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Bin Laden: Body buried at sea, shoddy proof of death -- another "Made in Hollywood" performance from "Ari Gold"

May 2-3, 2011 -- Bin Laden: Body buried at sea, shoddy proof of death -- another "Made in Hollywood" performance from "Ari Gold"
publication date: May 2, 2011
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May 2-3, 2011 -- Bin Laden: Body buried at sea, shoddy proof of death -- another "Made in Hollywood" performance from "Ari Gold"

Years after Public Enemy Number One, Osama Bin Laden, was reportedly killed in the mountains of the Afghan-Pakistani border region or died from kidney failure in his native Hadhramaut region of Yemen, President Obama pulled the Bin Laden rabbit out of his political hat during a Sunday late-night television address, when many Americans were already watching the tube, thus increasing Obama's market share for his "surprise announcement." After all, Obama, who has close links to Oprah Winfrey and Rahm Emanuel's super-Hollywood agent brother, Ari Emanuel, depicted as the vile "Ari Gold" in fiction, is well-aware of TV Sunday prime time ratings.

So, in a few words, Obama announced that Bin Laden had been killed by a U.S. team that caught the wily Saudi Arabian terrorist mastermind by surprise. Bin Laden was not caught in a cave or some other underground facility in Waziristan but in a $1 million walled-off estate in Abbottabad, a military cantonment where a number of active and retired members of Pakistan's military and intelligence community lived. Abbottabad is also home to Pakistan's version of West Point, the Kakul Military Academy, where the firefight between U.S. Navy SEALS and Bin Laden's security guards allegedly took place a mere 800 meters away.

Up until the 1980s, the mountains around Abbottabad were dotted with small U.S. National Security Agency (NSA)/U.K. Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) listening posts in places like Bada Bier and Parachinar were used to eavesdrop on signals from the Soviet Union and China. It was a time period when Bin Laden was operating his mujaheddin forces in Afghanistan under the aegis of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency and its CIA overseers.

Abbottabad is also very familiar to the CIA and U.S. Special Forces, which operated from the nearby Kalabagh air force base, which has reportedly been used in the past by U.S. Special Operations forces, including U.S. Marines. Why Bin Laden would want to locate a massive safe house in the heart of Pakistani and American counter-insurgency and intelligence activity is curious.

Bin Laden's body was reported by the Pentagon to have been buried somewhere in the north Arabian Sea from the aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson. The Pentagon has assured the public that they confirmed Bin Laden's identity through DNA sampling and are "100 percent" certain that the body they buried in the sea was that of Bin Laden. The question remains as to where Bin Laden's comparative DNA samples were obtained over the past several years when the terrorist mastermind was supposedly a phantom-like fugitive.

However, the word from WMR sources at NSA is that no signals intercepts, from Pakistan or U.S. military sources, indicate that the man shot to death in Abbottabad was Osama Bin Laden. After the so-called killing of Bin Laden, operators were deluged with intercepted chatter about Bin Laden having been killed. However, not once did signals intercept operators, linguists and intelligence analysts based in Pakistan, Afghanistan, NSA headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland, or on ships offshore -- who would have been cleared for and involved with the top secret mission to kill Bin Laden -- pick up any intelligence about Bin Laden prior to his reported assassination by the U.S. Special Forces "kill" team acting on the direct orders of President Obama.

George W. Bush and other neo-con leaders, like Obama, have often pulled the Bin Laden rabbit out of their hat, years after reports of the Al Qaeda leader's death in either thr Afghanistan-Pakistan border region or Yemen. On September 7, 2007, WMR reported: "'Osama bin Laden' supposedly appears in a new videotape with a dyed and trimmed beard and talking about Democratic control of Congress and the coming to power of Nicolas Sarkozy in France and Gordon Brown in Britain. 'Bin Laden' also refers to George W. Bush as the 'leader of Texas.' He also talks of the Democrats' failure to 'stop the war.' "Bin Laden,' who once recommended William Blum' s book 'Rogue State,' is back in the Book-of-the-Month Club business in plugging Noam Chomsky and ex-CIA 'Bin Laden Unit' chief Michael Scheuer. 'Bin Laden' also mentions 'neoconservatives' like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Richard Pearl [sic], meaning Richard Perle. He also refers to Colin Powell and Richard Armitage and 'their blood history of murdering humans.' Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair also gets honorable mention. 'Bin Laden' also states that President John Kennedy was killed and 'corporations were the primary beneficiary of his killing.' Days before a huge anti-war march in Washington, on September 15, Bin Laden states that carrying 'anti-war placards' in the streets is of no use. As if expecting that many people will view the tape as a fake, the neocon media and their usual 'sources' and 'experts' are already claiming that it is quite common for Arab mean to dye their beards to make themselves look younger."

On September 9, 2007, WMR reported on how "Al Qaeda" video and audiotapes are transmitted to the news media as authentic: "The so-called 'Osama Bin Laden tape' was not only transmitted via the auspices of the Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) Institute, a Washington, DC-based research institute with links to Israeli right-wing Likud elements, but U.S. intelligence officials are now claiming that large portions of the 'Bin Laden' speech were written by Los Angeles native Adam Gadahn, born Adam Pearlman, (aka Azzam the American), the number three man in charge of Al Qaeda, whose grandfather, Carl K. Pearlman, was a member of the board of the Anti Defamation League (ADL), an important component of the Israeli Lobby in the United States. Carl Pearlman, a prominent California urologist, was the chairman of the Orange County Bonds for Israel campaign and the United Jewish Welfare Fund. SITE and an Israeli intelligence front operation in Washington, MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute), are closely linked. MEMRI has been responsible for mis-translating several speeches made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. SITE's director is Rita Katz, an Iraq-born Jew who moved to Israel after her father was executed by Saddam Hussein's government for spying for the Mossad. She emigrated to the United States from Israel in 1997. Katz worked for the U.S. Treasury Department in its pursuit of Muslim charity funds in the United States in Operation Green Quest and as a consultant for the FBI. The main coordinator for Green Quest was the then-head of the Justice Department's Criminal Division, Michael Chertoff.

Not surprisingly, the Zawahiri tape ridiculing Obama was made available by the SITE Intelligence Group in Washington.

Our September 9, 2007 report continued: "The delivery of the latest 'Bin Laden' video was reported by the Associated Press as follows: 'the 30-minute video was obtained by the SITE Institute, a Washington-based group that monitors terrorist messages, and provided to the Associated Press.' In the past, Bin Laden videos were sent to Al Jazeera and other Arab media sources directly. The first news of the video's release came on the al-Sahab web site, where 'Al Qaeda' has previously posted messages. Last year, a leaked French intelligence report stated that Bin Laden died of typhoid fever in Pakistan. There are other reports that after the US attack on Afghanistan, Bin Laden was spirited out of Afghanistan to his native Hadhramaut region of Yemen, where he later died of kidney failure surrounded by his close and extended family members. Bin Laden's post-9/11 presence in Hadhramaut was hinted to by reputable Israeli intelligence sources in discussions with this editor in 2002. The speed at which the corporate media accepted the obviously bogus 'Bin Laden makeover' tape is amazing. However, considering the links between the neocon disinformation machinery in Washington, DC and the corporate media, it may not be so surprising when put into context."

After years of lies from the U.S. government about Saddam Hussein's non-existent weapons of mass destruction, including "intelligence" about mobile biological weapons trailers from a known fraudster code named "Curveball"; bogus Niger documents on Iraq's possession of yellow cake uranium; bogus Iraq Oil Ministry documents on Iraqi payoffs to Western political leaders under the UN's Oil-for-Food program; and, more recently, false charges from Obama's ambassador to the UN that Muammar Qaddafi's troops in Libya were ingesting Viagra tablets before raping women, the public should be wary of a president who shows every tendency to lie as much as his three immediate predecessors: Bush II, Clinton, and Bush I. The White House is, perhaps, the greatest source of lies and disinformation in the world today, topping anything similar that may emanate from Pyongyang or Tripoli. There is no reason for any sane person to believe that anything Mr. Obama says is true. But Obama's supporters wasted no time in proclaiming that Bin Laden's killing ensures Obama's re-election next year.

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