Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From: Paul

Date: Monday, August 25, 2008, 8:29 PM

The situation between Russia and the USA is much worse than the corporate establishment media are letting on. South Ossetia and Abkhazia are ethnically russian regions with only a very small Georgian minority. These regions used to belong to th Russian Empire, but during Soviet times they were administratively handed over to the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic.by Josef Vissarionovich Dhughashvili a.k.a. Josef Stalin the Georgian dictator of the Soviet Union. With the restructuring of the Soviet Union into the Commomwealth of Independent States, these Russian regions found themselves incorporated into the independent state of Georgia. Ethnically, culturally and historically these regions are not Georgian and they consider Georgia to be a foreign entity. The pro US and pro NWO president of Georgia has waged a reckless proxy aggression against Russia on behalf of the Alglo-American NWO neo-empire. The announcement that anti-missile defense shield is to be deployed on Eastern Poland is an extremely dangerous provocation. Official NATO documents forsee the possible need to plan for a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia. The purpose of the anti-missile shield is to prevent Russia from defending itself against an American led NATO first strike. Ukraine also (like Georgia) has a CIA backed pro US client regime. Anti Russian agitation is now being stirred up against the ethnic Russian population of Ukraine. The American inspired political and military aggression against Russia and Russian interests is nothing other than the implementation of the neo-imperial foreign policy of American neo con (and neo-Nazi) Bush administration set forth in the documents of the think tank Project for the New American Century (PNAC). Their board of directors include Vice President Dick Cheney, Governor Jeb Bush (brother of George W), Paul Wolfowitz (former Deputy Secretary of State, former president of the World Bank and an Israeli dual citizen) et al.
Anglo-American forces have already taken Afghanikstan and Iraq, and Iran is scheduled to be th3 next target. The aggression against Russia is a calculated provocation... a reckless power play designed to ensure Anglo-American NWO pre-eminence in the world. The Anglo-American aggression is no less reckless but is on a much grander scale than the agressions of Hitlerite Germany in the last century. Russia will not stand idly by. Russia will strike. Putin and his ministers have already given repeated warning that Russia will retaliate against the West with "military and technkical means", and that they will "strike them (i.e. the west) in the face". John Coleman, formerly of MI6, published a few years ago a portion of a transcript of a televised dialogue between President vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov in which it was stated that Russia's new weapons will be deployed in the year 2008. The encirclement and subjugation of the Russian-Chinese axis envisaged in the PNAC documents is now being aggresively carried out. Russia will respond: Russia will retaliate. Russia will strike suddenly and without warning.
The war will break out soon, most likely by the end of this year. The outcome is forseeable: a titanic clash between the eastern wing and the western wing of the Illuminati led powers of the New World Order. Russia will conquer the West, and China will lay in wait to strike and steal the world empire away to be ruled by China.

"Just as there are not two suns in the sky, so there cannot be two emperors on earth." Confucius, Li Ji, (Book of Rites) chs. 7, 30.

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