Tuesday, December 30, 2008

British/Saudi role in Israeli assault on Gaza

The following brief reports from LaRouchePAC indicate the intention behind the Israeli assault on Gaza, and the Anglo/Saudi role in the instigation and use of the atrocity at this moment of maximum global crisis. This includes a message from LaRouche; a report on Turkey's President Gul and China's People's Daily, which both identify the timing as aimed at undermining Obama's ability to act; and a report on the Saudi effort to provoke global chaos. Mike Billington LaRouche: "This is the Time to NOT Start Hostilities in Southwest Asia"

December 29, 2008 (LPAC)--Lyndon LaRouche today issued a renewed, sharp warning at the danger of escalating violence in Southwest Asia, as a result of Israel's deadly air raids against Gaza.

"The enemy, the British Empire, through their assets in Israel and elsewhere, is testing the incoming Obama administration, even before he is inaugurated," LaRouche stated. "This stunt, these hostilities, put a color on those who are provoking them. Anyone with any brains knows that this is the time to NOT, absolutely not start hostilities in the region. Anyone pushing for such hostilities, in Israel and elsewhere, should be singled out and identified."

"This insanity," LaRouche noted, "is occurring in a period centering on the collapse of the entire international financial system. The period between now and Obama's inauguration on Jan. 20, is the crucial period. The British are reacting as expected, when expected, when they believe they have command of the agenda. And the assassination danger against Obama is at a high level at this time, for just that reason."
Turkish President: Israeli Attack Timed to Create a Mess for Obama

December 29, 2008 (LPAC)--Turkish President Abdullah Gul yesterday condemned Israel's attack on Gaza, taking special note of the fact that it puts a mess on the doorstep of the incoming Obama administration: "I consider the latest incident irresponsible... The issue is not only between Israel and Palestine; it is an event which will lead to instability in the entire region. In addition, further irresponsibility is leaving such a Middle East to the new American administration. To be honest, I find this very meaningful," Gul said.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan also condemned the massive Israeli air strikes on Gaza, as directly undermining Turkey's efforts to mediate Israeli-Syrian peace talks. He was especially angry because the attacks took place only days after Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was in Ankara to discuss continued Turkish mediation with Syria.

During a meeting of his ruling Justice and Development Party yesterday, Erdogan said: "This operation, launched despite all of these facts, is also disrespectful to Turkey...I consider Israel resorting to such a thing at a time when we have been exerting these many efforts first and foremost a blow to peace efforts," Erdogan told reporters on Dec. 27, urging Israel to immediately halt its operations. "I was planning to call Israeli Prime Minister Olmert today regarding the Israel-Syria talks, but decided against doing so. I will not call, because it is also disrespectful to us. We are a country that has been working for peace. While we have been exerting these efforts, in Palestine, this act against the populace in Gaza, who have already been in a type of open-air prison, is a blow to peace," Erdogan added. He called the Israeli attack a "crime against humanity," and called for immediate UN intervention to stop the Israeli attacks.

China Denounces "Misuse of Force" In Gaza

Dec. 29 (LPAC)--In a major editorial, China's {People's Daily}
describes the Israeli air attacks on the Gaza Strip on Dec. 27
and 28, and asks: "Why has Israel taken such brutal actions
against Hamas?" The editorial identifies three causes, mentioning
first the Hamas rockets. But, significantly, it then points to the
fact that Israeli elections are coming up, and "Likud Chairman
Benjamin Netanyahu has always accused the government of Prime
Minister Ehud Olmert of being weak.... Only with a tough stance,
would [Olmert] be able to defeat Likud and other political
parties and win the general elections."
Third, {People's Daily} notes that Israel has capitalized on
a vacancy of power in U.S. politics, as Bush is about to end his
Presidency and President-elect Barack Obama is yet to take
office. "Israel took the advantage of this special ideal,
opportune moment to launch surprise assaults on Hamas."
Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang said in Kuwait City Dec. 28,
that China was shocked by the Israeli attack and "supports the
efforts made by all parties, especially the Arab countries, to
realize a comprehensive, just peace in the region."
The Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia, Indonesia and
Thailand also denounced the Israeli assault.

Saudi Wahhabi Cleric Calls for Global Jihad Against Israel, Threatens the U.S.

December 29, 2008 (LPAC) -- A leading Saudi Wahhabi cleric, Awadh Al-Qarni (also spelled Al-Garni) issued a Fatwa "to spill the blood" of Israelis everywhere in the world, as a revenge for the Israeli attacks against Palestinians in Gaza. His fatwa, a religious decree, was published today in Islamonline.org website, which in turn is run by Sheikh Yosuf Al-Qaradhawi, a leading Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood member and anti-American agent provocateur.

"All Israeli interests, and anything else related to Israel, are a permitted target for Muslims everywhere... They should become targets. Their blood should be shed as the blood of our brothers in Palestine has been shed. They should feel pain more than our brothers," Al-Qarni stated. He added: "This is a fatwa that I am responsible for in front of Allah," Qarni said. Implicating other moderate Arab nations, such as Egypt, he accused them of being "part of the conspiracy". "The recent visit by Israeli Foreign Miniter Tzipi Livni to Egypt, and her embrace by Egyptian officials in front of cameras, followed by her confirmation that the situation in Gaza is going to change, and the lack of any response from Egyptian officials, are part of the conspiracy," he said.

Al-Qarni also attacked the United States for its silent condoning of the Israeli massacres. "Washington, by its silence and support for the Israeli massacres, will destroy the future of humankind, not only relations between Muslims and the West."

Another Saudi cleric, Salman Fahad Al-Oudeh, (chairman of the Saudi institution Islamtoday.net) also issued a statement calling on Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia and Egypt, to respond to the Israeli attacks "with actions, not merely words."

These statements should be viewed as signals for Saudi-British sponsored Salafi terrorist networks to wreck havoc internationally and target not only Israeli interests but even American or the interests of U.S.-allied nations. This comes amid warnings that "a third force", not the Palestinian Hamas, Islamic Jihad, nor Lebanese Hezbollah, could expand this conflict into a global threat by targeting other nations with terrorism. This would put the whole world and the incoming Obama Administration in an impossible situation regarding peace in the Middle East and U.S.-Muslim relations.

The two above mentioned Saudi clerics, Al-Qarni and Odeh are part of a 20-person powerful Wahhabi faction in Saudi Arabia who have a key role in sending marching orders and recruits for terrorist operations internationally. In 1994 this grouping was sent to jail by former King Fahad for supporting a call by then London-based Osama Bin Laden for "reform" of the kingdom. These clerics were later released after cutting a deal with the Saudi royal family, according to which the Saudi government support some of their demands for supporting Jihad operations in the Caucasus, Kashmir and other targets of British operations, in return for directing their rhetoric away from the royal family and against the "west", Russia, China, India or other powers allegedly oppressing Muslim minorities.

In November 2004, following the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the two joined a group of 20 Wahhabi clerics who issued another Fatwa calling for armed resistance against the Americans in Iraq and anybody who collaborated with the Americans. The "collaborators" category included not only Iraqi government officials, police or armed forces, but almost every Iraqi who went to his job and did not participate in armed resistance against the U.S. troops. Saudi youth and others from Arab countries poured into Iraq after this fatwa to launch suicide attacks against Iraqi civilians. Al-Qaeda and extreme Sunni militant groups inside Iraq used this and similar fatwas to justify to the most heinous crimes against Iraqi and foreign civilians.

This is what these clerics are hoping to arouse now, but on global scale.

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