Sunday, April 27, 2008

"I sense you want to know the truth."


British investigator Chris Stoner's article (below) on Dr. Michael Wolf, of the U.S. National Security Council's Special Studies [UFO] Group, closely tracks the information I got from my friend Dr. Wolf during our years of conversations.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Chris Stoner Inteviews Dr Michael Wolf - Former NSA Consultant

Dr. Wolf says
"I sense you want to know the truth."
I'll never forget those opening words. The voice deep and gravelly -
the delivery slow and deliberate. I had just picked up my trilling
phone. Then a pause. "I am Dr Michael Wolf. My publisher sent me your

It was an October evening in 1998. A friend had told me of a book I
should read called `Catchers of Heaven' and a little about the
background of its author. My journalistic instincts had taken over. I
immediately contacted the American publisher Dorrance asking where I
could buy this specialist book and whether it was possible to speak
with the author. The deep voice gravelled once more. "What do you
want to know?" So began a two year phone relationship. Over 30 hours
of conversation; 10 audio tapes worth of recorded material; and a
telephone bill to match. Perhaps, some of the most exciting and
challenging months of my life. I remember after our first 90 minute
conversation, going to bed and being unable to sleep. I was too
excited. Intuitively I knew this man to be genuine. Like any
investigative journalist I'd dreamt of discovering my personal `deep
throat'. I sensed I had found him. I knew how Bernstein and Woodward
must have felt with their Watergate.

Trust and respect were the keys to developing our relationship. If he
said, "I can't talk about this area," I wouldn't push. If he
said, "Ask me the question again in a few months." I would leave it a
while. I warmed to the doctor and I felt he warmed to me. Simply put,
we got on well together. He had several annoying traits including a
strong tendency to repeat the same information over and over again.
Michael also suffered from a rambling verbal diarrhea which would
lurch back and forth between the environment, politics, an ET crash
retrieval and TV soaps all in one operatic marathon sentence.
Stopping him talking to ask the next question was often a feat in
itself. At first I phoned him twice a month - I didn't wish to
outstay my welcome - then each month and towards the end every three
months. I recorded each phone conversation however banal and then
typed the relevant information via a computer.

The UFO information he gave me was challenging, mind-blowing and at
times quite unbelievable. He forced me to expand my consciousness
ever wider. I knew all about the cover up, so I thought, but never
did I realise how deep and complex this deception went. At times I
refused to accept it. Not even a Hollywood hack could write such an
extreme conspiratorial film plot. Self doubt attacked me many times
until I was able to assimilate the knowledge. Fortunately, I had
other journalists who were also regularly speaking with Michael.
Primarily, an American, Dr Richard Boylan and an Italian lady called
Paola Harris. I could compare notes. I spoke with Paola various times
on the phone. She had visited Michael at his home in Hartford,
Connecticut on two occasions before ill-health had got the better of
him; taken many photographs of the doctor; and seen some visual
evidence including a photograph of him and Clinton standing together
along with a signed letter from the President thanking him for all
his work. While I never spoke to Dr Boylan I regularly frequented his
website where some of the information I had been told was also
written up.

The Canadian UFO researcher, Stanton Friedman, had attempted to
discredit Michael, which upset him greatly, but as the doctor
explained, "He wanted me to be the smoking gun but I refused." This
comment summed up Michael's attitude. He kept repeating, "I've signed
the oath of secrecy. I don't wish to commit treason. I can only say
so much." One sensed a man torn between the loyalty for his superiors
and country and the human desire to speak the truth. The frustration
must have been intense. For here was no tea-boy but a top manager
within the satellite government - probably the highest ranking member
to step forward to date. A man who held so much knowledge, so much
information about the ET reality and UFO cover up that what is
written in the feature is just the tip of a vast iceberg. UFO
researcher Linda Moulton-Howe once spoke to Michael about the 1964
Holloman Airforce base incident. He gave her such a detailed and
explicit answer that Howe's response was, "You're too good to be
true!" The doctor never heard from her again.

One day a real X-Files incident occurred. One which helped me
understand Michael's general reticence.

Being head of MJ12s Alphacom Team, a research group set up to
catalogue, study and evaluate the different ET races in the universe,
I was naturally curious to learn more. One day I asked him about the
race on Mars. Having read Courtney Brown's book on his remote viewing
experiences where these ETs are mentioned, I was interested to know
if they actually existed. The response was immediate - the tone one
of incredulity verging on anger. "I can't tell you about them!"

"Why?" I asked, slightly hurt - a knee-jerk reaction - all respect
briefly gone.

Then I discovered the reason.

Every phone conversation was monitored by his superiors. I was on
candid camera - being tested. If I asked a question which Michael was
not allowed to answer a red light would flash. No light and he could
proceed. Now I understood why he kept repeating himself. A smoke-
screen to stop me from asking too many awkward questions. Mars was a
definite no-no! Michael was a willing puppet for the satellite
government. Their mouth-piece to test the waters of the 'deceived'
world. The doctor explained that he and his superiors would regularly
chat about which information to leak and which was out of bounds.
Concerning the Monolith (see feature) he said with a tinge of
rebelliousness, "They chewed me out over that one. I wasn't supposed
to discuss it!"

One triumph came when he began talking about the Altaran race. Over a
period of four months I had gently, gradually, nudged him to offer me
details. He had hinted at these ETs in the early phone-call days.
During the conversation he suddenly said in an elated tone, "I'm
surprised I'm being allowed to tell you this information. " Perhaps,
the red light was stuck on green. Out poured the knowledge he and his
Alphacom Team had accumulated. There was a sense of relief almost joy
in his voice. Like a dog let loose from its lead. A tiny slither of
frustration released.

Another time I asked him about an ET crash/retrieval incident. "Hold
on I'll find out," he replied. He put the phone down. Some minutes
later the doctor returned. "I've just checked the list. No, it wasn't
that date. It occurred a year later." Michael explained that in his
safe was the official satellite government crash/retrieval list going
back to 1941.

His health was a constant factor.

Some times he would be too ill to talk. On one occasion he sounded
almost paranoid. "The Cabal - they're trying to kill me!" he groaned.
His GP had put him on a new drug and his body was abreacting to it.
On other occasions he sounded alert and well. Excited to be able to
discuss further revelations. Towards the end I was privy to his
personal life. I chatted to Michael's lovely fiancee and heard about
their future plans for marriage. Wonderful that a terminally ill man
was still planning ahead.

The last time I spoke to him was in late July 2000. He sounded
gravely ill and could only muster a few sentences. I sensed his time
was near. In August Michael was moved to a hospice. On September 18th
2000 he died.

The doctor was not afraid of death. The ETs he worked alongside in
underground bases like Area 51 and Dulce told him that our bodies are
merely containers for the soul. When people die their consciousness
simply passes into another dimension. The greatest lesson I learnt
from him was to always keep an open mind. However extreme or absurd
the information may sound. As Arthur C. Clarke once said, "The only
way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into
the impossible." I feel privileged to have known Dr Wolf. A unique,
courageous and extraordinary man. And I hope the seekers of truth
will honour him with the respect and gratitude he so richly deserves.


During Dr Wolf's final years he spent time talking to various
journalists about the UFO and ET cover up. His bosses at the National
Security Council (NSC) gave him permission to 'generate a controlled
leakage of secret information' . As Dr Wolf commented, "I look forward
to the day when the secrecy surrounding extraterrestrial contact ends
so that our race can move forward to the next phase of its history -
now cosmic in scale." As is standard practise these superiors have
erased almost all his records such as the universities he attended;
degrees gained; and his involvement with the CIA, NSA and NSC. Such
measures are common for people working in unacknowledged 'special
access programs' as their bosses must maintain plausible deniability
in case a sensitive unauthorised disclosure occurs. Dr Wolf said he
worked in laboratories at Area 51, S4, Wright-Patterson Airforce base
(Foreign Technology Division), Indian Springs and Dulce. Where for
five years, "I met with extraterrestrial beings every day in my work
and shared living quarters with them."

He served as a scientific consultant for the American President and
NSC on ET related matters. He was a member of MJ12 special studies
group and appointed head of its leading agency - the Alphacom Team -
which specialises in gathering information on the different ET races.
Dr Wolf said he had an MD in neurology; a Ph.D in theoretical
physics; a BS in biogenetics; a JD in international law; and a D.Sc.
in computer sciences. The UFO community were first alerted to Dr Wolf
by the publication of his highly original and unique book `Catchers
of Heaven' in July 1996. A book primarily about his experiences while
working for the satellite government. Prominent researchers like
James Courant, Michael Hesemann, Dr Steven Greer, Art Bell and Bruce
Burgess went knocking on his door. It took '15 years of persuasion'
before his bosses finally allowed him to publish. But their
conditions stated that this book must be fictionalised and to have
three different denials at the beginning concerning its authenticity.
They also reviewed Catchers of Heaven before publication. He
laughed, "I would like on my gravestone the words, 'He died of red
tape'." While some of Dr Wolf's claims may sound pure science
fiction, if genuine, then he is probably the highest ranking member
of the satellite government to come forward so far - offering us an
extraordinary insight - a tantalising glimpse - into the UFO cover up
and ET reality.


: The first US crash/retrieval of an ET craft occurred during 1941 in
the ocean west of San Diego. Retrieved by the navy, dead Zeta
Reticulans, alias the 'Greys', were found inside. Craft and bodies
were taken to the Foreign Technology Section at Wright-Patterson
Airforce base in Dayton, Ohio, and studied by the Retfours Special
Studies Group. After dismantling the craft parts were sent to S4 and
Indian Springs in Nevada. This craft crashed due to the recently
invented pulse radar being tested on the nearby Tinian island,
located three miles south/south west of Saipan. The US navy has held
a leadership position in UFO matters since.

: The Roswell Crash during July 1947 did happen and that the account
in Colonel Corso's book 'The Day after Roswell' is accurate. Dr Wolf
had, in his possession, the official satellite government ET
crash/retrieval list and while others occurred between 1941 and '47
he was not willing to offer examples.

: Two craft crashed at Roswell after colliding with each other during
an electrical storm. One contained 'Greys' the other 'Orange' ETs -
both named due to the colour of their skin. The 'Orange' types come
from the Andromeda star system. The Santilli autopsy film is genuine -
Dr Wolf had seen other similar footage - and is an autopsy of
an 'Orange' ET. There were two different autopsies being carried out
on two different ET beings during the same period - hence the

: The autopsy on the 'Orange' ET revealed that it had a very large
head; big dark eyes with no irises or whites; six digits on hands and
feet; the brain has four lobes; is more developed and connected with
no corpus callosum; different optic orbs and nerves; and a sponge
like digestive system. Dr Wolf said he'd met one alive.

: There are different types of 'Greys'. He worked alongside highly
evolved ones which had, contrary to present opinion, personalities
and even a sense of humour. Dr Wolf never met a 'Grey' whom he
disliked. To him they were family. These 'Greys' enjoyed hugging and
kissing humans. This upset some of his colleagues. One nicknamed
them 'kissey facey'. Their smooth and soft bodies feel like dolphin
skin to touch. He communicated with these ETs through telepathy. Dr
Wolf became especially friendly with one called Kolta. A picture of
this 'Grey' is on the front cover of his book - an actual photograph
taken by an admiral friend.

: There is active trading between the 'Greys' and 'Oranges'. Dr Wolf
said, "Trading has a different meaning for ETs. They share knowledge
like technology and philosophy and send their people to each other's
planet to learn the culture."

: He had conversed with human looking ETs from the Pleiades and
Altair star systems - nicknamed the Nordics and Semitics. Dr Wolf
explained they are very spiritual people and act more as galactic
counsellors. A photograph of a Pleiadian friend called Sa Ra adorns
the back cover of his book.

: On May 1st, 1975, a 'little misunderstanding' occurred between
the 'Greys' and humans at S4. During a demonstration of a small anti-
matter reactor the head ET asked the guards, Blue Beret soldiers, to
remove their rifles and bullets from the room. A safety precaution so
these weapons wouldn't accidentally discharge during the energy
emissions. The guards refused and in the ensuing commotion a Blue
Beret opened fire and killed a 'Grey'. Two scientists and 41 military
personnel were then terminated. One guard was allowed to live -
testifying that the 'Greys' used a form of directed mental energy at
them in self defense.

: A number of the scientists presently working for the satellite
government were abducted when children by the 'Greys' so their
intelligence and general brain capacity could be increased in
preparation for the work ahead. They are hybrids.

: His first major assignment was working alongside Carl Sagan and
other top scientists - their job to understand the intricacies of a
huge ET beacon dubbed The Monolith - first discovered floating out in
space by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and American Alan Shephard
during 1961. It was eventually brought back for investigation in
1972. Dr Wolf described it as 'postcards from the rim'. The Monolith
emits both light and tone signals along with a mathematical language.
On closing your eyes, while tuned into these signals, "You see in
your mind's eye a 3D film of the Galaxy. But you are actually there
as if part of this film. The images being seen today by the Hubble
telescope are the same ones I saw 25 years ago." Dr Wolf said there
are many Monoliths out in space and were devised by a group of ET

: Carl Sagan consistently denied the ET reality because his
superiors, "Threatened to cut off the funding to his department at
Cornell University if he said otherwise."

: He was involved in various genetic experiments - one being the
Sentinel Project. After perfecting cloning techniques on animals Dr
Wolf and his associates successfully created an artificially-
intelligent human named 'J-Type Omega' - their superiors wanted a
superbright, superpowerful soldier who would follow orders without
fear or question. But Dr Wolf surreptitiously programmed ethics into
its intelligence after realising that 'J Type' had a soul. When the
being refused to kill a harmless dog his superiors ordered its
termination. Instead, Dr Wolf set 'J Type Omega' free.
This 'intelligence' is presently living somewhere in America.

: MJ12 does exist and now has 36 members. He was reluctant to divulge
names although confirmed that former American Secretary of State,
Henry Kissinger and father of the hydrogen bomb, Edward Teller, are
present members. MJ12 regularly meet at various secret locations
including the Batelle Memorial Institute at Columbus, Ohio.

: The Sentinel Project involved a close association with the 'Greys'.
The ETs vast knowledge on genetics being essential for its
success. 'J Omega' was grown in a water tank from an embryo. Part of
the DNA used came from Dr Wolf. It took exactly one year before he
was ready to be 'awoken'. Dr Wolf said, "When taken from the tank he
looked around 20 years old."

: When 'J' awoke, "He was like a puppy dog - his mind a vacuum. He
asked question after question. He wanted to know everything." Dr Wolf
showed him film reels about Earth's past wars and conflicts. "He
cried when he saw these horrific images. In hindsight I showed him
too much." He learnt several different languages and could use 50% of
his brain - unlike the mere 10% harnessed by humans. "When his mental
abilites were tested his IQ shot off the map." Their relationship was
like father and son.

: Harvesting of animal tissue, through the so-called 'Cattle
Mutilations' , is to produce organelles - specialised parts of a cell
that resemble and function like an organ - which can be placed into
humans for filtering out pollutants from the air, water, food etc..
Present experimentation is being carried out on the hybrids - part
Zeta/part human - or 'In-Betweens' as Dr Wolf called them.

: These organelles can also be used to alter the body's hormones and
for changing precursors in the brain from being toxic to non-
toxic. "These cells are minute and a non-invasive procedure." Cattle
genetics are very similar to humans.

: When Dr Wolf's superiors ordered 'J Omega's' termination, with the
help of a general friend, he smuggled him out of Area 51. "To me it
felt like a sin to create a being with emotions and a soul and then
send him into battle." 'J' is safe and well. Several organelles were
placed in his body to keep him disease free. "He knows who he is and
how he was created. 'J' is almost identical to a human and would
easily pass a medical examination. " The Zetas were pleased with the
result. " 'J' told me he wished to become a teacher." Dr Wolf
believed this was a one-off project. "I told him never to contact me.
It's too dangerous."

: He briefed four different American presidents on the ET reality.
Jimmy Carter was keen to end the UFO cover up but when told of the
religious implications he backed down. "I attended this meeting.
Carter had strong Christian beliefs. When told that religion is man-
made and probably unique to this planet he broke down in tears."

: Both Ronald Reagan and George Bush are very knowledgeable on the ET
reality - especially Bush, being former head of the CIA. Bill Clinton
was the least aware. He knows of Area 51 but not S4. "Clinton
has 'Above Top Secret' and 'Need to Know' clearances but does not
have the 'Umbra Ultra Top Secret Clearance' which gives access to
upper level MJ12 secrets and 'Keystone Clearance' for information on
ET research."

: Many people in MI5, MI6 and the SAS are aware of the ET reality.
While reluctant to give names of those he briefed at Downing Street,
when staying in London he became good friends with former
Conservative cabinet and defence minister Sir Malcom
Rifkind. "Rifkind is very knowledgeable on the UFO subject -
especially the flying triangular craft. He believes the cover up is
correct. That people are not ready to be told yet."

: The Queen has been superficially told of the ET reality - Margaret
Thatcher was also briefed but knows just a small part of the story.

: We unofficially landed on the moon before 1969 although he wouldn't
give a date. "Our astronauts were observed then communicated with by
ETs while on the Moon. We were warned off the planet. That's why the
last Apollo mission was cancelled at the last second. The astronauts
are dying to tell the truth but know it could be interpreted as

: NASA has played an integral role in the UFO cover up. They have
been designated as one of the primary organisations to eventually
tell the world about the ET reality.

: Richard Hoagland is primarily correct concerning structures on Mars
and confirms that we have bases on both this planet and the Moon. The
recent Face on Mars photograph, which shows a very different image
from the previous one, has been doctored by NASA. "They believe
humanity is not ready for this knowledge."

: In a chamber at Giza and another located between the paws of the
Sphinx, skeletons of 7 ft tall beings with large eyes have been
discovered - their hands and legs chained together with silver. "For
some reason early ET visitors could not break through silver."

: A Stargate has been discovered in a Giza pyramid. Investigating
scientists believe it to be a lens which creates wormholes to any
part of the universe. It hasn't been activated yet. "We need to know
a lot more about this Galaxy and others before using it - where you
want to go and how to prepare yourself. It's about what you dial in.
Co-ordinates have to be established. The problem is there are no
traffic signs out in space." Dr Wolf felt this will be one of the
last projects we'll learn about through our association with the ETs.

: He personally pioneered a mental expansion process called The
Gateway treatment . An experiment to, "Open the brain up - a way to
stimulate the neurons allowing billions of synapses to form and
therefore use of a vastly increased mind." One off-shoot is an
ability to telepathically communicate with the ETs.

: This mental expansion developed into a series of mind control
experiments under the name MK ULTRA. Dr Wolf and colleagues learnt
how to extract as well as repress human memories. The latter is
called Mind Capping. "These techniques are not as effective as the ET
methods." This also lead to research on remote viewing and other
psychic phenomena. "The end result of all these experiments may be an
attempt by some at world mind control - a chilling thought."

: There is a group of impotent, xenophobic and paranoid generals,
charged with the protection of American skies, who fear and hate the
ETs and are waging war against them. Called the Cabal they use Star
Wars weaponry including a neutral particle beam to shoot down ET
craft and imprison survivors while attempting to extract information
by force. "The very technology the ETs gave us is now being used
against them." Despised by many within the satellite government this
Cabal also use aggressive methods against those who try to end the
UFO cover up. A concern being that this aggression will intensify as
the big announcement draws ever closer.

: Leading UFO researchers and members of the satellite government who
are presently helping to end the cover up may have been zapped by
psychotronic directed energy devices owned by the Cabal. People like
Dr Steven Greer and assistant Shari Adamiak (CSETI); Congressman
Steve Schiff; USAF Col. Steven Wilson (former head of crash/retrieval
unit Project Pounce); Dr Michael Wolf himself; his primary unnamed
CIA superior; plus others have either recently died or are suffering
from cancer related illness. Coincidence?

: Through his genetic experiments he found that some humans,
including himself, have ET gene markers. "Many people who are
actively involved in the UFO field will probably have these genes."

: Several different confederations of ETs are visiting us. They
include The Alliance consisting of human looking beings from the
Altair Aquila and Pleiades star systems; The Corporate made up of
various 'Grey' races from the Zeta Reticuli system; The Federation of
Worlds which include an unspecified number of different ET groups
from the universe; and the United Races of Orion which consist of
various beings from that star system. These confederations are also
inter-linked with each other.

: In a treaty, signed by The Corporate, there's an 'Above Top Secret'
United Nations ruling which states that no Zeta is allowed to walk
amongst the public and be seen by them. Unfortunately, Dr Wolf's
friend, Kolta, strayed into a 'no go zone' and was shot by a soldier.
He found the wounded 'Grey' hiding in his apartment. "I concealed
Kolta in my bedroom closet minutes before members of the CIA appeared
at my door. I managed to act innocent and sent them away." Dr Wolf
called a doctor friend who knew about these ETs. "We managed to save
Kolta's life. Lead is toxic to Zetas. So he would have died of lead
poisoning from the bullet rather than the actual wound."

: Proposals for the announcement have been postponed three times -
partly due to the S4 incident in 1975 which halted negotiations with
the 'Greys' and partly to the huge religious and world economy
implications. The recent Life on Mars admission is the foundation for
future revelations. Dr Wolf said that other disclosures will occur
between 2001 and 2005.

: The Vatican are especially worried over these forthcoming
announcements. They have asked the American government to hold back,
especially on the religious question, so there is more time for them
to prepare. Dr Wolf said the Pope has changed the Roman Catholic view
on God. "Their future line will be 'we are not in the image of God
but our souls are'."

: He had spoken at length to the ETs about God and death. "Our bodies
are merely containers for the soul. When people die their
consciousness simply moves into another dimension." On God Dr Wolf
said, "Some ETs call God The Forever - the creator behind everything
in the universe." On Jesus Christ , "He was of joint ET/human
heritage - sent to Earth as an attempt to end human violence."
Whether a Zeta, Pleiadian, Altaran, Human etc.. we share the same
God - we are all family.

: Dr Strecker's published research report, identifying HIV/AIDS as
caused by a man-made virus, is correct. The satellite government has
discovered that viruses are crystalline in structure and using the
correct frequency can destroy them.

: The US had in their possession a 'Grey', dubbed EBE
(Extraterrestrial Biological Entity), as a prisoner/guest from 1948
until its death in 1953. Scientists initially used pictographs as a
form of communication.

: Albert Einstein had met and worked alongside the 'Greys'.

: Some ETs occasionally eat vegetation, fruits or vegetables. Their
digestive systems are far more efficient than ours absorbing and
processing thoroughly. They mainly absorb energy from the air. Visits
to the toilet are not required!

: Earth is one of the few planets which doesn't control its weather.
One reason why ET ships crash during extremes of climate - especially
those using gravity propulsion. Dr Wolf says, "Their craft are no
different to boats in a violent storm - bobbing up and down on large
rolling gravity waves. To counteract these difficulties some ETs
surround their ships with plasma energy or fly inter-dimensionally
through a storm."

: A planet is a living entity with its own consciousness. ETs commune
with their planet to create a harmonious relationship. Dr Wolf
says, "Some planets grow buildings of pure silicon for the
inhabitants out of unconditional love. I have seen and held this
silicon. I have also witnessed Zetas communicate with Earth."

: ETs are astounded by how badly we treat Earth. They can't
understand why we wish to destroy it. How multi-nationals can
continually rape this planet through greed and avarice. One of the
Alphacom Team missions is to determine whether, "We can use the ETs
technology to restore Earth to its former pristine state of natural

: Technology gained from the ETs include LEDs, superconductivity,
computer chips, fibre optics, lasers, gene-splicing therapy, cloning,
night-vision equipment, Stealth technology, particle beam devices,
aerospace ceramics and gravity control flight.

: ETs like many things about humans. Dr Wolf explained, "They
especially love our great imagination and creativity along with the
ability to have profound dreams. But they would like to speed up our
spiritual evolution."

: Many ETs who visit Earth are actual tourists. While we take
holidays in other countries more advanced beings visit other
worlds. "Compared to most planets Earth is almost unique with its
vast diversity of nature, culture and inhabitants. As primitive
planets go we are a popular attraction."

: Some ETS prefer living underground as they can control the
environment to suit their needs. They also use electro-magnetic
shielding where the molecules are so dense that nothing can get
through. Dr Wolf hinted, "We still haven't explored the deep oceans
or the inner crusts of Earth."

: Alphacom Team discovered that many human looking ETs are presently
amongst us. He said, "They can breathe our air and on the street
would look exactly like us." Around 1,000 Nordic types are living in
Spain alone.

: A Nordic has a perfect and very sensitive looking face with few
lines; blue eyes; usually blond hair; around 6 ft tall; very clean;
no body odour; and mainly communicates telepathically. But while on
Earth uses a small implanted voice- box to converse with humans.

: Their internal organs are fairly similar to ours although the
digestive system is different. They don't need to eat every day.
Their cells don't die because the genetics are dissimilar.

: They have a base on a French Polynesian island and walk freely
amongst the inhabitants.

: Nordics have powerful minds. Dr Wolf said, "They can open a
dimensional portal just through a single thought and physically
disappear. I have seen this done. They live on a much higher plane
than us. Thoughts are an energy and Nordics use a device, either worn
or placed in a pocket, that amplifies this energy. They also harness
crystals for the same purpose."

: During one afternoon in 1990 an ET craft, escorted by F-16
fighters, landed on Puerto Rico, in a busy tourist area. The ETs
stepped out and walked amongst the populace. Dr Wolf said, "It was an
exercise to test the public reaction." The Mayor of this island wrote
a letter to Bush stating, 'At first we were amused by all of the
sightings but then people became distressed. What do I tell them?'
The President passed this communication onto Dr Wolf. "It was stamped
all over with the words T52-EXEMPT (E) which means this letter can
never be declassified. "

: While studying at MIT for his PhD in physics he discovered a new
theory of wave particle duality which later developed into a neutral
particle beam. Dr Wolf commented, "I had hoped and envisioned that
this technology would be used for treating cancer. Instead it was
used as a weapon as part of the SDI Programme (Star Wars)."

: The ETs told him, "All worlds in the Galaxy are connected. One
Hiroshima atomic bomb can affect every different culture." They also
explained, "Thought is energy. It can be received on other worlds.
There is no galactic barrier."

: Chris Carter, creator of the `X Files', had regular meetings with
members of the US Satellite Government. Some of the story-lines are
based on actual fact eg. `Project Sentinel'.

: The top secret space plane, The Aurora, runs on liquid methane and
has anti-gravity on board. It carries an electromagnetic pulse
weapons' system which can knock out tracking radar. This plane can
also travel to the moon.

: Some military pilots are experimenting with mind control to guide
advanced planes. Dr Wolf said, "Some ET craft are living conveyances
which are able to divide and reform. These craft are also responsive
to thought commands."

: The underground base at Area 51 is a sprawling city, the size of
Rhode Island, which continues to grow and has a sister base called
S4, some 12 miles away, and another named Indian Springs. It employs
hundreds of civilian and military and has at least 8 different on-
going black programmes along with an annual $2 billion budget.
There's intense security outside with martial law inside and is
patrolled by elite guards. Some scientists live at the base for 6
months at a time. While their bedrooms are basic the ETs live in
their own magnificently designed apartments. There are also shopping
malls, military style shops and leisure areas including swimming
pools, gymnasiums and basket ball courts. The food is excellent.

: Satellite government scientists have successfully created zero
point energy and cold fusion. "There needs to be a smooth transition
into these new sciences. Otherwise the world economy could be

Dr Michael Wolf's book has presently sold around 10,000 copies.
[Catchers of Heaven has sold out and is no longer available. - RB]

Thanks to: Richard J. Boylan ( James
Courant (audio tape 'In conversation with Dr Wolf'): Paola Harris (http://www.paolahar
and British Telecom (30 hours of transatlantic phone calls).

[This article had been read and approved by Dr Wolf before his death]


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