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Apocalint -- new intelligence category emerges - Wayne Madsen Report

May 13-15, 2011 -- "Apocalint" -- new intelligence category emerges

Move over SIGINT (signals intelligence), HUMINT (human intelligence), and IMINT (imagery intelligence), there is a new intelligence category in town that can be called "APOCALINT," or "apocalypse intelligence." The interest area pertains to the study of sudden earth changes, extreme events that many people believe will lead to the apocalypse.

According to a source with a Western European intelligence service that is upset with the lack of cooperation from its American counterparts, it has set out on its own to gather intelligence, some of it from open sources, other parts from classified sources, on the sudden spate of destructive earthquakes, tsunamis, and severe weather. The goal of the program is to determine whether the destructive seismic and weather events portend significant earth changes in the near future.

The CIA has already been devoting some of its intelligence resources into monitoring earth change events, including the use of spy satellites. The CIA's Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis (MEDEA) program has used orbiting surveillance satellites to monitor the rapid decline of Arctic Sea ice that is resulting from polar shift. The program is under the aegis of the CIA's Center on Climate Change and National Security.

However, some of the CIA's foreign intelligence partners are not happy with the amount and quality of the intelligence Langley is sharing with them. One Western European agency has, therefore, decided to go it alone with its own version of APOCALINT.

Preliminary findings by the intelligence service indicate that the planet is undergoing a major magnetic and geographic polar shift that may increase by a large order of magnitude in the next few years.

As far as the weather and seismic activities being caused by man-made activities, the intelligence service examined the possibility and while it discovered there is technology that can affect weather and seismic activity, what has recently been affecting the planet on a global basis and with more intensity than that possible from any man-made source is purely natural and is a result of a major polar shift event.

The recent Japanese quake and nuclear meltdown of the Fukushima reactor is what prompted the high priority given to collect intelligence on current planetary changes and how these may affect other nuclear facilities, agriculture, fishing, economic growth, massive unemployment, social unrest, and international trade.

Recent seismic and severe weather activity has dealt severe blows to the economies of Japan, New Zealand, Chile, Pakistan, Australia, northern Burma, and the southern United States. The nation of Haiti has effectively been relegated to an international ward status. These events have triggered a need for a new intelligence discipline, one that focuses on global climate and tectonic/seismic activity and the resulting effect on world and regional finance, politics, and security.

One discovery by the intelligence agency in question is the large amount of disinformation and propaganda being disseminated, particularly from the United States, about the impending global changes and the increasing probability of greater catastrophes.

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