking at a Washington
forum in May, said, “One of my jobs as the
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and as an advisor to our
senior leaders, is to help avoid a Thucydides trap. We
don’t want the fear of an emerging China to make war
But the financial oligarchy in London and New
York, facing the collapse of their bankrupt empire, are
in fact setting the trap themselves, intentionally. Their
greatest fear is that the United States, if restored under
new leadership to its historic role as an enemy of
Empire, and as a nation-builder, could ally with the
great Eurasian powers, especially Russia and China, to
create a new world economic order based on physical
development, free of the worthless bubble of speculative
debt created by London and Wall Street. In particular,
with Asia emerging as the center of global economic
development, the unity of the Asian powers, especially
Russia, China, Japan, and Korea, is seen as a dangerous
threat to the very existence of the Empire.

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