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Big Pharma: The Somali Pirates of Healthcare Who Hijack Your Health to Extract Profits

Big Pharma: The Somali Pirates of Healthcare Who Hijack Your Health to Extract Profits
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) As the world's attention is now fixated on the Somali pirates who hijacked the Maersk Alabama ship in their quest for profits, it's fascinating to watch the circus of the American justice system attempt to enforce U.S. laws in a lawless region off the coast of Somalia. Abduwali Muse, the lone surviving pirate (the one who wasn't killed by Navy Seals) is now in the U.S. court system, being led through a circus of a justice system that cannot possibly account for the social and economic complexities that would cause a young man to pick up arms and threaten the use of violence against others in order to acquire financial gain.

Then again, threatening people in order to take their money is deeply ingrained in American culture, and nowhere is it more evident than in the actions of the drug companies. They not only commit egregious acts of biopiracy on a regular basis -- stealing molecules from nature and attempting to patent them as their own -- they also routinely engage in the hijacking of money from families, states and nations as part of their pharmaceutical marketing machine.

It is a well known fact, for example, that every state in the United States of America has been defrauded by drug companies engaged in outrageous (and illegal) price fixing scams designed to extort money from state coffers. This isn't exactly the same as holding a gun to someone's head on the high seas, but it does involve the threat of loss of life when these companies say, "Buy our monopoly-priced drugs or else your citizens will suffer the consequences."

Pirates and vaccines
Big Pharma's pursuit of mandatory vaccination laws is actually quite similar to piracy on the high seas: They both involve the extortion of profits from people who are "just passing through," and they both involve the threat of the use of violence or loss of freedom in order to accomplish their goals.

In the case of the waters near Somalia, the threat is that you'll be kidnapped at gunpoint by Somali pirates. In the case of Big Pharma's mandatory vaccine programs, the threat is that you'll be kidnapped at gunpoint by law enforcement officers working for Child Protective Services unless you submit to having your children injected with dangerous viral fragments and preservative chemicals known to increase the risk of sudden death.

In both cases, you are threatened with violence if you don't comply with the profit-taking agenda of those in charge.

Am I really comparing the actions of vaccine-pushing drug companies with Somali pirates? Absolutely! They're both about extracting money from people under the threat of harm or arrest.

Take the cancer industry as another example: Under the consultation of a typical cancer doctor, a patient is threatened with death unless they submit to toxic chemotherapy chemicals or other experimental cancer drugs that extract the maximum profits from those patients (and their insurance companies) just before they die. What do I mean by saying, "a patient is threatened with death?" It's just what I said: Patients are told by doctors (with a straight face, no less) that, "If you don't do this, you'll be dead in six months" (or some such variation).

It's not putting a gun to their head, but it's just as frightening and manipulative. It's also the No. 1 recruiting method of the cancer industry. I find it fascinating that both cancer centers and Somali pirates use the same method for manipulating people: Fear of death!

Hint to the Somali pirates: Lay down your arms and become pharmaceutical sales reps. The pay is better and you get reimbursed for travel, too!

Big Pharma as pirates of the high seas of American health care
Pharmaceutical pushers are, in many ways, the corporate pirates of the high seas of American health care. They have an ominous presence in every quarter of American culture (media, education, science, etc.) and they stand ready to pounce on any opportunity to extract profits from the sick, wounded or infirmed. The drug companies drool over the idea of a population wave of degenerative disease much like ocean pirates salivate over the spotting of a wounded luxury yacht limping along, far from any port.

And let's face it: The Somali pirates are only doing what they've seen demonstrated time and time again in American culture: The extraction of profits from innocents by any means necessary. Armed piracy of ocean ships is more violent -- but no less insidious -- than the organized theft of trillions of dollars of spending power from U.S. citizens by the Federal Reserve, for example. And the number of people killed by ocean pirates each year is virtually zero, making it insignificant compared to the number of people killed each year by the pharmaceutical profit machine, which continues to terrorize the entire system of medicine, instituting its own FDA-enforced monopolies that eliminate competing health solutions (like natural medicine) and throw people in prison for promoting natural remedies.

I find it hilarious beyond belief that while 100,000 Americans are being killed each year by a criminally-operated pharmaceutical industry, a corrupt FDA and a brainwashed gang of pill-pushing doctors, the nation's blame machine is riveted on a teenage black guy from Somalia. It's as if ocean piracy were somehow terrorizing America, and as usual it's the black guy we should be blaming.

The American public is easily mesmerized
I don't condone the actions of these Somali pirates, by the way, as I'm opposed to the use of violence to accomplish goals. But neither am I so easily distracted from the real problems (and solutions!) in America today that demand our attention. Whether it's singing sensation Susan Boyle, Somali pirates, the Twitter race or some other silly concocted drama, the mainstream media has played the American people like fools, demanding they shift their focus to whatever fleeting piece of nonsense can be sensationalized the most. That so many people agree to allow their minds to be so easily led onto such topics is proof that the mass media is far more effective at mind control than at informing anyone of anything that really matters.

What really matters? How about the future of the human race and the fact that toxic chemicals found in personal care products are causing genetic mutations that will lead to widespread global infertility? How about the fact that our world's rivers, streams and oceans are being polluted beyond repair? How about the coming collapse of the U.S. money supply and all the global economic ramifications arising from that event?

These are the things that should demand our focus right now. Not in the context of bad news, but rather in the quest for finding solutions to these challenges. How can we solve our world's energy crisis, for example, if we're all focused on celebrity singers and essentially meaningless dramas of the high seas? Sure, it makes for great television news, but it's a lousy way to solve the serious, pressing problems facing our world today.

Human beings are easily distracted by imagined violence. At the same time, though, they are lulled into a sense of safety even while the REAL killers are running loose on modern society: Drug companies, chemical companies, pesticide manufacturers, industrial polluters, and so on. There's no drama in the silent deaths of 100,000 Americans each year who are killed by pharmaceuticals. No Navy Seals come to their rescue. No YouTube videos promote their plight. They die in silent ignorance, often oblivious to the fact that their own bodies were hijacked by drug companies who extorted them for profit, then abandoned ship at the moment of death.

The real pirates in our world are not the armed black men in Somalia, I dare say: The real pirates are the suit-wearing, highly-paid CEOs of drug companies, upon whose shoulders now lie the preventable deaths of millions of people across the world whose bodies were hijacked by dangerous chemical medicines designed to accomplish one thing: The extraction of wealth from innocent people.

When will the Navy Seals come to the rescue of all the innocent Americans who suffer under the threat of Big Pharma?

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