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Health e-Tips - Could You Be Immune to Swine Flu?

Urgent Swine Flu Alert

Breakthrough super-herb combo could make your body...

"Immune" to Swine Flu

Now, the "Discovery of the Year" that vaccine-makers don't want you to know about...

Dear Reader,

This is the breakthrough you asked us for. While the world waits — and panics — you are the first to know the solution.

Finally, you can face cold and flu season without fear. Even of the dreaded swine flu that is leading the news every night.

Ever since the government first sounded the alarm about the H1N1 virus — the so-called "swine flu" — HSI members like you have been asking us for safe, effective alternatives to what the mainstream has to offer. You know Big Pharma's vaccines are ineffective at best — and downright dangerous at worst.

So while everyone else is lining up at the doctor's office or their local Walgreen's to get stabbed in the arm, you'll already be armed with the best flu-fighting secrets out there.

The true killer behind swine flu revealed...
and just in time

As we have reported many times, in most ways the H1N1 virus is no different than your run-of-the-mill flu. But getting the flu is miserable — why get sick at all when you don't have to?

And even if your immune system is healthy, certain strains of flu can pose one real danger that the mainstream has seemed to ignore... the cytokine storm.

When your body is attacked by a virus, your immune system needs a way to respond. Cytokines are cell messengers that signal the system to set up a proper defense.

But when the viral load gets too high — like it can with the H1N1 virus — the cytokines actually over-respond and... well... your immune system basically goes haywire.

A biochemical cascade of cells pours into the lungs. They call this the dreaded cytokine storm.

It can cause acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and your body releases fluid into your lungs... which can cause suffocation and, eventually, death.

In fact, some experts believe cytokine storms may be the true cause behind many swine flu deaths.

And the mainstream's solutions have been sadly ineffective at squelching this storm. You just need to watch the evening news to know how true that is.

But HSI knew real solutions were out there. So we went to our international network of experts for the answer.

And what we found surprised even us. We discovered not one but...

Three revolutionary immunity boosters that send swine flu right back to the farm

But, thanks to three immune superchargers, you could stop the flu in its tracks, avoiding the storm and staying healthy year round.

The first of these is a special plant extract, called OL10. In laboratory tests, OL10 absolutely destroys viruses by the millions. Not only that, it takes on bacteria and parasites with the same killing zeal.

It gets better, OL10 contains a powerful natural substance called oleuropein, which constantly adapts to new viral attacks on the plant... changing its defense properties as the microbes change their attacks. Now that's something the mainstream's vaccines sure can't deliver!

It's your super potent first line of defense against swine flu... as well as regular flu and even the common cold.

But that's just the start of the trio that knocks out swine flu like Ted Williams swatting home run balls. The second one in this powerhouse threesome is...

The herbal gladiator that clobbers viruses
from the inside out

And it's a doozy.

It's called GSE and it's an all-natural substance that is simply overwhelming to viruses and other disease-causing microbes. They just can't survive it. In fact, one lab study showed it can kill nearly 900 kinds of bacteria and fungi.

It seems to prevent infectious cells from absorbing the nutrients they the cells just fall apart. Even better, according to experts on GSE, if it's taken when you already have a flu or cold virus, it appears to speed up recovery and can help soothe painful sore throats on contact.

So that's two... and the swi ne flu doesn't stand a chance against them. But we didn't stop there... in fact it took Japanese medicine to add the final piece to the puzzle.

Ancient Asian secret is the most potent virus killer

It's called HexoseCC and it's a super-powered mushroom extract that's been used as a staple of Japanese wellness for generations. And even though it's brand-new to American's gaining quite a reputation here as well.

It's an extract of a unique hybridization of several kinds of medical mushrooms known for their immune-enhancing abilities. On their own, each mushroom has a long medical history in Japan, where their extracts are widely prescribed by physicians.

But when combined into a single hybrid mushroom, the resulting active ingredient is so potent that dozens of scientific studies have now established HexoseCC to be one of the world's most powerful — and safe — immune sti mulators.

In fact, these studies, published in respected peer-reviewed journals, have established the health benefits and safety of HexoseCC more conclusively than nearly any other natural supplement.

What is especially remarkable about this super virus slayer is how it works to help boost immune function:

* Increases your natural NK cells ("killer" cell) activity against diseased cells as much as 300 percent
* Increases the formation of explosive granules within NK cells — and the more ammunition each NK cell carries, the more invaders it can destroy.
* Boosts Interferon levels, which stops viruses multiplying and stimulates NK cell activity.
* Increases the formation of TNF, a group of proteins that help destroy cancer cells.

What's even better: HexoseCC causes no side effects because it stimulates your body's natural defense system to seek out and selectively destroy invading bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

Combine these three natural extracts and your body is an impenetrable fortress — even swine flu and other viral threats don't stand a chance.

This three-headed immune boosting superhero is available now ... but you have to know exactly where to get it and how much to take. And I can't wait to give you all the details in HSI's brand-new report, "Surviving Swine Flu Season: Underground medicine's 14 real solutions for staying healthy and safe."

It tells you recommended dosages of the triple super-flu fighter... but that's not all. In fact, we've combined...

All our most effective flu fighters
— in one resource

For the past 12 years, we've made it our mission to hunt down natural cures and bring them directly to the people who need them most. Now we've made it even easier for you to find cutting-edge immune system boosters by gathering the best of the best.

And, for the first time ever, all the greatest discoveries from our worldwide network are available at your fingertips in one single reference.

You'll learn all about:

* The special enzyme that helps keep your lungs clear in the face of swine flu
* The anti-viral miracle with ten of the most potent flu fighters on the planet
* Centuries-old Chinese flu remedies finally available in the US
* The truth behind the swine flu vaccines — make sure you read this before you even think about getting a shot
* One common nutrient you can take that could stop the flu in its tracks!
* How to get the one supplement that offers super-immunity against mutating flu bugs

In Surviving Swine Flu Season, you'll discover our latest breakthroughs and the modern-day miracles that have helped HSI members and their loved ones for more than a decade. You'll get all the details — the science, the studies, the HSI-recommended source, and you'll learn the straight truth about the dangerous vaccines our own government is pushing on us.

Now, for the first time ever, the research on these astounding discoveries, along with direct contact information for every single flu remedy listed, is available in one combined reference.
And better yet...

You'll get the information you need
— or the report is free

Thanks to the diligence of our research team and our vast network I know you'll find what you're looking for. But if you aren't 100% satisfied with Surviving Swine Flu Season, then, quite simply, I don't want it to cost you a cent. Simply call and we'll issue you a prompt refund of your purchase price — no questions asked.

And, because I so firmly believe in the value of this report, I want you to keep it anyway. Pass it on to a friend or loved one who may need it. Save it for your own future reference. Even if you ask for your money back, it's yours to keep, plain and simple.

Don't wait -- flu season is here!

You don't have time to waste. Not a month, not a week, not an hour. That's why we're making this urgent report available instantly for our members.

Just click the link below to order your copy of "Surviving Swine Flu Season: Underground medicine's 14 real solutions for staying heal thy and safe" for only $19.95. Don't delay — the information in this report is simply too important to wait another minute.

To your good health — for years to come,

Jenny Thompson
Director, Health Sciences Institute

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