Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

JR: The following article is obviously politically bias, but the fact is, both the Democrats and the Republicans are equally responsible for this government created financial crisis. I'd just as soon vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE on election day since neither side really honors our Constitution.

Why was it such a surprise to the pimps in Washington and or the gurus on Wall Street when so many on Main Street saw it coming well over two years ago? But HEY! Main Street just isn't smart enough to understand how these greedy Wall Street bankersters operate, not like the elite financial market experts do.

It seems that many of our Congress critters, especially the ones up for re-election, were afraid to vote and sat on the sidelines with a NV until they saw what side the vote was headed before they voted. Every member of Congress knew how the American public felt about this bailout bill but thankfully enough either had a conscious or were afraid of their angry constituents and voted it down. Had this vote been after the election, it would have been passed overwhelmingly with NO CONSIDERATION how the people felt. We are not out of the woods yet. There will be another vote on Thursday so the ELITE will make some small change to this bill and plenty of arm twisting and WILL get it passed no matter who they must sacrifice on election day. The only thing to do is VOTE AGAINST ALL INCUMBENTS.

What really scares me the most is that the demoncrats had come to a consensus the previous weekend to basically pass Paulson's original bill, before the latest changes were made and before the public wised up and became outraged. Thankfully they couldn't swing enough republicans votes at the time or even after all the added conditions.

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VIP Dems, especially Chris Dodd, got bargain mortgages through Countrywide, all this was reported last June. The Dems are two faced crooks!

Countrywide Loan Scandal

Senators Appear to Have Received Below Market Mortgages from Countrywide

Dodd Must Clear Air Over Deals -- Courant.com

YouTube - Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

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