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The growing jobless, homeless and destitute of America

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

First I am pleased to inform you that the comment I sent you before the Chinese New Year “Who Runs the World” was unexpectedly published as a Letter in the Jakata Post.

However, our own New Straits Times chose not to publish it. I think the Malaysian public is sufficiently mature to listen to dissenting ideas. Who are the NST protecting?.

To help overcome this censorship of serious and controversial ideas you may like to forward it to your friends and colleagues, especially younger relatives who must change the world for the better.

I have also attached a shocking article from EIR’s chief economics writer, John Hoefle, on the disintegrating American economy with a large and growing percentage of the population jobless, homeless and destitute. Today America, and Europe; tomorrow Malaysia and the rest of the world unless the world adopts the only humane solution on the table, the LaRouche Plan, formulated over many decades by the world’s most accurate economic forecaster, Lyndon LaRouche.

Do as I do and read everyday the LaRouche LPAC website, and watch the brief news videos which capture the dangerous state of the world and the daily progress we are now making against the enemies of mankind. Their days are numbered, or ours are.

Your comments for or against are welcomed and I respond

Kind regards

Mohd Peter

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Letters: Who runs the world?

Thu, 02/18/2010 11:34 AM | Reader's Forum

It is a popular myth that governments of countries run the world. However, the truth as exposed repeatedly by Lyndon LaRouche, the world’s most accurate economic forecaster for over 50 years, is that an international financial oligarchy has for 3,000 years run a succession of empires that control national governments.

The Persian Empire was replaced by the Roman Empire. That was then replaced by the Venetian Empire of the Middle Ages which morphed in the 18th century into the (misnamed) present “British” Empire. Who controls the money supply, controls the world.

This 3,000-year-old “monetarist system” run at any given time by a dominant empire allows a tiny elite and a larger group of hangers-on to treat and manage the vast remainder of mankind as an inferior species, as if they were herded domestic animals.

Yet every single human being is born with a natural creative ability that no animal species possesses, such that every child on earth is a potential genius if given a poverty-free upbringing, a classical education and worthwhile employment opportunities by society.

Given man’s creative ability to discover the scientific and artistic principles of the universe and develop technologies to satisfy human needs, and the needs of the other 50 million species that cohabit earth, there are simply no limits to human development and population growth.

Mankind’s 21st century mission is to colonize the moon and Mars and then the universe beyond. The cutting edge research and development required for a resurrected manned space mission, such as fusion energy to get humans in a healthy state to Mars in less than one week and biosphere technologies to protect and feed a human colony on Mars, can be directly applied to solving hunger and poverty on earth.

All that stands in the way is the selfish needs of the powerful but dying British Empire to maintain its rule.
Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband and world leader of the Malthusian green environmental movement, is the spokesman for the British Empire that does not believe in science and technology. Prince Philip has campaigned publicly for the last 40 years to reduce the population worldwide, now 6.8 billion and growing, to less than 2 billion barely existing under medieval conditions as herded animals.

The banks, controlled by the British Empire, are now bankrupt and collapsing and the LaRouche movement is calling their bluff and exposing their weakness, hopefully before these banks do any further damage by passing on the burden and further impoverishing the population of America and Europe.

Mohd Peter
Kuala Lumpur

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Feb. 21 (LPAC)--As the U.S. and global economies continue to
evaporate, the problems of Americans who have lost their jobs and
have little to no prospect of landing new ones, grows by the day.
Even the official unemployment statistics, which dramatically
understate the problem, are horrible: Some 6.3 million Americans
have been unemployed for six months or longer, the largest amount
since the Labor Department began tracking that figure in 1948.
Roughly 2.7 million people will lose their unemployment
compensation before the end of April, unless Congress once again
extends the benefit program.
Already, one-third of the unemployed receive no unemployment
benefits at all, either because they have already run out of
benefits, they never even applied, or because they didn't
"qualify." For example, starting in 2006, benefits were denied in
44 states to anyone with a household income of 75% or higher of
the official--and artificially low--poverty rate.
In New York City, there are 450,000 unemployed people and
only 21,500 jobs available, according to the state labor
department. That's one job for every 20 people who need work. In
the city, some 51,000 people are facing the loss of unemployment
benefits March 28 and, statewide, some 356,000 are expected to
lose those benefits by June.
Some one in six of all Americans now live in poverty, and
nearly 50 million people--including one child in four--had
trouble getting enough to eat in 2009. At least 15 million
Americans who do have jobs, still fall below the poverty line.
The National Governors Association, which began its winter
meeting in Washington, DC, on February 20, reports that plunging
revenues led 43 states to cut $31 billion from their budgets in
fiscal 2009, and that for fiscal 2010, even with $30 billion in
additional revenue from tax and fee increases, 36 states have cut
another $56 billion. A study of 45 states showed that, despite
$87 billion in closed budget gaps in fiscal 2010, they still face
$19 billion in deficits, with a deficit total of $134 billion
projected for 2010. These revised projections of deficits will
prove optimistic, as the bottom continues to fall out of their
revenue base. The states also face large increases in new
Medicaid costs under the healthcare bills passed by the House and
the Senate.
In short, in 2010 what little remains of the U.S. social
safety net will rapidly run out, with the funding ending this
year for most programs--and meanwhile, the economy keeps falling,
meaning that the money really isn't there to extend these
programs, and protect an increasingly vulnerable population.
This disintegration of the economy, and the standards of
living of the American population, are fueling the mass strike
process, as more and more of our citizens reject the fascist,
financier-directed policies which are destroying them. The Obama
Administration is under growing political pressure to act, but
refuses to do so, since the only policy that could turn things
around is the LaRouche Plan, and that plan would destroy the
power of Obama's masters in the British Empire. But unless and
until that shift is made, there is no possibility of fixing our
economy, and the situation will only get worse, at an
accelerating rate. [jph]


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