Sunday, April 27, 2008


APRIL 25, (LPAC)--Lyndon LaRouche today denounced the recent
accusations against Syria and North Korea as another Dick Cheney
swindle, on behalf of London, aimed at throwing all of Eurasia
into permanent war and chaos. On April 23, members of the House
and Senate armed services committees received a closed-door video
briefing, alleging that a military facility in a remote area of
Syria, which was bombed and destroyed by an Israeli Air Force
attack in September 2007, was the site of a secret plutonium
reactor, and that Syria was months away from being able to build
a nuclear bomb. Within 24 hours of the testimony, the 12-minute
video was leaked to the media.

LaRouche cited high-level U.S. intelligence sources, who
denounced the video as a hoax, and who confirmed that there was
no evidence that there was any nuclear material at the site. At
the time of the Israeli bombing, qualified U.S. and Israeli
sources had reported that the target of the bombing raid was a
military storage facility, which had new, modern air defense
components. It was only a month later that rightwing Israeli
circles began circulating the claim that the site was a secret
nuclear reactor.

LaRouche further charged that Vice President Cheney, the
leader of the war party faction inside the Bush Administration,
is out to wreck the ongoing Six Party talks on North Korea,
despite the fact that the longstanding diplomatic effort is the
only foreign policy success that the Bush Administration can
claim after nearly eight years in office.

According to several current and retired U.S. intelligence
officials contacted by Executive Intelligence Review in the past
48 hours, CIA analysts are convinced that the video evidence,
including the alleged ``eyewitness photographs,'' are phony, and
that the question of the alleged Syrian-North Korean nuclear
weapons cooperation is ``a non-issue.'' As one source put it,
the site has been already destroyed by the Israelis, there was no
plutonium or uranium at the location of the bombing, and there is
no military option against North Korea. The question is: Will
George Bush cave in to Cheney and throw away the one single
accomplishment of his administration?

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